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ITC 544 Computer Organisation And Architecture

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Answer: Finding the radix of a number (211) x =(6A)16 The hexadecimal notation on the right is equated to a number with an unknown radix. Converting the hexadecimal to decimal number system, Where A in hexadecimal is 10 Converting the unknown radix number to decimal Using the quadratic equation to obtain the roots where a=2, b=1, and c=-105 The value of x is either x=7 or x=7.5 The final value for the unknown is x=7 numb...

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CSM305 Risk Management

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Answers: 1. Pictorial representation of current security risks which are considered by the VIC government. The security risk and threats considered by the VIC government is pictorially shown in the figure with the help of Figure: Secure coding controls 2. Diagram explanation and recognising the areas of high, medium, medium-low, and low risk exposure. The risks are classified into various ways depending upon the situation. Generally...

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CIS5205 Management Of Information Security

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Answer: Introduction: 1.1. Purpose At present, the exchange of medical data between the healthcare organizations for enhancing the excellence of health care services are more convenient through the development of information technology. The remedial intrusions are mostly reliable on the legitimate and the health prominent history of the patients. The requirements of doctors, medical staff, healthcare contributors, policy producers, patients,...

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C10214 Construction Project Management

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Answer: Introduction: The EEF or “Enterprise Environmental Factors” helps in gaining the desired outcome of any project. This is helpful both externally and internally. Further, the market conditions, government regulations, political scenarios, environmental situations and culture are regarded here. This is because these factors get out of control of management. Hence, the management of EEF is very much vital for all the project...

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ITC505 ICT Project Management

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Answer: Project Description: A show is sorted out by the Globex partnership in the long stretch of November consistently, where they introduce their agricultural and way of lifestyle equipment. The show is held for three back to back days. Tickets are sold for the show and the cash they procure by offering tickets are given to the charity in ICV. The ticketing framework is manual so the ticket counter gets packed by individuals and some o...

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COIS12073 Enterprise Systems

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Answer: Enterprise system can be defined as large scale application of software packages that an organisation uses to support the business process and reporting. Moreover, the Enterprise system helps in data analytics and information flows in a complex system of organisation. Enterprise system has various spheres including system integration, development of life cycle and CRM customer relationship management.   Customer Relationship M...

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COIT12208 IT Project Management

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Answers: The application of MS project has helped to resolve the issues of over allocation with resources as it has an added functionality to support levelling of resources. The levelling of resources means that the resources are equally distributed in the schedule without the need to work additional hours to complete the project within estimated time. In the schedule, issues of resource over allocation was resolved by following the below mentio...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answers 1. Literature review Introduction Literature review gives a conceptual infrastructure of the research. It broadly analyses the research subject. It permits the research to be located in the context. It is the central section of any research project. Customer behaviour is a field of study. It focuses on the activities of the customers. Globally, customer behaviour is an important issue for the marketers or the companies (Review of ...

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CIV5304 Intelligent Transport Systems

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Answer: The Intelligent Transport System is a modern traffic technology that was designed and developed mainly to address the ever-skyrocketing road accidents. Notably, many a people have perished in our roads due to the traffic factors at play. The World Health Organization (2017) reports that there were 1.25 million traffic deaths globally in 2013. This is a great loss as most of these people who perish on our roads are productive people who...

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HI6026 Audit Assurance And Compliance

Download : 1 | Pages : 8

Answer: Conversation with Chris, CEO Threat of Advocacy has been identified in relation to the auditor independence  (Edwin, 2015). In the conversation with the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he has said that Geoff, audit partner of the audit firm Clarke and Johnson, have to promote the business of the company by revealing the benefits of the products of the company along with the other advantages that they provide to their cus...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems

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Answer: Introduction Enterprise resource planning is defined as the management of the business processes, which allows the business organizations to use a computer system of integrated applications. The uses of the enterprise resource planning helps in automation of the back office functions and enhance the business of the organization. This assignment highlights the ERP system and its effectiveness in health care systems. Health care system...

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BCO101 Fundamentals Of Marketing

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Answer      Online Marketing Plan Inttroduction Lehman’s boutique is planning to open an online store that will see to it penetrating new markets that it had no footprints. The local business is doing relatively well but with the advent shift of consumer’s preference to shopping online, there has been growing need for the business to go online to stay afloat with the changes in the market. Lehman’s boutique has...

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HI6026 Audit Assurance And Compliance

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Answer: Answer to Question 1 S.NO. PART 1 – ISSUES PART 2 – CATEGORY OF THREAT OF INDEPENDENCE PART 3 – EXPLANATION PART 4 – SAFEGUARDS 1 Recognizing and evaluating any risks in company with auditors flexibility   The inspector was accountable for finishing the organizations that requires basic cost checks in the wake of making the accounting areas for the year com...

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ACCTING 7014 Management Accounting

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Answer: 1. Cost classification of each cost: No Cost Classification a. Monthly Water Bill Step-fixed  cost b. Lease on Machinery Step-fixed  cost c. Rental expense Discretionary fixed d. Depreciation equipment Committed fixed e. Direct material and Direct labour Variable cost f. Energy cost Semi-variabl...

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PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management

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Answer: Answer 1 The major criteria for selecting the project for my assessment is analysis of cost benefit ratio and the payback period of the project. The net present value of the project and the rate of return are further considered while selecting the project. This is the part of checking the feasibility of the project, which is essential before selecting a project. Apart from this, the enterprise environmental factor and its impact on th...

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