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CLAW2208 Business Regulation, Risk And Compliance

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Answer: Introduction Security is a key concern of the present time, especially at the airports as this is the place from where the people leave or enter a nation. And a range of steps are taken by the border security forces to check the individuals coming in and out of the nation. From the luggage which is carried on by the individuals, to their personal checking, everything is screened and checked for security purposes. There is also a requi...

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CLAW2208 Business Regulation, Risk And Compliance

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Answers: 1. The WTO, stands for World Trade Organization is part of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)which is otherwise also known as the Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of the GATT (Eurasian Economic Commission, 2012). This agreement lays down the rules and regulation which helps in valuing and assessing the value of good which are imported or exported and also helps in determining the value of taxes which would b...

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HI5016 International Trade And Enterprise

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Answer  Introduction More often than not, goods and services exchange between sellers and buyers. A seller gives out what he/she has while the buyer receives in exchange for money or any other acceptable mode of payment. Therefore, this whole process of exchanging of goods and services between the buyer and the seller for money is referred to as trade. Trade can take place between two individuals or countries. However, the major focus of t...

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ICT702 Data Visualisation

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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Answer: Introduction of Organization Structures  An Australian small business organization, namely, XYZ Inc. managing in household items since over 5 years having small staff and arrangements in everyday money exchanges who are keeping up their books of records into manual manner. Operational Problems  Entrepreneurs of XYZ Inc. might need to utilize a straightforward, paper-based record keeping framework. In the present scenario, ...

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BFA506 Business Law

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Answer: 1a. Issue Whether Rupali breached legal duty of care under the tort of negligence Law Duty of care is defined as the legal responsibility of the person in which they need to avoid causing harm to another person in those situations when such harm is foreseeable in nature. Duty of care exists when there is sufficient closeness between the parties. In context of determining whether duty of care breached, Court determines the standard ...

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21928 People, Work & Employment

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Answer: In the recent time, the major ethical scandal for a business organization emerged is emission scandal of Volkswagen. This issue caused due to the installation of the cheating device on the diesel cars to skip the emission test (www.bbc.com 2018). However, due to this issue, millions of diesel cars of Volkswagen across the world are affected and they attracted number of lawsuits against them. In accordance to the theory of utilitarianis...

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Reflective Essay On Marketing Channels

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Question: Write a Reflective Essay on Marketing Channels.     Answer: Introduction The study on marketing channels course has given me a broad understanding of the management of marketing channels. I have learned that marketing channels are the activities, people, and organizations necessary for the transfer of goods ownership from production point to consumption point. As a channel for distribution, marketing channels entail th...

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CHEM2110 Applied Analytical Chemistry

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Question: Discuss the Boiling point with the structural factors of the chemical compounds.   Answer: Boiling point is actually the temperature point at which the vapour pressure of the liquid will become equal to the pressure surrounding the liquid. This is at this temperature, the liquid will change its phase to the vapour. At microscopic level at BP the intermolecular bonds will break and the vapour phase changes do occur. Hence ...

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Customs Regulatory Compliance Method

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Questions: 1. Can the buyer legally demand a contractual arrival date from the seller?   2. Whose legal problem is it that the goods have not arrived in New York – the sellers or the buyers? Why?   3. If the ship had not sunk but had been re-routed to Mexico, which caused delays, who legally pay for those costs? Who is legally at risk?   4. As the ship did sink, is the seller at liberty to accommodate this unfortunate ...

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CUS102 Regulating And Facilitating Trade

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Question: Discuss about the Customs Regulatory Compliance Management.     Answer: Introduction Regulatory compliance includes the objective which an organization wants to achieve by following relevant laws, policies, and regulations. The companies follow harmonized sets of compliance controls for keeping operational transparency (Oyewunmi and et al, 2017). The file includes flexibility in procedures, type of payment terms, custo...

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Customs: Regulatory Compliance Management: Import

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Question: Discuss about the Customs for Regulatory Compliance Management for Import.   Answer: Steps for Negotiating an International Contract Under any contract where parties buy, sell, import or export goods, the bottom line of their intention is to gain something valuable. The end of an agreement is always the outcome of the series of negotiations with concessions that may be done voluntarily or being based on the foreig...

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CUS102 Regulating And Facilitating Trade

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Question: Discuss About The Customs Regulatory Compliance Management?   Answer: Introducation On the behalf of the government of the specific nation state the role of custom is to execute a plethora of management policies that deals with the business that takes place on the border. The functionality and accountability of customs administration differ from one nation state to another. Role of the customers executive ranges from col...

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CUS103 Customs Procedures

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Question: Discuss About The Guidelines Operations Customs Departments?   Answer: Introduction WCO Times Release Studies (TRS) has provided various guidelines and recommendations on the operations customs departments. There are TRS guidelines that have been conducted will the aim of ensuring customs regulation and management. One such guideline is called TRS on Efficiency of Customs Clearance Process (WCO TRS, 2011). These can also...

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Budget Reforms To The Tourism Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Budget Reforms to the Tourism Industry.     Answer: Introduction On 9th May 2017, the Herald Sun published an article titled; “Budget 2017: Visa fees up, tourism funding to Tourism Australia down.” This article takes note of the Federal Government’s intended economic policy reforms which are likely to affect the tourism industry either positively or negatively. The negative effects o...

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