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Business Communication

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The aim of this assignment is for students to communicate who they are in a series of images, and then to explore how these images of self are perceived by others. The assignment also provides students with the challenge of presenting a range of information (images, words, sentences and discussions) within an integrated and professional looking report.Folio B, Part 1: Identity 1: Personal Imagery (750 words)The purpose of this assignment is for s...

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32557 Enabling Enterprise Information System

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Part (1): Short answer questions (25 marks in total)1. Explain in details how an organization may choose between applying business processimprovement verses business process reengineering to solving a process performanceproblem (4 marks).2. is a new online car rental service. According to their website“We’re on a mission to dramatically change the way people think about cars. The wayit is now – with a car ...

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Self Management

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RequirementsThere are a number of key sections of content that you need to address. These are outlined below. Additionally, another key criteria in this assessment is the use of appropriate business formatting and language (i.e. develop the assessment in a business report format).1. Research and critically analyse industry trends for your selected target industry. Forecast potential changes for the next 5 years. What are the factors causing chang...

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Business Obligations

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QUESTION 1 Over the last 12 months, Eric acquired the following assets: an antique vase (for $2,000), an antique chair (for $3,000), a painting (for $9,000), a home sound system (for $12,000), and shares in a listed company (for $5,000). Last week he sold these assets as follows: antique vase (for $3,000), antique chair (for $1,000), painting (for $1,000), sound system (for $11,000) and shares (for $20,000). Calculate his net capital gain or net ...

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Business Organisation

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Question ResponsesNote:  You are expected to provide analysis for each question.  This means you need to compare ‘practice’ of concepts of your chosen organisation with what theory says about the concepts in each question.  Use your theory (journal articles, text, other texts) to do this. Use also other publications (as above, including the organisation’s website).  Describe what the organisation does/is doin...

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Criminal Punishment

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Assessment 1

1.    Using notes from your set task, write an essay up to 500 words on the type of punishment used in your country. Give examples.

2.    Define the following terms:
a.    Rehabilitation model of punishment
b.    Education model of punishment
c.    An eye for an eye
d.    Mirror punishment

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LESSON 11 ASSIGNMENT1.    Discuss why is Latin has come to be used in legal languages throughout the world and why its use is still relevant today? (Write 100-200 words)2.    Research and explain the meaning of “Democracy”. (Write 1-2 paragraphs)3.    Explain the roles of the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Legislature in developing laws. (Write 3-4 paragraphs)4.    Explain...

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Business Report

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The major assignment will be done individually. The major assignment requires a written business report of no more than 2500 words plus appendices. It is worth 30% to end of semester mark.  The assignment is to submitted via Turnitin which will be explained to you in class in Week 2. More information will be explained in class by your lecturer as well as providing a table of contents. The assignment is divided into three sections with Sectio...

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Market Equilibrium

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1)    Choose a topic from Micro economics that matters to you and finda recent news article covering that topic. Following are some of the topics from where students need to choose ONLY one topic:-      Monopolies, Duopoly and Oligopolies in Australia-      Demand and Supply of certain resources in Australia-      Costs of production in ANY manufacturing ind...

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Taxation Law

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Background:Sean and Pam are new clients.  They purchased a 1 hectare block of land 8 months ago with the intention of building a house.  They paid $300,000 for the land.  They have been living with Sean’s parents in order to save as much as possible for their new home.  Pam has recently been offered a huge promotion which would mean moving interstate for at least six years.  She has accepted the new job and she and ...

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Financial Interpretation

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Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)
Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)
ULO 1: Assess the financial standing of an entity by examining relevant financial information and identify how disclosure techniques can support business decisions.
DGLO1 Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities
ULO 2: Evaluate scenarios involving ethical decisions in financial accounting.
DGLO1 Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities

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Systematically Quote Pricing Goods Services

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Question: Discuss About The Systematically Quote Pricing Goods Services?   Answer: Introduction: Globalization has improved the ways in which economic transaction takes place throughout the world by promoting more of international trade. Along with advancement in trade came the need to systematically quote pricing of goods and services. The concept of elasticity has helped the businessmen in doing so. International trade gave ris...

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Business Economic Principles

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Assignment 1 consists of two short answer questions (worth 5 marks each) based on Text material. Before attempting this assignment you are expected to have read Text chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4. Sources used in your answer should be fully referenced in APA 6th style. Answer the following questions ensuring that you apply economic principles or theory related to (a) the concepts of supply and demand for Question 1 and (b) the concepts of specialisation...

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Professional Management

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SET TASK1. Collect 5 different examples of technical writing documents. Describe the presentation of each document. Does it create an immediate positive impression? Are the major topics highlighted? Is the text easy to read? Is it justified or aligned to the left? Are there any grammatical errors? Do ideas flow in a logical sequence? Are the graphics clear and relevant? Is there a glossary or reference source attached? Does it reflect thoughtful ...

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Business Policy Making

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Please use Australia books from 2009 upwards. Please use the poster, here are the research questions: Research question What are nurses’ experiences of patient-related violence whilst working in the Emergency Department setting? Please use this Articles: Your 4 Primary Research References Catlette, M 2005, 'A Descriptive Study of the Perceptions of Workplace Violence and Safety Strategies of Nurses Working in Level I Trauma Centers', Journa...

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