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BACT105 Business Accounting

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Answer: Introduction  The categorization of the financial statements of the financial statements can be appropriately conducted by illustrated by showing the balance sheets, income statement and the cash flow statements. The health of the financial institutions can be appropriately issued by concentrating the issues which are related to the powered and the concentration of the study is seemed to be illustrating the concentration of the w...

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BACT105 Business Accounting

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Answers: Introduction The business involves commercial activities which may be carried out to provide services or to sell goods with the primary objective of earning profits. Based on type of activities, the business is classified into primarily three broad categories such as manufacturing, trade, and service. Further, these sectors are subdivided into different industries such as infrastructure, automotive, finance, advisory and consultancy ...

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CFS2155 Computer Programming

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Answer: Calculating the value of equation coefficients Iz = Ix + Iy; V1 = (Rx * Ix) + Vz; V2 = (Ry * Iy) + Vz; Vz = Rz * Iz; The crammers rule is like below: Ax + By = Z1; Cx + Dy = Z2; If Matrix M = D|M| = (a*d)-(b*c); According to crammers rule M =     Aug = Now made new matrix M1 like below Mx = Now x = (D|Mx| / D|M|); My = Now y = (D|My| / D|M|); In our case (Rx + Rz) * Ix + Rz * Iy = V1; Rx * Ix + ( ...

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UGB163 Introduction To Accounting And Finance

Downloads : 2 | Pages : 4

Answer: (a) Calculation Calculation of payback period Calculation of payback period Purchase cost/Annual cash inflow = £40,000,000/ £14,000,000 = 2.86 years Calculation of accounting rate of return Calculation of Accounting rate of return Annual depreciation  £                  &...

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7156AFE Advanced Audit And Assurance

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Answer: Advanced Audit & Assurance According to Business Dictionary (2017), fraud is “an action of trickery perpetrated with an intention of disguising the truth, through taking advantage of loopholes within processes, through corruption where the party induces another party with incentives with intents of self-gain, or through a forceful manner.” Businesses are posed to fraud risks eminent from risk factors that are within th...

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ACT507 Accounting For Managers

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Answer: Brief Introduction to Business The preset report details the business plan required to be prepared for establishing a start-up business. In this context, the business plan is about opening a coffee shop in the Australia for meeting the daily need of coffee among the country’s population. The coffee shop is planned to be established in Queensland City of Australia and will be named as ‘Chit-Chat Coffee Shop’. The busi...

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BACT105 Business Accounting

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Answer: 1: Introduction The current assignment aims to choose two business types and comparing the same in terms of the financial statement reporting procedure of both the organisations and the other disclosures provided to the users. In this context, Nobes (2014) remarked that financial reporting takes into account the disclosure of financial information to the management and the public of an organisation over a particular timeframe. Th...

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COMP3712 Computer Programming

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Answer: How Code works:  GraphShortesPath starts the program and call GraphBuilder with fileName to read the graph using JDOM library. GraphBuilder will make a 2D adjacency matrix after reading all the graph data and pass this matrix to one of our three classes.i.e. Graph_List.java, Graph_Priority_Queue.java or Graph_My_Priority_Queue.java Then we call shortestpath method of one of these three classes to find the shortest path from s...

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Implementations Of Cloud Computing In Business

Download : 1 | Pages : 13

Question: Discuss about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Business.   Answer: Introduction In the modern world of business and transactions, data security matters a lot when it comes to keeping the confidentiality of information. The recent trend of data security and management has been using the cloud computing technique in order to reduce the unnecessary burden of storing the data on local servers and physi...

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ROA Profitability Of A Company

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Question: Discuss about the ROA Profitability Of A Company.     Answer: The ROA or return on assets indicates the profitability of a company with regard to the total assets. ROA reveals the efficiency of the management regarding employment of its asset for generation of earnings (Tiedemann, Johansson & Wikner, 2016). The ROA is computed through dividing the profit value by the total asset of the company. ROA indicates the am...

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Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability

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Question: Discuss About The Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability?   Answer: Introducation Premier investment operations have had both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society. Positively this company has supported two organizations, the RSPCA and Paw Justice which deals with animal welfare. (Hedberg, 2013) Additionally, this firm has extended its support on education sector by supporting children cha...

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IOT-Home Automation System

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Question: Discuss about the IOT Home Automation.     Answer: Introduction Internet of things or IOT makes use of the internet in controlling or monitoring the different devices remotely (Yang, 2014). Home Automation system is an excellent example of Internet of things and is widely used in modern houses for controlling the household appliances. With the application of Internet of things, the house can be controlled simply with a...

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Harmonization In IFRS And Australian GAAP

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Questions: 1.What is Sustainability? Is the notion of sustainability relevant to business and accounting? Justify your answer.   2.Is the notion of Sustainability relevant to the aquaculture Industry in which Tassal Operates? Justify your answer.   3.What are the specific Austainability Issues that Tassal is facing? Justify your answer.   4.If Sustainability is relevant to Tassal, how might Tassal embrace sustainability in...

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Virtual Mobile Assistants

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Question: Investigate Advances in One of two Aspects of Mobile Computing Listed in the Assignment Description, and Write a Report Summarizing Your observation.   Answer: Introduction A mobile virtual assistant can be defined as the software agents in the handheld mobile devices.  The main functionality of this virtual assistant like Cortana, Siri, and Google Now is to help the users of the device to have a single point entry ...

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Directors Is An Institution Is Regularising

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Question: Discuss About The Directors Is An Institution That Is Regularising?   Answer: Introducation Australian Institute of Company Directors is an institution that is regularising the membership to the directors in general has been discussed (Allen, & Kraakman, 2016). The membership is of non-profit in nature. The conception of non-profit membership has come into existence from the idea adopted by United Kingdom for the fir...

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