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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Introduction  The cloud computing is based on the management of the services with the evolvement of the storage and computing needs. The cloud refers to the Internet with operations set in the way to store and access the data through the internet connection (Agarwal et al., 2016). The cloud computing allows the business to access the information, with creating the flexible and the globalized way to work for accessing the data (Fe...

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SBM4303 Enterprise Architecture

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Answer How effective enterprise architecture contributes to greater competitive advantage Introduction Is it possible for an organization to align in tandem with the rhythm of its strategy process that enabled it to continuously renew the capabilities that differentiate it and enable it remain at the forefront of the competitive order? Yes; through a concept referred to as enterprise architecture (EA). EA refers to a conceptual blueprint tha...

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ACFI3009 Contemporary Accounting Issues

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Question: Part 1 Introduction: Mark-to-market accounting refers to the process of determining the fair value of the company’s assets and liabilities based on the market price of those similar assets and liabilities. On a more specific note, mark-to-market is the reasonable value of an asset or liability that varies over the period depends on the market value of that assets and liability (Ball, Jayaraman and Shivakumar 2012). Most of the...

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MN603 Wireless Networks And Security

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Answers: Introduction shopEz is shopping mall which is having many clients however the top management decided to install a wireless network in order to ensure all people inside the mall will be able to access the wireless hotspot . However there are two standard modules to be used for this wireless network which will be either 802.11b or 802.11g  wide local area network ,this network will be having access points which will be providing ...

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MGT101 Fundamentals Of Management

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Answer Application of the Eight Step Decision Making Model Introduction Decision-making is a nightmare that every manager goes through in their career. Rational, sound decision-making is the primary function of any organization. Managers are charged with the responsibility of leading making decisions that may inspire the success of the organization or may break the opportunities that lie ahead (Hall, Ariss, & Todorov, 2007). Every o...

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MGMT20132 Innovation And Sustainable Business Development

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Answers: A business model is an elaboration of the methods and means that a firm employs to realise the revenue it had targeted in its plans. It sees the business as a system and it gives the answer to the question on how it’s going to make money for survival and growth. In other words, a business model is simply the bolts and nuts of how a firm plans to generate its revenue and realise profits. It comprises of the firm’s long-term...

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MGMT19128 Strategy And Change

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Answer Strategic Trajectory: Shaping an Alternative Future Formulating strategy for Samsung The scholars working in the area of strategic management since three decades ago have discovered the concept of the business model. This innovative model represents the core logic that every firm needs to capture and create value. The model explains the mechanism underlying different logic. This innovative concept has aroused from the field of informa...

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PACC6002 Auditing And Assurance Services

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Answers: Question 1:  Ratio Analysis:  Table Ratio Actual 2016 Budget 2016 Actual 2015 Industry Benchmark Return on equity % 12.9 16.6 14.8 15.5 The return on equity represents the measurement of the efficiency of an organisation in making the use of money derived by the investors for generating profit that leads to growth and development of the organisation (Pi...

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RES300 Research Methods

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Answer:  The research has revolved around the impact of Airbnb on the hotel industry on the United States of America and the European countries. The concept has modernized the trend of accommodation for the travellers in the worldwide places. Travellers can now avail accommodation in a flat or in a villa for a day or for a week. Services such as of Airbnb have changed the behaviours of travellers in relation to their booking of places to ...

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HA3032 Auditing And Assurance Services

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Answers: Answer 1 a) There are many factors that impose significant impact on the activities of the HIH insurance company. The misstatements in the financial statement of the company were the main reason for the failure of the organization. The inherent risks also affected the business activities of the organization. The financial statements depicted an increase in the debt level which means an increase in the risk for the company. Apart from...

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MA503 Economics

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Answer: Introduction The unemployment rate and inflation rate are the two crucial elements of macro-economic analysis of a country. The unemployment rate provides an analysis into the state of employment in a country and inflation rate provides analysis of the price levels of the commodities and services (Cencini, 2005). In order to assess that whether the economy is doing well, it is essential to conduct an analysis of the trend in the rate ...

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HA3032 Auditing And Assurance Services

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Answers: Answer to 1 Due to the presence of strong competition betwixt businesses, they become vulnerable to many risks. Out of these risks, the inherent risk is that risk that will be present even if strong control measures are implemented by the business management. In simple words, because of the very presence of a business, inherent risks automatically arise. Besides, audit processes and other strategies even fail to identify such risks a...

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EPMANC320 Business Organisation And Management

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Answer: Part I Business Structures There are generally four options which are available for startups that are looking to establish in the business of software development. These are: Sole Trade Corporation Trust; Partnership Understanding from the circumstances that Mr. Jason Brown is not interested in business structure of a Trust, so we will not be discussing the same as an option. The business structure that is best for the Mr. Ja...

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CNA151 Health And Health Care In Australia

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Answer: During this course, we got an opportunity to engage in group discussions. After the creation of our group, we extensively discussed about health promotion and its principles. The purpose of this paper is to apply Driscoll’s Model of Reflection to present a critical and in-depth reflection of our group activities. It reflects my contributions, contributions of the team members, and the personal developments that arose from the dis...

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BEO1105 Economic Principles

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Answers: Answer to question 1  The difference in a change in quantity demanded of X and a change in demand of X are based on a difference in what causes the. The reason for a change in quantity demanded of X is a change in own price of X. Assume the demand curve is DD and we are at A. When the price of X rises from P1 to P2, we move from A to B. the new point shows price of P2 that consumers are willing to pay for Q2. This change from Q...

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