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APT5005 Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault

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Answer: Introduction: Domestic violence can be defined as any bullying, controlling, or threatening behavior among people that are closely related. In other words, it is the act of physical assault, willful intimidation, sexual assault, battery and abuse among other violent behaviors. According to Rodger (2016), domestic violence can be as well including physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse with a drastic variation in the o...

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ACCT2522 Management Accounting

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Answers: There were various data related to the cost of selling the goods, cost of the raw material and computation of the work-in process and the accounts payable computation. While computing the manual solution, all the associated data with various heads were also taken into consideration and appropriate data has been entered for various heads. The data that are entered in the spreadsheet solution are taken from the manual solutions only after...

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INFS4887 Business Research Methods

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Answer: 1. literature review scope and objectives The social media is considered to be the most important and the modern tool for the marketers which can handle the means of the messages out of the target markets. It includes the forms where the average business owner does not need to understand the risks but includes the fields which are new to evaluate as per the qualifications of the social media expert, who tend to offer the better s...

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ACC303 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer: This report contains the analysis and interpretation of the financial reporting framework of two organizations Woolworths Limited and Wesfarmers Limited. The financial statements of these two organizations are compared by analysing them. The disclosure requirements and the financial reporting are different in both the companies which can be analysed through their financial statements. The balance sheet, income statements and notes of t...

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EDMA241 Mathematics Education

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Answer: Mathematics as subject for learning among other subjects is interesting to learn and has got a long history. It is a subject that has far reaching myths especially for most learners who have adopted a wrong mentality of the subject. It is believed to be difficult yet for the lovers of the subject, it is interesting to learn and comprehend (Bradley & Corwyn, 2016). It is more practical and requires utmost practice so as to get acqua...

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ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting

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Answer: IAS 10 “Events after the reporting period” means the events that has occurred after the end of reporting period but the adjustments or note to accounts, to be given in the financial statements.  There are two types of events i.e. Adjusting events and non-adjusting events. Adjusting events are those events which are to be adjusted, if some events occurred after the date of financial statements which give proof of the cond...

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MN691 Research Methods

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Answer: The report will discuss in detail about cyber security which becomes a platform for protecting all the important as well as valuable property and information of business in the present world of technology and which is being used as theft as well as misuse. The situation is becoming very critical and a big management issue (Van den Berg et al., 2014). The government of the many developed countries like US recognizes this issue as very s...

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COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction: Technology critically develops the organizational culture through open data. In other words, with the help of innovation and technical development, most of the companies increase their productivity and performance. On the other hand, in this research project, various types of research techniques and methods will be used in this research project. Besides that, research project objectives and research scope will also be ev...

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Capitalism And Economic Growth Theories

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Question: Discuss about the Capitalism and Economic Growth Theories.     Answer: Introduction: Capitalism is often argued as the economic system where the private players are allowed to control and own the use of the property as per their own interest. In addition to this, capitalism works with the influence of the invisible hand of pricing framework that coordinates in between the supply and demand of the market in such a way t...

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Gender Inequality And Sexual Offenses Against Women

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Question: Discuss abou the gender inequality and sexual offenses against women in various settings.     Answer: Introduction Gender, the common term generally refers to the constructed roles of the society, the activities, and the behaviors that are considered as appropriate to the society. The distinct roles and attitudes contribute to the rise on the concept of gender discrimination. The prejudicial treatments are generally fa...

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Contemporary Indigenous Health And Wellbeing

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Question: Discuss about the Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing.     Answer: The Aboriginal and Torres Islander population are known to face poor health conditions, as indicated by statistical data. Based on such information different policies have been set up to guide optimal care service delivery for this population. The present essay is based on the case study of nursing care provided to Judy, a 57yr old Aboriginal wo...

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Automate School Management System

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Question: Discuss about the Automate School Management System.     Answer: Introduction Education system is a crucial factor to every nation in regards to development. It is a powerful tool in eradicating inequality, poverty and forms the basis of economic development. In this regard, governments are giving a lot of effort in the educational sector and advancement of school activities. For these school activities to be made simp...

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Marketing Communications: Health And Welfare

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Communications for Health and Welfare.   Answer: Introduction Aldi is a leading brand in the retail industry globally. The company has more than 10,000 discount supermarket chains distributed in about 18 countries globally. The company has an annual turnover of approximately$55 billion. This report analyzes the strategies that the company has applied in various situations and depending on the...

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Integration Of Mobile Application In The Business

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Question: Write about the Integration of Mobile Application in the Business.   Answer: Introduction: A mobile application is named as a product application which is included in business organizations or company’s business operations. They are essentially made to be utilized on a Smartphone device or any other devices. These features are not always facilitated by using a laptop or desktop. The report further includes a discu...

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Corporate Accounting And Finance System

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Accounting and Finance System.     Answer: Introduction: With the increased regulation by ACCA on the companies and the introduction of IFRS, the audit of companies financials have gained special importance and with the signed audit report, nothing can be taken on records and verified. There has been an increased regulation at the Stock exchange where the listing requirements also ask for th...

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