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Preliminary Audit Plan Assessing Internal Control Risk

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Question: The engagement partner has requested a meeting tomorrow to discuss audit plan for MTI She has requested several documents for that meeting.1.  A preliminary audit plan assessing internal control risk and providing preliminary judgment for detection risk.2.  A description of specific substantive procedures that could be conducted for the WIP inventory.You are required to justify the audit plan by referring to theoretical groun...

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Audit And Assurance

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Questions: Your firm is the auditor of GreenBrown Ltd, a manufacturer. You have obtained a summary of the property, plant and equipment for the year ended 30 June 2015, which identifies cost and accumulated depreciation brought forward, additions and disposals in the year and depreciation charges. A review of the management letter from the previous year’s audit shows that there were some problems in relation to making a distinction betwee...

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Auditing And Assurance Services Depreciation

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Question: Discuss about the Auditing and Assurance Services Depreciation.     Answer: 1. Based on management letter from last year the revenue and capital expenditures were not properly classified. Some revenue expenditure had been capitalized I.e. repair and maintenance expense must have been recorded in Income statement. Similarly there was big irregularity in treatment of depreciation. That is depreciation had range fluctuations...

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Network Project Management

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Question: Discuss about the Network Project Management.   Answer: Introduction: The Computer Security Department (CSD) found that they need to replace their outdated computer systems in order to manage the public clients efficiently. The prepared a budget of $ 2.3 million for the replacement of their computer systems [3]. But the government sanctioned only $1.5 million for the project add thus there was a shortage of funding [1]....

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Auditing Theory And Practice

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Question: Discuss about the Auditing Theory and Practice.     Answer: Introduction Bio sustainable Feeds (BSF Ltd) are an Australian Bio Research firm that is conducting the research on the use of bacteria to produce the fish. The firm is engaged in the research of the sustainable aqua culture feeds for two decades. The research firm has brought the issues relating to the conversion rate of low value fish into high value fish. T...

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Fundamentals Of Law: Criminological Theories

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Question: Discuss about the Fundamentals of Law for Criminological Theories.   Answer: Facts of the Case In this case five explorers had got trapped inside the cave. They had been trapped due to a land slide and there was no way left in which they could escape the cave. They tried their best but were not able to do so. There was tremendous effort form the rescuers to rescue them out of the cave but the effort was not successful....

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Personal Property Law For Jimi

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Question: Discuss about the Personal Property Law for Jimi.     Answer: Issue The question in this case is to find out the legal rights which are available Jimi along with other special situations with respect to the scenario. Law A contract is formed when one party has made an offer to the other with the intention of binding the other party legally to its terms. The party to whom the offer has been made has to accept the offe...

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Project Management Techniques

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Question: Discuss about the Retro Prototyping.     Answer: Introduction Retro Prototyping (RP) is an emerging technology which is growing since it was first introduced in 1990. Retro Prototyping is becoming famous because of its facility to develop a three dimensional model prototype of the actual equipment to facilitate the information regarding the performance of the machine. Frank Billings was an engineering student and sinc...

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Networking Case Study: Rapid Prototyping

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Question: Discuss about the Networking Case Study for Rapid Prototyping.   Answer: Introduction This report depicts the importance of implementing a rapid prototype model in the business organization. This report elaborates the lessons learnt from the “RAPID PROTOTYPING — NEW DISCIPLINE “case study. In this case study it is mentioned that, while working for the Cocable Company, they had got a contract for GE Co...

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Rapid Prototyping Modern Technology

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Question: Discuss about the Rapid Prototyping Modern Technology.     Answer: Introduction Rapid Prototyping (RP) is the modern technology which is capable of developing the exact replica of in the form of three dimensional models of real equipment or machines [1]. These smaller sized three dimensional prototypes are built to check the efficiency curve or other related parameters. To brief about the background of the case, ...

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