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BIT355 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction This report is the continuation of Part A. The seven case studies were discussed in Part A. This report focuses on two case studies from Part A. The two case studies are: Creating a BI strategy for an Emergency Healthcare Company A Major Domestic Foodservice Distributor This report would discuss these two case studies from the perspective of Business Intelligence. The report would also discuss the changing trends lik...

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MIS781 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction Business Intelligence is programming framework intended to get the Business Values from a Business and basically, it is no intended to execute the real business and related exercises like cost figure, generation administration and so forth (Kumar, Morstatter and Liu, 2014, p. 25). Its prosperity relies upon different components like satisfaction of client necessities, client encounter and adaptability of the arrangement, ...

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COIT20263 Information Security Management

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Answer Copyright Compliance Policy   Assumptions It can be assumed that the NGO Academics for Academics is working for the welfare of the small public and private colleges and universities. They get their funding from the public donation. They also recruit such members who are interested in giving voluntary services. As they are a new organization so they might need to look into their information security syst...

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MIS781 Business Intelligence And Database

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Answer: Introduction Business Intelligence is an innovative technology driven procedure which is used to analyze data and represent the data in such a way so that the executives and managers to make better decision for the organization. The analysis of Business Intelligence encompass a wide range of tools usage, application and methods which helps the organization to collect data from the internal sources and external sources; prepare the dat...

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COIS13013 Business Intelligence

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Answers: Answer 1: Knowledge management is the process of creating, using, sharing and managing knowledge and information in an organization therefore it is the effective approach for achievement of organization objectives by best use of knowledge. Knowledge management plays significant role in an organization. The main object of knowledge management is to create and improve knowledge stores and resources. It helps in development of knowledge ...

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32558 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Business Intelligence The term business intelligence has two major definitions which give different perspective of the term intelligence. The first being human intelligence where it relates to the human mind, knowledge, and capacity when it comes to business activities. This field takes into account the cognitive faculty of any businessperson and bases them on the various platforms of business intelligence when it comes to e...

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INFS 3070 Information Security Management

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Answer: Introduction  This report depicts the importance of implementing different risk management components in medium sized software Development Company named as Smart and Living technologies (SALT).  Due to lack of management oriented issues the company is currently facing major risks in their security system. In order to gain effective revenue from the competitive marketplace the software development company is required to imple...

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ACC200 Introduction To Management Accounting

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Answer: The need for governed reporting using an agile centralized BI provisioning model to run businesses remains. However, there is a significant change in how companies are satisfying their governed reporting requirements: Companies are asking if the data discovery tool can be used to fulfill the full spectrum of BI and analytic requirements. They would like to leverage the higher ease of use, higher business benefits, and lower cost of own...

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COIT20263 Information Security Management

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Answer: Introduction Academics for Academics (A4A) is an NGO that has been established to assist public as well as private universities and colleges based in Australia. The academic professionals registered with A4A is responsible to provide the voluntary services like supervision of research project, teaching a subject (Safa et al. 2016). They have planned recently to adopt the information security policy that can safeguard the students...

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32558 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction Information technology has introduced many revolutionary solutions that help organisation cope with market demands as well as improve their business operations. In the healthcare industry, for instance, the challenges of managing services and integrating clinical operations with payment setting has forced the industry’s stakeholders to adopt business intelligence systems (Ashrafi, Kelleher & Kuilboer 2014). Usin...

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EBUS3030 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Introduction This paper deals with the process and utilization of Business Intelligence in the organization of Royal Flying Doctor Service. The business Intelligence is the method of intelligence which is used in businesses by beginning with the raw materials that have been produced by the business as an indication of the internal activities of the business. The Business Intelligence (BI) has a focus that is quantitative in nature. Co...

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INFO5301 Information Security Management

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Answers: Assumptions Academics for Academics or A4A is a Non-Governmental Organization that needs a copyright Compliance Policy or Issue specific security Policy for protecting their documents from unauthorized use and circulation. The assumptions in developing an Issue Specific Security Policy or ISSP for the organization are as follows- Before recruitment, the members are notified about the copyright compliance policy, and are recruited ...

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CIS8008 Business Intelligence

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Answer: The aim of this study was to demonstrate applied knowledge of people, markets, finances, technology and management in a global context of business intelligence practice. In specific, the concept behind this assignment was to showcase the understanding of data mining process and data visualisation though specified data mining as well as data visualisation tools. The first part of this study covered the data mining aspect using RapidMine...

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CIS8008 Business Intelligence

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Answer: Exploratory Data Analysis was performed for the given data set in Rapid-Miner software platform (Andrews, Sanchez & Johansson, 2011). In the process of EDA the data file was bridged with the select attribute to exclude variables like id, date for their nominal and ordinal property. Variable Zip code was also excluded from the analysis as descriptive for the variables were redundant. The select attribute was then joined with the r...

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MBIS624 Business Intelligence In Organisations

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Answer: Introduction: The aim of this report is to discuss the usage of business intelligence in operating airlines company successfully. Airlines industry is a huge place to work at which need update for every second, the management needs a collection of data every moment. In case they do not find any at the moment of emergency, the whole initiative and service will be devastated and customer dissatisfaction will reach height. There are some...

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