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Essay On Eliminating Plastic Bottles In The United States

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Question: Essay on eliminating plastic bottles in the United States?     Answer: The use of plastic bottles in the United States is increasing from the last century. Plastic bottles have enhanced the pollution in environment through the considerable percentage (Rachael 2014). There are many companies that are suing the plastic bottles in order to pack the drinking water or other ready to drink items. The increase in the use of pl...

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Biochemical And Physical Analysis Of The CD16 Molecules

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Question: Describe about the Summary of complete biochemical and physical analysis of the CD16 molecules ?   Answer: Summary: The complete biochemical and physical analysis of the CD16 molecules that are expressed on the surface of the Natural killer cells or NK cells. Description: The CD 16 molecule if a low affinity Fc receptor. It is basically a cluster of differentiation molecule that is present or found on the surface of the na...

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Complex Area In Nursing: Case Study

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Question: Sonia is a 36 year old involved in a motorcar accident (MCA) on her way home from work Friday night. Her medical diagnoses are: L Pneumothorax (ICC inserted)Lacerated spleenL shaft of femurSuspected internal bleeding not identified during surgery.Sonia:• Has had a general anesthetic and a laparotomy with repair of the liver laceration.• Was infused with 4 units of whole blood during surgery• Has an epidural line for ana...

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Ebola Virus Disease

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Question: Why ebola has not yet got a vaccine, compared to other conditions which do have vaccines?     Answer: Introduction: Ebola virus disease is a disease that occurs amongst humans and other primates which is caused due to the attack of the Ebola virus. The medium of flow of the virus in the body is by the fluids of the body including blood. This is an air-borne disease so the people surrounding an infected person must be v...

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Osteoarthritis And Cartilage

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Question: Describe the strategies that, you as a nurse, can implement to reduce the severity and impact of the disease for the individual and their family?     Answer: Osteoarthritis (OA) is also known as degenerative joint disease, degenerative arthritis or or osteoarthrosis, is a type of abnormalities which involves joint’s degradation, as well as subchondral bone and articular cartilage. The purp...

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Medicinal Chemistry

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Questions: 1. Consider, for example, conducting a microbiological assay where inhibition of growth of bacteria is determined when different concentrations of drugs are applied. What factors may lead to variability or errors within the results and how could these variations or errors be minimised?2. Why is it important to have information on physico-chemical properties (such as logarithm of the octanol:water partition coefficient (log P) and log ...

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Question: Discuss the thyroidal problems due to perchlorate?     Answer: Percholate is an inorganic compound that is known for its thyrotoxicant nature as it affects the thyrod gland adversely by competitively inhibiting the uptake of iodide. A study conducted by tranet al. (2008) concluded that perchlorate is actively transported into the FRTL-5 cells (thyroid cells) by a thyroid stimulating hormone dependent process. The amount...

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Renal Failure

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Questions: This involves Renal Disorders. For someone in untreated renal failure , list what types of alterations one would see for the following (including rationale why it would be  altered in that way). 1. Hematocrit 2. Potassium 3. Calcium 4. Phosphate 5. pH 6. Creatinine     Answers: Renal Failure 1. Hematocrit: In case of untreated renal failure kidneys fail to maintain a normal lower level of hematocrit. Anemia is sa...

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BPA And Low Testosterone

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Questions: 1. What question would you ask Hercules to guide/help you build a potential diagnosis?2. Based on the answers of Hercules to your questions, you decided to measure total testosterone serum levels. Why?3. You decided to measure free testosterone levels in plasma. Therefore, what was your answer to that question? Why?     Answers: 1. To build a potential diagnosis the following questions can be asked to Hercules: What a...

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Hyperlipidemia And Specifically Hypercholesterolemia

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Question: Describe about the Hyperlipidemia and Specifically Hypercholesterolemia?     Answer: AhR In the case of hyperlipidemia and specifically hypercholesterolemia it has been associated to some the specific receptor or ligands and AhR is referred as Aryl hydrocarbon receptor that acts as a ligand to cause hyperlipidemia (Wu et al., 2011) ApoE-/- Apolipoprotein E is the lipoprotein that is produced by liver and macrophages...

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