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BUS700 Economics

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Answers: Introduction: Australia is a country which comprises the continent of Australia, island of Tasmania and some other small islands. By total area it is the sixth largest country in the world and it is also known as the 13th largest economy with the 9th largest per capita income (Murphy, 2017). In the following sections we analyze the economy of Australia based on certain macroeconomic indicators and see how the country has de...

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BCO6185 Mobile And Executive Computing

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Answer: Introduction: Mobile technology is one of the rising and already one of the largest technical advancements in recent times. The developments in mobile technology has aided business operations and solutions by reducing the overall system requirements and what needed to be done in large sized computers previously can now be accomplished using a simple mobile phone. With the increasing popularity of smartphones around the world, the mobi...

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LAWS19032 Company And Association Law

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Answer: Part A Case Analysis: ASIC v Cassimatis (No. 8) (2016) Strom Financial Ltd. was a corporation that was created by Emmanual Cassimatis and Julie Cassimatis. In the beginning, this company was formed as a private corporation and these two were the only executive directors of this corporation. They held all the shares of the corporation. In this case, proceedings were initiated by the ASIC against both of them by alleging that they wer...

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ECON11026 Principles Of Economics

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Answers: It is imperative to point out that monetary policy has become an important and indispensable policy tool for decision in the contemporary world. Today, the Australian economy utilizes monetary policy to help steer the economy towards sustained economic growth. Fundamentally, the process of setting, implementing and regulating monetary policy is conducted by the country’s monetary policy. In this case, in Australia, monetary policy...

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HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions

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Answer: Consumer Research, Inc., is an independent agency that conducts research on consumer attitudes and behaviours for a variety of firms. In one study, a client asked for an investigation of consumer characteristics that can be used to predict the amount charged by credit card users. Data were collected on annual income, household size, and annual credit card charges for a sample of 50 consumers. The following data are recorded for Consume...

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ECON11026 Principles Of Economics

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Answers: Monopolistic Competition Several features make the Australian wine industry be categorized as a monopolistic competition market. For example, there are many firms involved in the production of wine and wines are differentiated based on brands. It is relatively easy for the wine companies to enter and leave the market as there are no significant hurdles to entry and exit. Wine companies often encounter fierce competition from each other...

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MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management

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Answer: Introduction: This report gives the description of Wesfarmers Ltd in brief including the history, purpose, businesses, and values statement of company. At the same time, it identifies and discusses the 5Cs of Wesfarmers. Along with this, it analyzes that how the Wesfarmers Ltd gets information about its 5Cs.  Eventually, it provides recommendation with justification for STP and marketing mix strategies for Wesfarmers to lead its ...

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ACCT19083 Corporate Governance And Ethics

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Answer: Introduction  Some commonly known and heard instances covered under the topics concerning sustainable corporate environment, business principles or ethics, and corporate social responsibility include manager salaries, scarcity of natural resources, mass redundancies and highest recorded profits at the same time, corporate fraudulency and financial crisis. Mishaps like these are bound to raise questions regarding justice for both ...

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HRMT19106 Human Resource Management In The Contemporary Workplace

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Answer: Introduction Human Resource Management can be best defined as the process of managing the people in the organizations in an organized and proper manner that helps in the smooth running of the business. The HHRM covers a large area that starts from recruitment, retention, pay and parks setting, managing the performance, training and much more. However there has been a complete shift of paradigm of HRM in the recent past. The increasing...

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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership 2

Download : 0 | Pages : 3

Answer: Introduction Running a firm requires a lot of management skills which leaders should possess or learn in the process of performing the assigned duties. Failure to learn the needed skills, the leader will fail and will not achieve the organization's goals and objectives (Sorenson, 2013, p.3). The objective of this report is to highlight the strengths which I possess. Gallup strength finder results The Gallup strength finder results i...

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Career Management In The Hospitality Industry

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Question: You to identify and discuss career management in a particular sector of the labour market. Select an industry (or specific organisation) as the case study for your report. Identify the key HRM challenges for career management in the selected industry or organisation, and discuss how career development of the workforce is being managed from either a human capital perspective or a resource-based perspective.     Answer: I...

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Comparing Home Ownership Rates In Australia And Netherlands

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Question: Discuss about the relationship between home ownership rates in different countries.     Answer: Introduction Home ownership rates are established to help improve housing standards for the low-income earners. In this study, our main concern is to determine how different home ownership rates affect housing conditions especially for the low-income earners (Rossini, 2012). The following factors affect housing conditions: e...

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Marketing Strategy Of Manga Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy of Manga Industry.     Answer: Introduction Manga is one of the biggest and most impactful parts of modern popular culture across the planet. It has been shaping the social standards and trends for decades. The Japanese manga industry is also a huge contributor to the national GDP and has also given birth the alternate manga industries in other parts of the world. Along with anime, ...

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Foreign Considerations Of Emerging Economy

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Question: Discuss About The Foreign Considerations Of Emerging Economy?   Answer: Introduction Business organizations aim towards global expansion, as the home market becomes saturated with increased competition. It is evident that the home market has similar business organizations in the same sector that gives rise to tough competition. As a result, it becomes difficult for the business organizations to increase their business. I...

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Same Sex Marriages In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Same Sex Marriages in Australia.     Answer: Homosexuality refers to a romantic or sexual relationship or attraction between persons of same sex. It is a category of sexual orientation which means a continuing behavior of attraction of sexual or romantic nature towards a certain gender. Sexual orientation is broadly categorized into heterosexuals (persons attracted to persons of opposite gender), homos...

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