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BUS5SBF Statistics For Business And Finance

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Answer: Task 1 Part A A random sample of two hundred households has been collected in Excel. The sampling method used in this case is simple random sampling. Simple random sampling is the sampling method in which the sampling units are selected randomly with the probability of selecting each unit being the same. This is the best method of selecting the sample as with the help of this method samples can be selected from a population with a m...

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MRKT20052 Marketing For Managers

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Answer Introduction and Background of the study.  Australia is one of the most competitive countries regarding graduate markets in the world. It is the sixth largest country globally. This is because the Universities in the state offer extra quality programs which enable them to acquire a competitive advantage over the other nations. It hosts not less than 43 universities which serve around 1.4 million students from the nation and all over...

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BUS5SMM Sustainable Management And Marketing

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Answer Introduction Tassal Limited is one of the largest salmon farming companies in Australia, founded in the year 1986. Since then, Tassal Limited has grown to become one of the major public companies in Australia as listed by Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in November 2003. Tassal is ranks as Tasmania’s leading employers in food processing and fishing industries manufactures a variety of processed food including traditional fresh, f...

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INB10002 Foundations Of International Business

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Answer: The main idea of this article is to provide insight about the firms that are “born global”. This paper elaborates the characteristics of born-global firms in the technology sector. The author aims at describing the characteristics specific to the born global company and narrows it down to the company operating in technology sector. The concept of born global companies originated way back in 1993 with Michael Rennie who was...

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BUS5IAF Introduction To Accounting And Finance

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Answer: Debt Valuation: Short term debts means any financial obligation which is either due within a 12- month period or within current financial year. It forms part of current liabilities on company’s balance sheet. (Investopedia, n.d.) Long term debts, also called as long term loans, refer to those financial obligations which become due in a more than 12-month period. (Investopedia, n.d.) Observing the company’s balance sheet,...

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BUS5EIS Enterprise Information Systems

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Answer: 1. Geneva Steel had a lot of problems regarding its legacy system. Founded in 1944 to provide extra supply of steel to the US military, the company quickly grew to be one of the country’s largest steel mills. The company grew fast and started producing a huge amount of steel annually (White 2015). However, in order to maintain the legacy of the company, Geneva Steel continued to run on the existing stereotype policies and initially...

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GSBS6042 Employment Relations

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Answer: Introduction Globalization has resulted in extending employment relation across borders, which has created concrete business development and a prodigious competition among large scale organizations (Godard, 2014). Globalization has been found to accentuate differences among coordinated market economies andliberal market economies, and at the same time create trajectorial changes specifically for LMEs. Taking convergence concept as the...

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NURSING 7105 Acute Care Nursing I

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Answer: Pathophysiology of COPD: Pathophysiology of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) can be studied in different aspects. These aspects include respiratory tract inflammation, structural changes in the respiratory tract and mucociliary dysfunction. Inflammation is the hallmark of COPD which is mainly due to cigarette smoke. This inflammation is spread over airways, respiratory tract, lung tissues and pulmonary blood vessels. Irritants ...

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LST2LBA Law Of Business Association

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Answers: Contract law or rules are the conventional rules governing the validity, content, and the relationship of an agreement between two or more companies, institution or individuals. In most cases in the areas of provision of services, the sale of goods or the exchange of ownership or interests AGC (Advances) Ltd v McWhirter (1977) 1 BLR 9454. It is the law that governs what happens when the contract breaks down and establishes the terms o...

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EDUC4197 Quality Teaching And Professional Practice

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Answer: Introduction A nine year old boy Robert has moved to a new international school in 4th grade. Both of his parents are teachers of this school as well as his six years old sister is the student of the same school.In first few weeks of schooling, Robert’s class teacher have noticed that he was quiet and was not even interested in mingling with other students of the class. Also in recess time, Robert spent most of the time wat...

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BUS5SMM Sustainable Management And Marketing

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Answer: Introduction Sustainable management consists of plans and policies which are used by the company to meet the demand of the people as well as future generation (Christenson, O'Kane and McManus, 2017). It also takes care of the environment so as to preserve natural resources. It has allowed business units to understand the importance of sustainable development which is beneficial for them in the long run. Marketing and PR campaigns hav...

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MKTG2002 Sustainable Marketing

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Answer: Introduction: Tassal, food producing company (fishing) is an international company of Australia. In the year 1986 this salmon farming or manufacturing company in the Australia. Tassal is the largest number of the salmon producing company in the world. Tassal holds the position in the Australia to provide the most significant number of employment to the individuals in Tasmania. Tassal is situated at Tasmania, Australia. Headquarters of...

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BFA522 Risk Management

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Answer: Introduction Risk analysis as well as security is considered as crucial for enterprises in order to deploy effective operations along with integration of development of the system. In this perspective, development of the project would assist to integrate the process of development of operations as well as apply effective functions within the particular organization. Moreover, operational processing can be implied in order to form anal...

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MGT1IB Introduction To International Business

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Answer: Introduction The very fabric of the modern business is woven through globalization, internationalization and cross-border activities. The twenty four hour, boundary-less competitive market pressures the decision making managers continuously to account for the challenges and opportunities that exists. Due to the hyper competitive market the managers have to focus on the most immediate elements of globalization and thus they many times ...

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BUSN8181 Financial Reporting And Analysis

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Answer: Introduction: This report depict about the financial performance of JB HI FI through conducting a ratio analysis, trend analysis, vertical analysis and horizontal analysis of the company. Last 5 years annual report of JB HI FI has been considered while prepare this report. This offers a brief description to the investors of the company about the strength of company financially and economically.   The main propose of preparing th...

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