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Advance Pulmonary Test

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1)    Outline the common Gas Laws and how they relate to respiratory physiology and/or measurement.The question no 1 is done by some body but not properly need to be edited properly.2)    Provide a detailed interpretation of the lung function results provided bellowThe question no2 also been done but need to be checked again according to instructions.What you need to do: (instructions)•    Break d...

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Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

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Question: Discuss about the Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.     Answer: Introduction: Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is described as a rare disorder which is autosomal dominant. It can occur in any individual with the traits coming from both mother and father. In this disorder, the patient suffers from symptoms of heterotropic ossification which results in the formation of bones in the subject muscles and als...

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fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva disease. (2 pages) must contain a minimum of 1 page discussing the science linking osteocytes with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva . References-includes the two attached along with review articles must be from within the last 5 years, whereas primary (original) research articles can be any date (although newer is slightly better).

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Parasitic Nematodes

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1) Adaptive radiation has resulted in high morphological diversity amongst the phylum Annelida. Feeding and locomotion adaptations show great variation. Discuss this statement giving at least three examples of each. 2) Plant parasitic nematodes attack many important agricultural crops resulting in millions of dollar in damage. In roots, injury by nematodes may be detected by the presence of lesions, cysts or galls/knots. Identify one genius of ne...

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Ligation And Transformaton

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This week, we will be performing a DpnI digest on our OE-PCR cloning reaction, then transforming it into chemically competent DH5 E. coli by heat shock, and plating them out on LB ampicillin plates. DpnI Digest, Ligation, and Transformation of Chemically Competent E. coli 1. Add 1 L of DpnI enzyme to your PCR reaction from last week. μ 2. Incubate in the PCR machine using the heat block incubation function, at 37°C for 15 minutes. 3....

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Research Planning A Practical Investigation On Biology

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Criteria to follower1.1    negotiate an appropriate and relevant area for investigation1.2    identify an appropriate theme and working title for the project 1.3    develop a proposal for the proposed investigation project including rational aim and objects1.4    Give theoretical context to your investigation through describing underpinning concepts and theories2.1 identify key stages in...

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1. Describe the mechanism of action of Botox. Describe briefly the normal cell biology, the pathogenic state and how the drug alters the pathogenic state.  Include pictures, or figures depicting a pathway map and indicating the point at which the drug acts.  2. Develop and present an experimental plan by which you can prove where in the cell the drug acts- what cellular functions it modulates, and the mechanisms by which it works. ...

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Case History 8      The patient is a 23-year-old male who works as a baker’s assistant.  He presented to the emergency room with a low-grade fever, malaise, and headache.  He was sent home with a diagnosis of influenza.  He presented 7 days later with a 1 day history of worsened headache, photophobia, and stiff neck.  On physical examination he appeared to be in mild distress with a temperature ...

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Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

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 1. The first assessment, an essay, for this course is due on Sunday 4th November and needs to be submitted by 21:00 of that day. Any submissions beyond that date and time will be treated as late submission. 2. A Turnitin submission will be available from next week, 22nd October where you can check for plagiarism and the essay needs to be submitted by the deadline. 3.The essay title is: Topic 1 . “Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a chronic a...

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Managing The Virus Hunters

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Questions: 1.     Analyse workflow interdependence among departments and Align organisation design and organisational strategy. Analyse organisational characteristics such as culture, change and life cycle issues in this organisation .Based on your analysis, what recommendations would you give to management?  2.    Assess organisational effectiveness, use “open system” design elements to design ...

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Lehninger Principles Biochemistry Macmillan

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Question: Discuss About The Lehninger Principles Biochemistry Macmillan?   Answer: Introduction: The term "allosteric" is derived from two Greek work, "allos" meaning "other" and "stereos" meaning "solid". Allosteric protein aids in feedback inhibition (FI). FI is defined as a process of enzyme inhibition in an ongoing biosynthetic pathway via the action of the end-product of that pathway. For example biosynthesis of D from A is c...

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Cell Death Assessment

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Answer: By comparing the result of the dose response assessment of the two cell lines, HCT-116 cell line was picked to do cell death assessment due to the resistance that found in HT-29 cell line toward Anisomycin. Cell Death assessment By using specific inhibitors for blocking the common modalities of cell death (Apoptosis, necroptosis, Pyroptosis and ferroptosis), a comparative analysis was carried out to determine the effect of Anisomycin...

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Utilization Of Blood Lactates For The Creation Of Training Zones

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Question: Discuss about the Utilization of blood lactates for the creation of training zones.   Answer: Introduction During exercise and clinical performance settings, the most commonly used parameter is blood lactate measurement (Goodwin et al, 2007). Lactate thresholds are the distinct stages that occur when there is rise in levels of blood lactate. Through the mechanism of oxidative metabolism, the determination of performance of l...

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Protein Ligand Interaction

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Question: Discuss about the Protein Ligand Interaction.     Answer: Introduction Oxidative phosphorylation is the process that involves the formation of ATP and constitutes the fundamental and most important means of energy production for the cells of animal, plant and bacterial origins (Jonckheere, Smeitink & Rodenburg, 2012). Apart from oxidative phosphorylation, photophosphorylation is also involved in the synthesis of AT...

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Determine Clinical Utility For Procalcitonin

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Question: Discuss About The Determine Clinical Utility For Procalcitonin?   Answer: Introduction The reflective journal report is based on the article, “Procalcitonin-guided diagnosis and antibiotic stewardship revisited” (1). The article is the narrative review on the potential of the infection biomarker procalcitonin in infections other than the respiratory tract infections and sepsis. The aim of the article is to de...

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