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LAW105 Introduction To Business Law

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Answer: Introduction Case  Study  relates  whether  a  contract  exists  between  Steven  and  Marie. Steven  fixes  two  price  quotation  for  hosting  banquets. He  mistakenly  sent  a  wrong  price  quotation  to  Marie  for  banquet  booking  and  Marie  accepted  the offer. &nb...

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200717 Employment Relations Professional Practice

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Answer: Introduction Business plan and proposal is intrinsic towards the success of an organization. With the increasing ramification associated to competition, having an effective business plan provides broader strategic judgment throughout the corporation. In this report anin-depth study has been prepared on Wesfarmers Ltd. In this report in depth study has been prepared on Wesfarmers Ltd It is an Australian conglomerate company which has ...

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ENG417 Environmental Awareness And Sustainability

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Answer: Alternative Water Sources Water is an essential commodity and a vital need in households, firms and industries. For this reason, water scarcity is a chronic crisis for the city. Therefore, the city has to find alternative sources of water supply for use in households and industries. Given that the city is inland, the best alternative source of water supply for it will be sourcing the water from nearby cities that are not affected by t...

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CHCCSM004 Coordinate Complex Case Requirements

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Answers Task 1 1. Mary is a working woman and needs to take care of two children apart from Oscar. Since his husband also needs to work for long hours, it is difficult for her to manage her work and her personal life. She has very little time to engage with the children, and so is the case for her husband. However, she gets support from her mother who readily takes care of the child. Provision of help at the times of needs may have delayed Mary...

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EMA300 Mathematising And Contextualising

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Answers: Introduction In the absence of any concrete and unanimously accepted definition of mathematics, it can broadly be understood as a science of quantity, space, and numbers, either as abstract concepts, i.e. pure mathematics, or as applied to other areas of studies such as engineering or physics, i.e. applied mathematics (Schoenfeld, 2009). D’Ambrosio (2001) described mathematics as a medium of communicating ideas of number, space...

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BCO302 Applied Business Project

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Answer: Introduction: In the present time, universities aims to educate, recruit and graduate students for helping them to accomplish their professional goals and objectives. In order to get superior quality of educational facilities and guidance, many students have focused on taking admission on different prime international institutes across the globe (Wilkins, Balakrishnan and Huisman 2012). For that reason, the international students have...

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HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing

Download : 0 | Pages : 3

Answer: The paper deals with the health issue of childhood obesity in Australia. In response to the issue, the paper presents the research elements of the qualitative article on this subject. The paper “Exploring factors influencing childhood obesity prevention Among Migrant Communities, in Victoria, Australia”by Renzaho et al. (2017) is published in the year 2017 is chosen for this purpose. Qualitative research Qualitative ...

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ACT501 Accounting Principles

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Answers: Answer to Question 1 Part a) In the current situation Dissert Inc. gives credit to its customers and manages its own receivables. The payment, which it receives from the customers, is very slow, due to which it has decided to go for credit card transactions. At least through credit card he will get his payment on time unlike in the current situation. Dissert Inc should switch to credit cards or not can be judged on the basis of the ...

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LAW105 Introduction To Business Law

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Answer: On September 11, Mr. Brian Colin Fine provided Uber X services to Uber X riders or passenger. The question in issue in this proceeding is whether the service provided by Mr. Colin constituted supply taxi travel within for which the Uber drivers are required to be registered for GST purposes. Issue of the Case Since this case is being heard for the first time it is a case ‘at first instance’ and the legal issues arisi...

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ACT202 Management Accounting

Download : 0 | Pages : 5

Answer: In the particular assignment the analyst has taken up the business organsiation of Sasij business firm which works out in the segment of manufacturing the small range of goods. At the earlier point of time only three products were used to manufacture by the company. The firm used the tradition approach of recognising the overheads among the existing range of products. Over the evolution of time the company started manufacturing the wi...

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PMN610 Project Management Principles

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Answer: 1. Product Breakdown Structure & Organization a) Project management team structure   The organization structure develops a well defined understanding about authorities and responsibilities along with the communication structure. The current project focuses on providing health services and awareness for disability. The project management team structure for the same will be as under.           &n...

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HR3003 Business Issues And The Context Of HR

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Answer: Introduction Resources are an integral part for companies and organizations in terms of producing quality products and services. The effective and judicious utilization of the resources by the personnel adds value to the parameter of “human” in the proposed subject of the discussion. Inadequate stock of human resources relates to the issues, which hamper the efficient execution of the business activities (Boxall and Purcel...

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ACCTING3501 Corporate Accounting

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Answer Introduction The meaning of control provides comprehensive supervision so that a solitary regulator exemplary can be practically applies to all entities. The project was urbanized partially to report apparent discrepancies between IAS 27 and SIC 12, and to boost junction by way of US GAAP. The report gives advice to Billy Handy, the finance director of Northern Australia Global Investment Ltd (NAGIL), for consolidating his investments....

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NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1

Downloads : 4 | Pages : 11

Answer: Task 1 By considering the physical health condition of Mrs Wilson, it is observed that the chief complaints related hindering her physical wellness is an exacerbation of COPD.  COPD is demarcated as a group of disease commonly used to describe lung disease which includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema and refractory asthma (McCarthy et al., 2015). The chief illness observed in case of patient suffering from COPD is shortness...

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HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare 4

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Answer: Part 1 Cultural Safety Position Statement The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organizations (NACCHO) serves over 140 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHO's) throughout the state, as a regional aboriginal primary health care body, working with both the concerns of indigenous health as well as the well-being. ACCHO is indeed a primary health care network developed and run by the local indigenous popula...

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