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HLT54115 Nursing

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Answer: Introduction This is a clinical discussion report of the case of the patient named Peter Bowman. The report comprises pathophysiology of his fractures, the order of nursing intervention, and rationale behind the nursing intervention and pathophysiology. The report will help in the interpretation of abnormal observation, findings, objective and subjective assessment of patient conditions. Peter Bowman is a thirty-eight (38) year old m...

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HI6006 Competitive Strategy

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Answer:  Strategy AS a business, a strategy is an arrangement which can pass on good position to the associations to compete with its competitors.  The strategy can take into consideration the low cost strategy, best quality article and also the incentives for the cash products. There is no specific word for strategy; it can be anything that can help the business to make their products. The existence of business is done by taking in...

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HI5003 Economics For Business

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Answer: Unemployment is a situation where some of the potential laborers are unable to find jobs suitable for them. Voluntary unemployment is caused when people remain unemployed by their choice. However, involuntary unemployment is something when people want to work but fail to find work. This can occur for various reasons. Depending on the nature of reasons, there are different kinds of unemployment. For example, if unemployment is created d...

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MNG81001 Management Communication

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Answer Introduction Corporate social responsibility is the way by the company balances the social, economic and the environmental responsibilities. There are four types of corporate social responsibilities, which a company has to maintain, and they are economic, ethical, legal and philanthropic (Khan et al. 2012). The initial CSR responsibility of any company is their economic responsibility. The company will have to earn profits initially so...

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BUSM2412 Marketing For Managers

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Answer: Background: In the present competitive educational structure, all the educational institute focus on providing superior quality of services along with effective marketing strategies for positioning the brand in the global market uniquely. The prime focus of the marketing managers is to promote the entire business process for developing strong brand identity and image in the market. Proper utilization of marketing strategies allows peo...

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CIS8008 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction The volume of information warehoused on electronic media is becoming exponentially quick. Today's data warehouse centers overshadow the greatest databases assembled 10 years prior, and understanding such information is getting to be plainly harder and added difficulties (Wang, Kung and Byrd, 2016). Web based retailing in the Internet age, for instance, is altogether different than retailing 10 years back in light of the f...

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FIN200 Corporate Finance

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Answer: Introduction: The power of decision making lies in the hand of the management. Any decision whether related to a petty thing or a major thing has its own significance. The management of the company is held responsible for the wrong decisions as it has a direct impact on the performance of the company. Apart from the financial performance it may also harm the reputation of the company making it difficult to survive in the long run. The...

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PRS304 Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques

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Answer: Introduction: This is a communication tool used for product or business promotion. It is useful and important for small organizations. Target audience This brochure is meant to targets 10000 people including both students and parents who have completed their secondary education and are willing to further their studies. Among them, the school is targeting 2000 applicants every intake. Purpose The school aims to launch new programs ...

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HBM2105 Medical Microbiology And Immunity

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Answer: Introduction I am a bug, a proud bacterium who like my other fellow parasites as you may want to call us, make you pretty sick and weak. My full name is Salmonella enterica typhi, a serovar of Salmonella enterica. This means that I belong to the genus Salmonella, a beautiful name which we did not inherit from our fore-fathers but acquired it from Dr Daniel Salmon, who first studied much about us (Chugh et al, 2008). Like my fellow S. ...

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BSB61015 Advanced Diploma Of Leadership And Management

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Answers: Objectives, values, standards and responsibilities Objectives: The main objective of City Council is to ensure that the customers get the topmost priority. This is an important part of the company as customer satisfaction is the main source of profit making of the company. Apart from this, another objective includes maintaining sustainability in the environment. The products manufactured by the company need to be maintained in a sust...

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HI6006 Competitive Strategy

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Answer: Virgin Group Description of the Company/Business Virgin Group is a globally recognized brand which was established in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell. The brand gradually expanded its operations to include more businesses in different industries leading to the globally recognized brand Virgin which comprises of over 30 businesses spanning across all industries. The business is mainly concentrated in Europe but has expanded i...

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NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Health And Nursing

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Answer: Introduction In the late 1700s, Australia was occupied by more than five hundred different language groups (HelathInfoNet, 2014). The groups existed independently without disruption and cases of ethnocentrism were no more. However, after the invasion of the white colonials, the land social structure interfered. The colonialists imposed names to the people who worked for them and significantly drew a boundary between the native's locat...

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ACC3118 Auditing

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Answers 1. Based on the information gien on the Fabulous Phone Company, the ratio analysis for the past 3 years, following are the conclusions drawn: What the ratio means Conclusions to draw Potential risks to be investigated Current Ratio is the measure of the current assets to current liabilities in the company. It is the measure of the working capital being held by the company. It shows how the company would be a...

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ITC504 Interface Useability

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Answer: Introduction  Fermoy House is a Bed and Breakfast Establishment that offers overnight stay and breakfast to its clients; the establishment has four bedrooms and a private cottage that is detached. The guest house allows only two people in each bedroom; as a differentiating factor, the guest house allows guests stay for up to two dogs in the attached kernels. To help them run their business, the guest house needs a website for thi...

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BEO1105 Economic Principles

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Answers: Question 1 The change in demand for quantity of hats relates with the change in quantity of hat with respect to change in its price (Rubinstein 2012). On the contrary, change in demand for hats refers to variation in demand for hats owing to change in other factors except price. The difference between change in demand for quantity of hats and change in hats demand is illustrated with the help of diagram: Figure 1: Change in quantity...

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