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BUS102 Introduction To Economics

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Answers: 1.According to the article by Greg Jericho (2016), the annual GDP growth for 2008-2009 was 1.82%. The GDP per capita for this period was -0.36%. The difference in these figures is because the GDP per capita factors in population in calculating the productivity of the economy. It takes the total output of the country based on the purchasing power divided by the number of people in the economy. GDP on the other hand is the monetary valu...

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MBA401 People Culture And Contemporary Leadership

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Answer  Gibb's (1988) framework of reflective learning For the reflective learning, Gibb’s reflective cycle is known to be the most popular model. In this model, 6 stages are included in describing the reflection which is presented in the form of a diagram below by Dye (Al-Tameemi & Alshawi, 2014).                                      ...

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HI5016 International Trade And Enterprise

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Answers: Introduction  Kahanec (2013) depict that the process of exchange of capital and goods across international borders is known as international trade. Moreover, international trade also enhances the world’s economy and all the concern of the global demands and supply. However, in this process of international trade, some labor also went to other nation to work and this geographical and occupational movement of worke...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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Answer: Introduction Strategic information system becomes a considerable important to the professionals of information system in business as well as academic communities. Hence, it is required to analyze present market situation of an organization and take proper measures in order to gain competitive advantages in the market. Preset study deals with current market size of Activex Limited and operational problems like inefficiency and errors f...

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COMP5347 Web Application Development

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Answer: Retrospective of Web Application Development Project Web development project presented a perfect learning experience and deeper self evaluation on the concept and its practice. The project involved creating a real estate property website. The website name was “Find a Home.” The website purpose was to create an interface between the clients and the business to enable renting or buying of a real estate property. We worked on...

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1020QBT Academic And Professional Skills

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Answers: The simple format that is usually followed in the writing of academic paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion. The academic paper should portray a clear argument and the ideas used should be in such a structure that will enable the argument to come out clearly. The introduction will amount to around 10 percent of the total word count of the write up. The introduction introduces the overall argument or main point or the pu...

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ACCT 3005 Auditing Theory And Practice

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Answers 1. i) The luxury Travel Holidays LTD (LTH) will re-engage Clarke & Johnson (CJ) as the auditor for the upcoming audit for the 30th June 2015 financial report on one condition i.e. the audit partner Geoff would have to give a speech about LTH for their business promotion and attracting investors. Here independence of appearance has been affected where the auditor, having knowledge of all facts of the company, has been forced to addres...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answers:  Introduction Globalisation and advent of technology has put immense competitiveness on businesses. In order to extend their core competencies and become more competitive in their businesses, more and more companies are outsourcing some of their non-core functions (Chadee, 2009). Globally it is an emerging trend to diversify major business functionality to a low cost destination that allows cost savings to a significant amo...

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GSBS6130 Corporate Finance

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Answer: Dividend analysis of Netflix   2016 2015 2014 Dividends 0 0 0 Payout ratio 0% 0% 0% Dividend yield 0% 0% 0% By considering financial figures it can be noticed that company had not provided dividend from past few years as company believe in providing capital benefits to shareholders instead of providing revenue earning in fo...

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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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Answer: There are various areas where resources have been allocated and utilized properly to conduct a sustainability analysis on manufacturing, distribution and disposing of packaging and product within Sensis, Australia. Sensis is one of the largest and most effective marketing services company that can involve the customers with the business and deliver better outcomes through marketing and promotion by digital consumer business. The sustai...

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7153AFE Ethics And Governance

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Answers: Q.1 Evaluation of the corporate governance structures and mechanisms of Star Entertainment Group Ltd It has been found out that Star Entertainment group’s approach towards corporate governance is impressive and it is well supported and managed by the board of directors as well as of the management. The organization prefers to review the policies and practices of corporate governance and continues to make changes and refinement...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: Introduction: Samsung is the company that started its operations in South Korea. The company has started its businesses in different countries after that and enters the electronics industry in late 90’s. The company has become global soon and now owning around 200 subsidiaries in different parts of the world (Griffith, Cavusgil & Xu, 2008). The company offers various products such as washing machines, refrigerators, mobile p...

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2806NRS Research In Nursing

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Answer: Introduction: Over the course of years, different types of frameworks for critical appraisal of journal papers have been published by the different authors. These frameworks help students to develop idea about how to critically analyze the papers and reach a conclusion of the positive aspects as well as the missing parts. For such appraisal, Casp tool is of immense helps to the students. The benefit of the Casp tool is that the tool p...

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2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology

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Answers 1. Links between the patient’s risk factors and aetiology to account for the disease’s pathophysiology Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory airways in the lings where the airways get inflamed. They become swollen along which the muscle of the airways get tightened when certain factors triggers the symptoms. This presents moving in and out of the air from the lungs (Al-Durra, Torio & Cafazzo, 2015). These resu...

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SITXMPR502 Develop And Implement Marketing Strategies

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Answer: Promotion   TOOL STRATEGY TIMING RESPONSIBLE (What are you doing? How will it work? Who’s the target? When will it run? Who’s responsible?) Sales Promotion Price Discounts: The resort will provide seasonal discounts of the hotel prices. In discount, the customers will be able to book rooms at half of the actual price of the rooms. Such huge discounts will attract huge c...

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