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BUSI 1342 Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Answer Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays crucial role in image building of every organization. It helps the organization to achieve desired reputation in the society (Castellanos, Parra and Tremblay 2015). Every business organization incorporates some CSR policies into their rulebook to improve their public image, as transparent image is highly beneficial for every organization to achieve long term goal. CSR act as an ...

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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answers: Firm Description, Target Market & Service Positioning – Samsung The company was founded in 1969 in Suwon Korea. Samsung electronic products have grown into an information technology leader managing around 200 subsidiaries around the globe. Samsung has been affiliated the 2nd world largest information technology in 2015 in term of revenue and 5th in market value. The total revenue of the company is $174 billion wit...

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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answers: Firm description NIB is an Australian financier and catalyst of health care in Australia, which provides insurance supports to the health care sector. They had begun their journey in the year 1952 as a health insurance provider to the workers at the BHP Steel works. They never looked back since then and continued to evolve as one of the solutions to the health care sector of Australia. It is also providing health coverage or insuranc...

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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answer: Firm description, target market and service positioning Foodies Hub is an emerging food chain business that has been established in the year 2006 in New Zealand. The business operators and founder are X and Y. They are partners for life, and since their early school days, business was a hitting material that they targeted to operate. Food chain system and restaurants are always an attracting factor that people seeks for and need it. T...

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BMA258 Services Marketing

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Answer: Introduction The outstanding business dependably has much strength. The great organizations depend upon the strengths. Business of Nandos Rosny has strengths which are given underneath. As Nandos Rosny is an outstanding brand situated in Hobart Tasmania. They works more than 990 outlets in 29 nations, they as of now have client dedication and mindfulness. So it would be simple for us to begin it. Likewise this establishment will expel...

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MED2000 Research Techniques And Approaches

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Answers: Ethics in Social Research Ethics comprises of a self-regulatory discipline and has to be integrated in social research (Neuman, 2012). While conducting any sort of research, a scholar needs to maintain all sorts of ethical roles and responsibilities. Especially in case of social research, ethics allows to set up codes of principles and practices that allows adherence of proper techniques and methodologies in conducting the study...

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MMM343 Business Ethics

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Answers Case Studies on Ethical Dilemma Case Study 1: “Producing Toys: Child’s Play” To attract the children towards the confectioneries, many of the confectioners now a day offer free toys with the food items and this increase the sales of the confectioneries largely. Now, the case study presents the dilemma of a product manager of one such company where he is stuck between profit and unethical practice behind the source o...

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PHI205 Business Ethics

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Answer: Introduction: Oil and gas industry is something which holds importance in the daily lives of general public due to the different things which are provided through this industry. However, there are a number of sustainability issues surrounding this industry, as a result of which, controversies are raised around the environmental and economic effects of activities undertaken in this industry. These activities include the fracking and th...

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MMM343 Business Ethics

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Answer Ethical leadership Ethical behavior in tourism enterprises Ethics is an ideal of behavior that guides each person in their daily behavior based on concrete principles and values. Ethics in the tourist destinationis the sum of these behaviors in benefit and pursuit of a common interest, aligning these principles, values, interests and personal goals, with the corporative, for the development of the business mission, without harming the...

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MGT503 Business Ethics

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Answer      Introduction: Shrimp industry is an industry that deals with aquaculture business. This business is about farming of shrimps or prawns from marine or freshwater bodies that are being consumed by the humans. Thailand is the place that is very famous from its shrimp industry. As far as the history of the industry in Thailand is considered, the practice of shrimp farming has been conducted in Thailand since early 1970&...

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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answer: Introduction This presentation gives a brief analysis of Frasers 7 Ps marketing mix. Frasers is an Australian service company, and the 7 Ps review will outline the current position along with the marketing strategy of the company (Frasers Hospitality, 2017). The presentation will also clearly outline the Hotel’s target markets and market positioning among other core competencies. In addition, a brief overview of an integrated...

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BUST10004 Business Ethics

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Answer Introduction The MNCs face many issues whenever they expand internationally. These are businesses which have operations all over various nations and each of the nations has its specific rules and regulations, culture, ethical practices and social practices. There are over 40,000 MNCs that operate within the global market. In the developing nations there are various non stability issues that come up. These issues can be resolved only by d...

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MKT363 Services Marketing

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Answer: Competitive Positioning Strategy Market Analysis In the past years, the Singaporean life insurance market has been the exciting one. For example, banks and new entrants have been largely partnering with life insurance companies. This has contributed to the notable growth of the insurance business such Prudential Company in the country. Findings indicate that the increasing demand for the life insurance services in Singapore market in...

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MMM343 Business Ethics

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Answer Introduction  On daily basis, people have to face a number of ethical issues, where a choice has to be made between two alternatives, where the right decision has to be made instead of the wrong one, even when the wrong decision is an easier and more profitable decision. Ethics are the codes which govern the behavior and the decisions which are taken by the individuals, on the basis of the values and the level of moral which they ...

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MKTG3040 Services Marketing

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Answer: High quality service is one factor that is very vital to every company’s performance. The five dimensions of service quality are measured using the SERVQUAL instrument. These five dimensions are; empathy, assurance, reliability, tangibility, and responsiveness (Yarimoglu, 2014). The tangibility dimension asserts that services are tangible. Customers categorize the quality of different services by comparing the tangibles in the s...

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