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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer Introduction and Reflective Journal Scope A reflective journal is nothing but a means of recording personal thoughts, ideas, experiences, reflections and also the insights gained while the learning process or throughout the research process. Jotting down all the experiences on a single piece of paper might give a new and entirely different perspective over certain things or issues. The reflective journals are also considered a great wa...

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ACC510 Financial Reporting

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Answers: 1. 1. The building which are at historical value and the photographs of the founders of the organization are not expected to generate any economic benefit in future. Therefore these assets do not qualify to be recognised as assets as it does not fulfil the recognition criteria for assets. The future benefits here mean the positive contribution to the cash flow of the organization whether directly or indirectly. Therefore, these items...

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BUS200 Law Of Business Organisations

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Answer: Introduction Corporate governance can be best defined as such a system of rules, processes and practices, by indulging in which, the companies are controlled and directed. Under this concept, the interests of the different stakeholders including government, shareholders, suppliers, customers and the like, are balanced (Calder, 2008). In Australia, the Australian Stock Exchange, or the ASX has presented certain corporate governance pri...

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200817 Business Communication Skills

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Answer Digital communications platforms Australian company M&J Chicken operates in both the fresh and cooked range of chicken (Mandjchickens.com, 2018). They are highly efficient operating in domestic business market simultaneously with Asia-pacific region by exporting materials to satisfy the experimental taste buds of people. However, the rapidly growing population of varied culture over Australia and their different preferences have ma...

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HC2091 Finance For Business

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Answer: Business entities tend to develop the financial reports on an annual basis to facilitate the decision-making process of investors. In this context, this report is developed for examining the financial performance of an ASX listed entity by evaluation of the financial information presented in its financial reports. The company selected for evaluation is Woolworths Group limited of Australia. This is carried out by extracting the latest...

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ITC556 Database Systems 2

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Final Entity Relationship Diagram


Figure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram

(Source: Created by author)

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Service And Marketing Of Ochre Restaurant

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Question: Discuss about the Service And Marketing Of Ochre Restaurant.     Answer: Introduction It is very important for the organizations in the recent world to provide a proper customers service so that it can be beneficial for the organization and the customers as well. The customers would be happy in getting the right services, which will help them in increasing their level of satisfaction regarding the products that are off...

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Amazon Breach Shows Need For Stronger Third-Party

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Question: Discuss about the Amazon Breach Shows Need For Stronger Third-Party.   Answer: Introduction Amazon is an American e-commerce retail company that has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company was set up in 1994 and launched its mobile application to allow the users to browse and purchase the items from their mobile phones and from any location. The E-commerce model that Amazon follows is Business to Consumer (B2C)...

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Making Global Value Chains Work Development

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Question: Discuss About The Making Global Value Chains Work Development?   Answer: Introduction The marketplace is a successful platform for the flip-flop phones; especially, Asian marketing and companies like Samsung continuously launch new models of flip-flops to fulfill the demand of the customers every year. The latest offering of the Samsung is “leader 8 flip-flop phone”. The leader 8 phone is built by usingalumi...

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Separate Legal Entity Of Corporation System

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Question: Discuss about the Separate Legal Entity of Corporation System.     Answer: Introduction: According to the Corporation Act 2001 organization has right to conduct or operator business for gaining profit anywhere in Australia. The organization can incorporate their business as a public or private company. It is necessary for running a private company must note have at least more than 50 members where they not able to inve...

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Organizational Behavior: Journal Of Applied Psychology

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Question: Discuss about the Organizational Behavior for Journal of Psychology.   Answer: Introduction Organizational behavior signifies the way in which the members of an organization interact with each other. It defines the behavioral pattern of the organizational members within an organizational context (Kehoe and Wright 2013). This study will demonstrate the circumstances, where attitude determines the behavior of the organiza...

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Airport Pavement Design And Construction

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Question: Discuss about the Airport Pavement Design and Construction.     Answer: Introduction Brisbane Airport is located in Brisbane’s CBD. It has straight connections to 28 global terminuses. It mainly functions 24 hours per day. Airtrain links the airport’s contemporary national terminals and the international stations to the Brisbane’s CBD through a very high-frequency railing service, whereas the new Airp...

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System Science And Engineering Management

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Question: Discuss About The System Science And Engineering Management?   Answer: Introduction Brisbane Airport is among the biggest and busiest airports within Australia. It first opened in 1988 and since then, it provides services to millions of passengers every year. However, with continuous operations and rise in the number of passengers, the airport has slowly becoming degraded and less efficient. Hence, a technical upgradatio...

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Internal Control Audit And Compliance

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Question: Discuss about the Internal Control Audit and Compliance.     Answer: Introduction: Double Ink Printers Limited is mainly dealing in the printing business where it provides printing material on-demand basis for their customers that includes printing of magazines as well as books and at the same time, also provide advertising materials to the publications, educational as well as advertisement industries. The company has ...

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Costs And Benefits Of Mandatory Auditing

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Questions: 1.Explain how your results Influence your planning decisions for the audit for the year ending 30 June 2015   2.Explain why it is a risk and how it may affect the risk of material misstatement in the Financial Report   3.Identify and explain two key fraud risk factors relating to misstatements arising from Fraudulent Financial Reporting to which DIPL may be susceptible.      Answers: 1.Application of...

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