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COMM 1101 Interpersonal Relationships And Communication Skills

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Answers Case study: Contexts Part A: Case study 1. Brian is upset and sad after he came to know that Charlotte is dating another gentleman. Brian is found to make sexual comments and jokes when nobody is around them in the workplace. Also, Brian constantly sends Charlotte texts and emails. Brian often becomes passively aggressive when the customers and co-workers are around Charlotte. Hence, it can be concluded that Brian exhibits cognitive ...

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MGMT1601 Business Law

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Answer: Introduction: This paper contains the discussion of property law on the basis of case study. In this we answer two questions, first question state the steps followed by tenant before signing the lease and second question state the responsibility owned by landlord towards its tenant and this question also discuss whether it is legal to take money in the form of damage deposit from tenant in advance. At last, we conclude the essay with ...

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TOUR2103 Global Product Development

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Answers: Introduction The report illustrates the niche tourism products for the cultural explorers. There are various types of tourists such as cultural explorers, free spirits, authentic experiencers, personal history explorers, virtual travellers, gentle explorers, cultural history buffs, rejuvenators, no hassle travellers, etc. Among the types of travellers, cultural explorers are chosen. Stakeholders of the cultural tourism along with the...

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MGMT1601 Business Law

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Answer Tardif v Wiebe case portrays the deliberate tort like battery and assault. In this case, Wiebe an inexperienced bouncer of Byng Hotel applies the irrational force against the Tardif. The appellant suffered a head injury on the walkway adjacent to the hotel entryway. The plaintiff claims for the individual injury he got at the Byng Hotel in Cranbrook. Therefore, this paper intends to examine whether vicarious liability is unfair for busine...

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MGMT 1201 Business Communications

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Answer: To: All employees From: The President, ………… (Name of the company), Calgary, Canada Date: March 10, 2017 Subject: Communication for moving to new location We regret to inform you all that due to the new condominium development, the management have decided to relocate to a new place, that is, in Oktokos, as soon as possible. The relocation is required to cut the high cost of property taxes and the high r...

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HRMT 306 Employment Law

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Answers: Introduction: Canadian Labour Code governs the employment relationship in an industry. The code has been enacted with the objective to protect the rights of the employees, put certain restriction over the employees and employers for commission or omission of certain duties. The code has been enacted to regulate the relationship between an employee and an employer in an industry. 1. According to the Part III of the Canadian Labour Co...

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SOCI 100 Introduction To Sociology

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Answers: Introduction Against the backdrop of the sociological transformation, through analyzing a current event, it is important to discuss the concepts and theories of sociology. An incident occurred in Canada, which was related to ethnocentrism, or Xenophobia. A Canadian woman at the Food mart in Scarborough, located in Toronto, chided the employees for not speaking in English. In a video, she was seen in a motorized wheelchair shouting at...

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MGMT2102 Project Management

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Answers: Section 1: Q 1. The five different characteristics of the project that helps in differentiating projects from different other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization are as follows: Defined life span: It is identified that the life span of the project elaborates the number of days that is needed for completing the entire project. It is very much different from other functions that are carried out in d...

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HRES2302 Labour Relations

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Answer: Introduction: In this paper, we define the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Act regulating in Alberta ad also state the importance of health and safety of workers through different components of the Act. Responsibility of supervisor & Workers: Section 2 of Occupational Health and Safety Act state the responsibility of employer and workers: Employers: 2(1) of the Act states the responsibilities of employer: It is ...

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TOUR2103 Global Product Development

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Answer: Introduction: The term ‘niche tourism’ is related to the different forms of tourism that have flourished in last few decades, such as- medical tourism, heritage tourism, culinary tourism and so on. According to some report, the name of ‘niche tourism’ is adopted from ‘niche marketing’, this signifies how a particular product can be used to feed the specific segment of audience or market (Dinis &...

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UBST311 Urban Studies

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Answer: Transport sector plays a significant role in the growth of the economy and enhances development which is socially sustainable. Transport can determine the huge difference in heightening women’s productivity, and ameliorating equality in gender. Now that the transport sector facilitates socially sustainable growth, it widens the access to employment, education and health services, and improves information exchange and social.1 ...

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BUS 436 Business Law

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Answer: Introduction The Residential Tenancies Act is the act which is applicable in Alberta and is applicable on individuals who rent out their space (Alberta Queen’s Printer, 2016). This act presents the rights, as well as, the responsibilities of the tenants and the landlords (Landlord and Tenant, 2015). Steps to be undertaken prior to signing the lease by Sally Before moving in, the tenant and the landlord have to agree on the ter...

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MGT 484 Compensation And Benefits

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Answer: A Brief Description of the Organization, Its Domain, Its Employees, and Its Challenges Fit Stop Ltd is an upcoming business that is aimed at specializing in selling a variety of equipment for training, conditioning, fitness, and exercising. Other than selling these pieces of equipment, Fit Stop will also have customer services that will include personalized advice. That is, the customers will receive different guidance on particular ...

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GNED 126 Occupational Health And Safety

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Answer: Introduction Management of Occupational Health and Safety is an integral concept across organizations (Pinto, Nunes & Ribeiro, 2011). It includes psychosocial concepts that provide safety to employees within the organization. The current scope of analysis includes a reflective analysis includes my perspective as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. While working within an organization, one staff experienced significa...

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INTL710 Corporate Social Responsibility And International Development

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Answer: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be understood as a self-regulatory activity. In order words, CSR is a managerial concept where companies make efforts to adopt business practices, which are beneficial for society as well as for the environment (Shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in, 2018). With the development of competitions and global businesses, it is somewhere becomes necessary for the businesses to perform their corporate social res...

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