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Security Measures For E-Commerce Business

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Question: Discuss the following points..   • Evaluate security strategies of protecting consumers and businesses and identify the security measures to increase trust. • Evaluate the extent to which the Internet aids modern working practices. • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the scope of e-commerce and its security in business and its practical and commercial limitations?     Answer: Introduction Total ...

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The Rules Of Statutory Interpretation

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Question: With reference to the rules of statutory interpretation and the doctrine of binding precedent, to what extent do UK judges trespass on the proper function of Government and the Legislature when exercising their legal decision-making functions?     Answer: Introduction: The theory of separation of power exists in the system of United Kingdom. Separation of power means the three organs of the Government that is legislatu...

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Human Resource Management: Journal Of Industrial Relations

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Question: 1. Explain Guest’s model of HRM 2. Compare the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, personnel and HR practices   3. Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM     Answer: 1. Guest model of HRM As per David Guest, the Human resource management study has 6 dimensions which need to be analyzed in the correct manner. The six dimensions a...

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Business Ethics: Concepts & Elements Of Sustainability.

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Question: Demonstrate the influence of environmental and behavioural factors on corporate size, structure and strategy. Understand the processes of business planning and policy making and the reason for change over time.?     Answer: Introduction This report will present the ethical consumerism in garment industry throughout the world – whereas the companies are sourcing materials maintaining ethics regarding working envir...

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Managing Mental Health: Adults

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Question: Identify a wide range of self-help options that can be facilitated for sufferers of mental health problems?   Answer: Depression is a very common thing for people in their young age and is often temporary.  They feel ‘blue’ or low in their mood, tearful and sad. People often cannot cope up with pressure in their professional life and personal life, which often cause such distress (, 2015). Marta is...

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Adults: Managing Mental Health

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Question: Explain the scope and nature of dementia in adults, and consider the responses that might be taken to such conditions?   Answer: Dementia in adults: Introduction:  Adults often suffer from many metal disorders due to excess of workload, stress, depression, lack of family attention etc. Dementia is a mental disorder seen almost in adults, is a type of disease results in loss of memory and power of thinking that increase gr...

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Managing Health In Adults

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Questions: 1. List and briefly describe in a sentence for each, up to 10 mental health services in your location? 2. Which types of mental health issues are well provided for by services in your area? . Do you think there are gaps? Why do you think this is? 3. Compare the roles of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists in dealing with mental health patients? 4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy? 5. Discuss the advan...

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Essay On Collaborative Development Resit

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Question: Describe about a Essay on Collaborative Development Resit?   Answer: UML Diagrams UML or Unified Modelling Language diagrams are a standard method of modelling the basic design of the software system in order to provide a general view of the overall functionalities of the system. There are different forms of UML diagram which can be used to represent both the structural and the behavioural aspects of the system (Omurca, 2013)....

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Common Law: Equity

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Question:  Describe about the Equity is Present to Provide Reasonable Help When the Common Law Fails to Provide a Solution?   Answer: Introduction The word equity has numerous meanings and to various people it is a symbol of fairness or justice. The origin of equity can be traced to the deficiencies of the common law. Beyond question, common law had flaws where any solution is unavailable or where there was an availability of a rem...

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Application Of Volatility In Portfolio Construction: Applied Mathematics And Physics

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Question: Explain about the Report on Application of Volatility in Portfolio Construction for Applied Mathematics and Physics?   Answer: 1) Bond Yield to maturity Annually Semi annually Face value 1000 1000 Years to maturity 7 7 Annual coupon rate 5.25% 5.25% Effective coupon rate 5.25% 2.63% NPER 7 14 Frequency of p...

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