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Business Laws

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Question: Describe about the Business Law.    Answer: The TPG organization was providing the internet services and also engaging in multimedia advertising campaign. The company had the obligation to provide the customers with a favorable price for the ADSL2+ service which it was offering. The service was using a home telephone line so as to provide the broadband internet connection that was having no data download limit. The ACCC ...

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Pathophysiology Of Diabetes: Diabetes Characterized

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Question: Discuss about the case study Pathophysiology of Diabetes for Diabetes Characterized.     Answer: Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus refers to a metabolic disease where there is high blood sugar level in the body for a long period of time. Diabetes Mellitus is characterized with frequent urination, thirst and increased appetite. If diabetes is not given medical attention, it could lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart d...

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Pain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Pain Management.   Answer: Introduction: This tends to be a summary of the article, “Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management” developed by Robert Gatchel, Donald McGeary, Ben Lippe and Cindy McGeary. At the begin the authors begin by reinstating that chronic pain has been a significant and costly challenge to our country, as well as globally. Thus, there has emerged some concerns in rega...

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Conflict Resolution In Business Organizations

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Question: Discuss about the Conflict Resolution in Business Organizations.     Answer: Introduction: Conflict resolution is a procedure that helps in resolving the conflicts in business organizations that occurs through negotiation, mediation or arbitrage. Conflicts may arise due to several reasons between employers and employees, superiors and subordinates or management or workmen. Accordingly, there are procedures and policie...

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Various Types Of Islamic Are As Banking

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Question: Discuss About The Various Types Of Islamic Are As Banking?   Answer: Participatory modes – Mudarabah – it means the equity finance. This includes a contract among 2 parties, one is the investment manager and other one is the capital owner. Profit is shared between the parties as per the agreed ratio (Iqbal and Molyneux 2016). Musharakha – it is also same like Mudarabah with only one difference is that ...

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