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Business Management

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1. Develop a business tier by using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.1 or higher). The business tier will process the data persistence or retrieval requests from users and interact with the persistence tier for accomplishing such requests/operations.  2. Develop a presentation tier by using Java Server Faces (JSF 2.0 or higher). The presentation tier will provide user interfaces in the form of web pages. These interfaces will allow users to stor...

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Question.Pricing is said to be one of two strategic levers used to optimize revenue and is arguably the most critical component of revenue managementIn this assessment, you will prepare a report as if you were the revenue manager for the Novotel Sydney on Darling harbor.You are asked to present a report to your hotels general manager that recommends a revenue management strategy for the financial year 2016 July/ 2017 June. Aspects that require cr...

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Revenue Management: Hospitality Industry

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Question: Discuss about the case study Revenue Management for Hospitality Industry.     Answer: Introduction “Revenue management for the Hospitality Industry should be inimitable part of the study and is an area best studied by those with a concrete understanding of how services and products are sold in the thrilling hospitality industry” (Kimes & Wirtz, 2016). As it indeed to develop, the management of revenue w...

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Business Strategy Goals

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PART 1 - VISION AND VALUES Briefly describe the ministry organisation, its context, its history and its vision and/or mission.PART 2 – GOALS Describe three to four goals that the organisation should focus on achieving over the medium to long term. Provide background and rationale for each objective.•    The goals can be pursued one after the other (in sequence) or at the same time (in parallel).•    M...

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Business Strategic Report

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PART 1 – RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS Complete each of the following analyses in relation to your ministry organisation. Note: Each of the Environmental Analysis elements below needs to be reference in accordance to the Student Handbook. It must not just be your own thoughts. 1.    Environmental Analysis Conduct an analysis of the external environment the ministry finds itself in. This analysis should explore both the current s...

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Human Rights

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Using the law to successfully gain access to medical treatment is limited and typically likely to be unproductive. Discuss whether this statement is true. You should include both common law and public law actions together with any Human Rights issues in your answer. Your analysis, should be supported by appropriate authorities, including the legal reasoning in judgments and in legal academic texts. You MUST Use: 1) Oscola Referencing 2) 20 x Lega...

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Objectives   The assessment item 1 is designed to test your understanding of information security including the background of information security, threats, application, data and host security, basic and advanced cryptography relating to the contents in weeks 1-5. Assessment task   This assessment task contains two parts, quiz questions (10%) and a series of short-answer questions (15%)   How to complete the tasks &n...

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Several Macro Environmental Factors Scenario

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Question: Discuss about the Several Macro Environmental Factors Scenario.     Answer: Introduction: Japan faces differences in its FDI attractiveness in past certain years due to their political and economic scenario. This is because foreign companies invest in Japan by analyzing the chances of sale and profit they will earn from the investment. It is seen that Japan has become a volatile country because of continuous disputes ...

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Due Friday Week 04, 2000 words worth 10%The research proposal will consist of the following NINE (9) items:1.    A business research topic. What is your topic and what is its business significance.2.    A brief literature review of the research topic. Produce 1 to 2 pages on background information on your research topic.3.    Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity. What questions ...

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Cultural Ministry Strategy

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1.Please state the culture that you selected for your research in Question 1 of Assessment A? 2.List and describe two key anthropological concepts and/or principles you have learned in lectures and tutorials that will assist you in reaching this culture.  In what way/ways will these concepts/principles help your cross cultural communication with these people? 3.Discuss some of the cultural misunderstandings and conflicts that have been and...

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Research Proposal : Corporate Social Responsibility

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Question: Discuss about the Research Proposal for Corporate Social Responsibility.     Answer: Introduction: In the context of this research proposal, the selected research topic is “A study to explore the roles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in improving the brand image, brand attitude and brand value of the business firms in the global market”.  Business Significance of the Research Topic In today&...

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Project Objective

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. Introduction 2. Project Objective 3. Project Scope 4. Literature Review (Students’ needs to summarize Assignment 1 literature review (2-3 pages) and do justification from Assignment 1 literature problems, gaps opportunities, Hypothesis) 5. Research Questions/Hypothesis - Primary Question (only one question) - Secondary Questions (1, 2 ….) Research questions should be linked to Literature Problems, Gaps, and Hypothesis 6. Research D...

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Specification And Marking Criteria

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To implement the framework, you need to implement the following Java classes:1. A Java application to implement the compute-client;2. A Java application to implement the compute-server; and3. A Java class to implement the request processing thread.4. A number of Java classes to implement Calculate Pi, Calculate Primes and Calculate theGreatest Common Divisor tasks.Note: to simulate compute-client and compute-server interaction, you don’t ha...

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System And Network Administration

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The following items make up the Final Project submission.1. A single Word document named TomatoPlant.docx, with table ofcontents, containing all installation, configuration, processesand procedures used to develop the system.The document must include the following in the order listed:a) Installation and configuration details of the servers DHCP,WEB, GATEWAY and IDPS.COIT13146 System and Network AdministrationFinal Project, Term 1 2017 vt117 [6]b)...

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Hospitality Sector

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After reading the Heskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser, & Schlesinger (2008) article “Putting the service-profit chain to work” and watching the Joseph Pine TED talk “The experience economy” analsye how these concepts are imperative for any hospitality manager to use in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage. In your answer you must: 1.    Discuss the intersection of hospitality, service and custome...

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