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International Journal Of Disclosure And Governance

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Question: Describe about the International Journal of Disclosure and Governance?     Answer: Introduction The report focuses on some of the most important concepts in the corporate world in terms of private and public sector. The corporate governance and ethics are known as some of the most effective and important concepts which are being utilised and implemented in various organisations in both private and public sectors to gai...

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Report On The Oil Spill Of BP Ltd

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Question:  Write a report on the oil spill of BP Ltd. What its adverse effects on the environment, biodiversity and the society.   Answer: 1. Introduction The operations and regulations of every organization have direct or indirect effect on the environment, ecosystem and on the biodiversity of the earth (Freeman 2011). The provided case study is about the operation and regulation of a mining company named British Petroleum Ltd t...

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Concrete Technology And Practice

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Question: This assignment is related to Concrete Technology and Practice. You have to finish assignment as per requirement. Here i have uploaded two files. Among one is related to assignment task and another is related to tests result data. You have analyse this data and then you have work on the assignment based on tests results. Marking criteria is also described in the assignment detail.    Answer: Introduction  This repo...

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Essay On Concrete Technology And Practice

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Question: Write an essay on Concrete Technology and Practice.    Answer: Introduction In current worldwide markets and increasing accentuation on quality, requirement for look at facility information has multiplied numerous fold and high of that precision and dependability of information is an extra worry. Our development cloth building and checking out accreditations symbolize themselves. Our knowledgeable designers having huge ...

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Communication Process Of The Airtel

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Question: Write a report to discuss the positive and negative communication aspects of the company Airtel.    Answer: 1. Introduction In this report, the communication process of the Airtel has been discussed. In this report both the positive and negative communication aspects of the company Airtel has been discussed. Airtel is one of the major telecommunication companies in India. The company was founded in the year of 1995 (Air...

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Business Communication Skills

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Question: Discuss about the brainstorming system.    Answer: Summary: Livermore, D (2016): Leading a Brainstorming Session with a cross-cultural team. Harvard Business Review. May 27, 2016. Brainstorming is considered to hold the appropriate personalities and the cultures. This is based on working over the language fluency with the saving face to handle the cultural norms of harmony and conformity. For this, there have been cert...

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Taxation Law: Taxable Business Incomes

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Question: Discuss about the Taxation Law for Taxable Business Incomes.     Answer: 1. Fringe benefits tax is the tax imposed to an employer for non-cash items or benefits that ABC provides to employees in relation to employment. (Warren, 2006) Consequently, ABC Pty Ltd offers fringe benefits to its employees; therefore ABC will have to pay for all the fringe benefits while being exempted from others.  All FBT may be classif...

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Research Proposal On Opportunities For Technology : KFC

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Question: Describe about the Research Proposal on Opportunities for Technology for KFC.   Answer: Introduction Customer Relationship Management is an essential factor for the success of any restaurant chain business (Raab 2008). The proposal has been developed to conduct a research on Customer Relationship Management in KFC. The research aims to present technological opportunities that can be used to improve the performance of the fro...

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Business Project:Customer Relationship Management

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Question: Discuss about the Business Project for Customer Relationship Management.    Answer: Introduction CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management, a term that was coined in 1990s by some eminent management gurus, namely,John Kotler, Philip Kolter, Robert S. Kaplan  and John C. Maxwell. Referring to the strategies, practices and technologies the companies and a firm utilizes to manage customer interaction and to ...

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Integrated Business Experience 1

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Question: Discuss about the Integrated Business Experience 1.     Answer: Introduction This assignment is based on the case study of Axel Springer, which has achieved huge success during the digital media transformation. This assignment discusses on the key strategic action taken by the CEO of Axel Springer during the period of digital transformation. At the same time, the assignment also focuses on the strategic issues faced by...

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