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SBM3101 Professional Development And Business Communication

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Answer: Introduction The contemporary working environment has seen a dramatic change in relation of management styles and the working environment. An incrementing number of participation of Millennials at the workplace has contributed significantly in the change, which has generated many challenges that needs serious repair from the contemporary managers (Fuller and Unwin 2014). However, very few mangers have a realisation of the importance, ...

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BFA312 Management Accounting

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Answers: Question 1 Business reports are helpful for the functioning of the organisation and help the managers in taking important decisions. It provides a snapshot of the overall economic position of the organisation. These reports can be prepared yearly, monthly or on special demand of the mangers as and when they required. Utmost precision must be ascertained while the formulation of these reports as per the needs of the organisational and...

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BUSN20016 Research In Business

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Answer: Introduction Social media advertising serves as a major aspect of social media marketing. Modern adverting has gradually changed in contrast to traditional adverting techniques and principles (Peters et al., 2013). Modern social media advertising to consider certain important aspects that include developing effective advertising objectives, advertising budget generation, advertising strategy development along with employing adverting ...

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COIT20246 ICT Services Management

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Answers: Tasks There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week:  the tasks are detailed below. There is a table to complete for each task. Please fill in the information required. Week 1 The text discusses the elements of modern computing architecture however is largely silent on the individuals who played a role in its development.  Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE such individual.  The individual should have had...

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NIT2201 IT Profession And Ethics

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Answer: Introduction: As per the case study chosen of http://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/06/supreme-court-rules-for-samsung-in-apple-patent-case.html, it has been seen that there are Supreme Court side with Samsung that is set in Apple patent damage dispute. Here, in the case, the discussion is about the ruling which means that Samsung has not been liable for the people who have been awarded to the people in the lower court who tend to rule for the ...

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CLWM4000 Business And Corporations Law

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Answer: Issue (a)  Is Chong a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law? Rule  According to section 3 of the Australian Consumer Law, a consumer is defined as a person who purchases goods that cost of which must not exceed $40000. If the goods exceeds over $40000 and such goods are obtained for personal, household or domestic purpose or for consumption, the person shall be considered as consumers (Twigg-Flesner 2017). If a person...

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HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Answer: The issues faced by Exxon and British Petroleum while providing adequate supply of energy is nearly same.  Both the organizations were previously involved in incidents that harmed the environment drastically (Halley 2013). British Petroleum was involved in Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident and Exxon was involved in The Wreck of the Exxon Valdez incidents. Both the incidents proved that oil and gas companies are absolutely not f...

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BUS5SMM Sustainable Management And Marketing

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Answer      Background of the Tassal company Tassal company initiated the Salmon farming in Australia in the year 1986. It is now the leading Salmon producer. In the year 2003, it rose to become a big public company listed on the ASX. It provides fresh, frozen, smoked and canned salmon products both in home and international market. The head office of the company is in Hobart and its marketing office is located in Melbourne. Th...

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MKT10007 Fundamentals Of Marketing

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Answer: Introduction to the report  The aim of this report is to analyse the marketing mix that are used by Coca-Cola for influencing the purchase decisions of the customers. This report will also state the brand positioning of the product. The marketing mix includes the 4 P’s - product, place, price and promotion. The report will state the facts taking into consideration one purchase experience of Coca-Cola made on 22-06-2017 from...

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COIT20249 Professional Skills In Information Communication Technology

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Answer     Critical thinking Various scholars have been providing different definitions regarding what critical thinking entails as it is important in the everyday activities especially when a person wants to make effective decisions. Critical thinking involves an intellectually disciplined process that revolves around actively and skillfully analyzing, conceptualizing, synthesizing, applying, and evaluation of the information gat...

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COSC2665 Networking Assignment

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Answer: In completing this assignment, you will be demonstrating expertise in: IP addressing; VLSM; Wireless networking ARP, TCP, RIPv2, IP, DHCP, DNS, SMTP, FTP; The Packet Tracer simulation; The Physical topology; Visio; SMTP and POP3. The Scenario You are an IT expert and you are employed to install a system of IT networks in a Startup University (which you will name). At present, the university has one campus at Ballarat in ...

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BFA713-Analysis Of The Enron Scandal

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Answer: Introduction The Enron scandal is one of the leading corporate collapse of the modern era. Enron’s auditor is held responsible for the manipulation that they have done in the accounting policies of the company. From the analysis of the research paper of the Ruhnke and Schmidt it is explained the losses happened to the stakeholders due to the unethical behaviour of the audit firm of Enron. The issues surrounding the Enron and th...

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Experimental Study Of Cryptocurrency Market

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Question: Discuss about the Experimental Study of Cryptocurrency Market.     Answer: Introduction: With the introduction of crypto currencies there has been a change in the banking industry. Today the banks are not only used for loans and deposits. There are various instruments of banking that modern banks utilize. These are the instruments like credit cards, cryptocurrencies etc. The objective of this paper is to do the strateg...

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FMEC Modeling & Security Issues

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Question: Discuss about the FMEC Modeling & Security Issues.     Answer: Introduction Significance of the research This research is important as it provide an insight on the subject of FMEC Modeling and Security Issues. Cloud computing has established itself as the alternative to the information technology (Abrahams & Bacon, 2011). In this research it will show how the cloud computing offers services as well as virtuall...

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Customer Support Centre Of ABC

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Question: Discuss about the Customer Support Centre of ABC.     Answer: Introduction Customer service refers to the provision of providing service to the customers before or after the purchase. Perception of success in the arena of customer service depends on the factor whether the employees can adjust themselves in accordance to the personality of the guest. An organization that values customer service will spend more amount of...

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