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HI5014 International Business Across Borders

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Answer Introduction: General overview of Singapore In the early 19th century, Singapore was primarily considered as one of the recognized commercial trading centre but with increased globalisation and integration of the economies in the global world, there has been analyzed a remarkable transformation of the Singaporean economy. There can be analysed complete mechanism and increased level of service trading that has tripled the GDP of th...

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HC3152 E-Business Applications

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Answer: Target Australia is one of the major mid-price departmental chain stores of Australia. It also holds the first position in the list of largest stores by numbers in Australia. It is owned by the Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers. Target has more than 300 stores across the country. The store retails in branded clothing, homewares, cosmetics, electronics, accessories, toys, fitness goods, and electrical goods. Target was established in 1...

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ITC516 Data Mining And Visualisation For Business Intelligence

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Answer: utility_name utility x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 Arizona 1 1.06 9.2 151 54.4 1.6 9077 0 Boston 2 0.89 10.3 202 57.9 2.2 5088 25.3 Central 3 1.43 15.4 113 53 3.4 9212 0 Common 4 1.02 11.2 168 56 0.3 6423 34.3 Consolid 5 1.49 8.8 192 51.2 1 3300 15.6 Florida 6 1.32 13.5 111 60 -2.2 11127 22.5 Hawaiian 7 1.22 12.2 175 67.6 2.2 7642 0 I...

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BUS700 Economics

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Answer: Introduction A relationship between Australia and the United States is evident in various sectors: defence and national security, science and technological research, the creative industries, and – the centre of this report – economic relations. Economic historians classify Australia as resource-rich, but capital-wisely poor. Australia's technologically advancement, prosperous, is the legacy of generations of individuals, h...

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ECON 7239 Economics For Management

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Answer: Introduction The article “Gas price war erupts with discount offer” by Daniel Mercer on 8th may 2017 presents information about a price war in Western Australia household natural gas market. The two firms in this industry, Alinta Energy, and Kleenheat have staged price war with the aim of wooing the clients to increase their market share. Alinta’s monopoly in Western Australia natural gas industry came to an end...

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EPMANC320 Business Organisation And Management

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Answer:  Article 1 Inequality regimes, gender, class, and race in the organizations The article focuses on the inequality seen in the organization on the basis of gender, class, and race. The major concern of the article relies on explaining the meaning and methods of inequality regimes. Inequality regime is understood as the flexible activity or an action that ultimately result in inequality among people because of class, gender, and ra...

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Importance Of Merging Marketing For Global Growth

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Question: Research and then compare and contrast advanced economics, developing economics and emerging markets. Additionally, expore and discuss the factors that make emerging markets attractive to international firms.     Answer: Introduction The aim of the report is to describe the comparison between advanced economics, developing economics and emerging markets. Advanced economies refer to the developed countries that have hig...

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E Business Applications Of IGA

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Question: Discuss about the E-Business Applications Of IGA.     Answer: Introduction Retail Business is in its big transformation phase. From offline to online, the business model is now more concerned about customer engagement and impacted by the huge data generated by customer during the purchase process (So et al., 2016). In this context, IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) is an important example as it has adopted offline an...

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Improve Customer Perceptions Assortments

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Question: Discuss About The Improve Customer Perceptions Assortments?   Answer: Introduction Due to advancement in technology the business world is changing drastically. Many people nowadays prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes and offices. As such, retail stores need to evolve and adapt to the growing demand for online shopping. It is crucial for retail stores to establish online shops in addition to the psychology stor...

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Economies Scale Aviation Space Technology

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Question: Discuss About The Economies Of Scale Aviation Space Technology?   Answer: Introducation Economies of Scale: When a company or a business achieves more efficiency and output with decreased input, its marginal costs in terms of production decreases, thus business is said to have achieved the economies of scale (Tegtmeier 2013). For Example, discount on bulk purchases, information sharing related economies, department or labo...

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Retail Is Changing As Commerce Businesses

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Question: Discuss About The Retail Is Changing As Commerce Businesses?   Answer: Introducation For years, businesses have always tried to keep an appealing online presence, but now the contrary is happening. Amazon, the giant online book retailer, raised eyebrows when it opened the first physical outlet in Seattle, US last year in November (Walsh 2016, p.35). Similarly, the looming news that Amazon has as well acquired an Australi...

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Communication: Socioeconomic Factors On Poverty

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Question: Discuss about the Communication for Socioeconomic Factors on Poverty.   Answer: Introduction Poverty is the worst element of any nation which slowly and silently kills the country and its ladders of success and development. Poverty can be explained as a state where the individuals or the masses are deprived from their fundamental rights and necessities of life. In the present age of globalisation, it is one of the most...

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Significant Increase In Government Revenue

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Question: Discuss About The Significant Increase In Government Revenue?   Answer: Introducation The imposition of tax on cigarette will reduce the demand for cigarette more than its price for teenagers. Hence, revenue will not increase much. For young adult and adult demand is inelastic. Therefore, for these groups demand reduces less than the price and lead to a significant increase in government revenue.   The young adults ...

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Budget Reforms To The Tourism Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Budget Reforms to the Tourism Industry.     Answer: Introduction On 9th May 2017, the Herald Sun published an article titled; “Budget 2017: Visa fees up, tourism funding to Tourism Australia down.” This article takes note of the Federal Government’s intended economic policy reforms which are likely to affect the tourism industry either positively or negatively. The negative effects o...

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Strategic Cost Reduction And Revelation

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Cost Reduction and Revelation.     Answer: Introduction In the reported study, the economic benefits and costs associated with the City of Gold Coast hosting the Commonwealth Game 2018 in Australia have been discussed. Precisely, the 11-day long international mega sports event is claimed to be the largest sporting event in Australia in this decade (Beattie, 2016). Without a doubt, the specta...

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