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49006 Risk Management In Engineering

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Answer: Context, Stakeholder Identification, Risk Exposure Benefits & System Boundaries The nuclear energy based power plants represent technical form of facilities to undertake generation of electricity at larger amounts using nuclear fuel and are characterized with higher capacities as well as various availability factors. Akin to any of the advanced form of technologies, there prevails the relatively smaller levels of risk affiliated w...

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ITECH5005 Business Information Systems

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Answer: Introduction: ABC superstore Victoria is a super retailer that sells technology, furniture and various office supplies. It has three stores around Geelong and Melbourne through which it sells its products to corporates, smaller business and consumers.  The objective of the company to identify the ways that will help in reducing the expense and increasing the revenue. In the current scenario, the current has been generating lower pr...

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ACC00718 Accounting Information Systems And Processes

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Answer: Introduction: Generally, this research study is provides detailed information about the concepts used in auditing, finance and accounting. Moreover, in the context of the paper, a case study is given to address the research questions and objectives. Additionally, the first section of the research paper would provide detailed information about the fundamental factors that an auditor could use in order to analyze the effectiveness of co...

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BAO3306 Auditing

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Answer: The decisions of finance are very important and are taken after a very deep study and market research. The information provided in the market are the base of such financial decision marking. The investor gathers all the information about the company before he invests in it. The decision to invest in any company is dependent on the correct information gathered from the market. The audit report provides such information to the market. Au...

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ITECH1006 Database Management Systems

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Answer: Entity Relationship diagram The Entity Level diagram will be like below. The many to many relationships experience were between the STAFF entity and CLASS entities. To resolve, the entity Assignments is introduced where one Staff member can have many assignments and Many assignments can be from one class (P., 2004). By that many staff do not appear to teach many classes and many classes don’t appear to have many teaching me...

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BN102D Web Systems

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Answer: Introduction Two Websites are selected for review and they are listed as follows: Penny Juice (http://www.pennyjuice.com/htmlversion/whoispj.htm) Tinkering Monkey (http://www.tinkeringmonkey.com/) Penny Juice is considered as a bad website and tinkering Monkey is considered as an example of good website. The two criteria that is the Navigation and the visual effect is considered for reviewing the website. Identification of th...

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MKTG3000 Strategic Marketing Management

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Answer: Introduction: Kmart Australia Limited is an Australian departmental stores chain which provides grocery products at a discount price. The company is wholly owned by Wesfarmers and has about two hundred stores in Australia and a few stores in New Zealand. The head office of the organization is in Melbourne. Before acquisition by Wesfarmers, the organization was performing poorly. After the acquisition, the organization improved its per...

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EPBIOL259 Introduction To The Life Sciences

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Answer: Creutzfeldt- Jakob- Disease Causative agent  CJD is a degenerative, rare, invariably lethal brain disorder. It causes cognitive impairment and with the progression of the illness, the deterioration of the mental health occurs leading to blindness, incontinence, involuntary movement, and extreme weakness, coma and death. CJD is caused by the aggregation of the toxic proteins called the prions. Prions are proteinaceous...

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COIT202 Information And Communication Technology

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Answer: Introduction: The author in the above report have stated that the role of business in the level of micro and micro have played a very vital role in every sphere in order to increase the benefits of the business. The methodology used in the approach is the emphasis on the creation of the new market areas such as online advertising, digital market place and online gaming. The change in the traditional approach of the business prospectiv...

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PACC6007 Economics

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Answers: 1. Consumer price index is a measure of changes in the purchasing power of a currency and also the inflation rate. It is expressed as the weighted average of prices of a basket of goods and services. Inflation rate is the rate at which the prices of goods and services increase from one period to another. It is the growth rate of the consumer price index (Blanchard et al, 2000). Average weekly earnings is a measure of the workers; com...

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BN103 Platform Technologies

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Answers: A Computer is electronic machine that receives inputs stores it and processes them to get the required information or task. Basically, (Doi 2014) Sire Charles Babbage designed and invented Computer in early 19th century. The invention of computer has played a vital and important role to make the world globalized and faster communication system. Generally, the computers are classified in to three main categories. The computers des...

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GSBS6060 Strategic Management

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Answer: Introduction Enterprise management planning (ERP) refers to integrated management software that combines business process that allows organization to management business activities. ERP combine many business process operations that include product planning, manufacturing, development, marketing and sales.  All the business process is attached to the database, user interface and applications. Enterprise resources planning can be d...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: Introduction In this competitive business market, innovation and entrepreneurship are two of the significant aspects of business that enables the organisation to be creative and unique. Business organisations try to be innovative in terms of business strategy, marketing plans and launching their products. Implementing innovative ideas provides an opportunity for the business organisation to stand out among the other competitors and at...

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NRSG367 Transition To Professional Nursing

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Answer: How to handle a patient who constantly complains about pain When a patient constantly complains about pain, I would be sympathetic with the patient so that they feel comforted by the concern shown. It is also important to listen to the patient to determine the problem and the possible cause of the pain. I would focus on the patient’s description of the pain and observe them for any bodily discomfort that may result from the pain...

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BMA328 Leadership In Organisations

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Answers: 1.Leadership is the action of leading the employees of an organization. Different types of leadership exist in an organization, which are like autocratic leadership, Democratic leadership, Task oriented leader, transaction leaders transformational leaders and many more. According to Leithwood and Azah, (2016), autocratic leaders are always inclined to make decisions alone without considering any other’s inputs. They do not deleg...

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