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Debate About Motivating Factors For Hackers: Sara Gordon

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Question: Sara Gordon, who has conducted extensive research regarding the psychology and motivations of virus writers and hackers, shared her view on whether there is a psychological difference between cybercriminals and real world criminals in her interview on PBS’s Frontline. Write a paper based on the previous scenario that includes: •An assessment of your thoughts on Sara’s views; •An explanation of whether you agree or...

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Detection Of Intrusions And Malware

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Question: • An analysis of the costs that systems intrusions, adware, and malware have caused organizations.   • In your analysis, include current data that detail the costs from these attacks in relationship to organizational bottom lines.   • An explanation of the costs that are involved. Costs involved may include money, time, resources, lost productivity, etc.   • A formulation of techniques for detec...

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Develop A Plan For Famous Financial Corporation: Signature Assignment

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Question: As head of the Information Protection Department of Famous Corporation, you have just received a call from the Senior Vice President of Human Resources informing you that in the past four days, there have been four occurrences of money transfers to unauthorized recipients. During the conversation, you were given the name of the department where the fund transfers had occurred. Furthermore, you were given specific instruction not to eng...

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Synthesis: Research Problem, Design And Method

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Question: Give a discussion on quantitative research design and qualitative research design?     Answer: Introduction Research design can be defined as the scientific work structure. The research is directed and systemized by the design. It is the framework that is generated in order to find the answers of research questions (Salkind, 2010). The design of a research ensures that the obtained evidence will make us capable of answ...

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PhDs In The Humanities And Social Sciences

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Questions: 1. Argue the criteria for selection of a research method. 2. Justify quantitative research designs when appropriate. 3. Justify qualitative research designs when appropriate?     Answers: 1. Introduction The report shall evaluate the NCU degree CP 2013 applications. The course details shall be explained along with the use of attached templates to identify and elaborate. The qualitative and questions in aspects of th...

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Computer Behaviours And Topologies

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Question: Discuss the Different types of computer behaviours and topologies, Comparison of the similarities between different types of computer criminal behaviour and topologies and Analysis of how organizations can benefit from understanding each of these different computer criminal behaviours and topologies?   Answer: Introduction According to Gostev (2012), the development of digital technologies represents an opportunity for any bus...

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Cyber Terrorism And Digital Crime

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Questions: 1. Analyze of at least five identification, authentication, and access control methods organizations use to resist possible attacks? 2. Evaluate these methods and discuss how they can make an organization vulnerable to possible attacks? 3. Discuss ways to improve each of these methods to help ensure the organization is safe against possible attacks?   Answers: Introduction Cyber terrorism is an act of terrorism through inte...

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Heroic Leaders As White-Collar Criminals

Download : 362 | Pages : 8

Questions: 1. Five forms of white collar crimes committed through the use of information technology? 2. Analysis on techniques used to commit crimes has changed with the advancing of information technology? 3. Example of each form of white collar crime?   Answers: Introduction According to Arnulf & Gottschalk (2012), White collar crime is a non-violent crime, involves the crime that is to be committed through deceit as well as mot...

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Propaganda, Recruitment And Anarchy

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Questions: 1. An analysis of different methods schools can use to ensure children are protected from extremists and anarchists while using school computers 2. An analysis of the different methods parents can use to ensure children are protected from extremists and anarchists while using home computers 3. Can such protections be construed as an infringement upon Free Speech? Why or why not?   Answers: Introduction The analysis of the d...

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The Role Of Values And Leadership Style In Developing

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Question: Describe about The Role of Values and Leadership Style in Developing?   Answer: Introduction: The particular report deals with the leadership style, ethics, morals, their intelligence and credibility etc. Baldoni (2014), according to him he describes about the most famous leader Dr. Martin Luther King and also describes about the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in this report. Buford (2014), according to him he describe...

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