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ENVT3361 Environmental Assessment

Download : 0 | Pages : 6

Answer: Title: An Assessment Proposal On The Environmental Effects Of The Smith’S Lake Reserve Introduction The Smith’s lake is located in the city of Vincent, northing: between N 6466400 and N6466500 and Easting: between E 3913300 and E 391400.  The reserve has a long and interesting history. Its presence, today, provides enough evidence of how conservation of natural resources is such a noble undertaking. Therefore, the la...

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TMT4171 Introduction To Materials Science

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Answers: Answer 1. Polymers are materials that are built from the repeating chains of various chemical units that tae comparatively small. Many of the polymers are artificial. Polymers are present almost everywhere like water bottles, jackets, shoes and many more. Some proteins present in our body are also polymers (Charlesby 2016). Polymers can be defined as large molecules that are made by chemically linking or bonding a series of building...

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TMT4240 Microstructure And Properties Of Metals

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Answer: A 1. Discuss the differences between Pearlite, Bainite and Martensite in carbon steels. Sketch the microstructures and discuss the properties of each phase (e.g. stiffness, strength, toughness, ductility) with reference to typical applications. Pearlite, Bainite and martensite all contain alpha –ferrite and cementite phases. Pearlite has two phases of ferrite and cementite both in different layers. Pearlite has both the...

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Data Warehouse In A Simple Language By Dirk Herreman

Downloads : 2 | Pages : 7

Question: Give a review on Data warehouse in a simple language by Dirk Herreman.   Answer: Data warehouse is a vital source for converting the data into the information form which further can be used for making intelligent decisions (Herreman, 2016). He provides a strong base for the various techniques of data analysis. It is a useful source for accessing the information in a quick and easy manner. The success of any business depends o...

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Introduction To Molecular Vaccinology

Download : 0 | Pages : 3

Question: Discuss about the Introduction to Molecular Vaccinology.   Answer: The vaccine developed against smallpox is vaccinia virus. Experiments were conducted with this “replication competent virus” and the results showed effectiveness. Therefore, with further development of Recombinant DNA Technology, recombinant vaccinia vaccines were generated that express the “desired foreign genes” (Monath, 2005). This v...

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Microbiology Lab Report

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Question: Discuss the purpose or aim of the experiment.   Answer: To carry out blue white screening for confirmation of ligation of PCR products into desired cloning vector Material: Ecoli strains (DH5α), PCR product, T4 DNA ligase enzyme, Luria Bertanni agar, Petri plates, ice, double distilled water, X-Gal, pipettes, PCR master mix, desired restriction endonucleases (Nybo, 2010). Procedure: Gene of interested is amplified...

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Molecular Biology: DNA Library

Download : 0 | Page : 1

Question: Discuss at least two different kinds of probes and how they can be used to screen libraries.   Answer: The probes that are used to screen a DNA library are RNA or DNA fragments that detect the nucleotide sequences in a sample. One type of probe is Molecular bacons which are composed of 25 nucleotides. The five nucleotides at each end are complementary to each other and 15 nucleotides of the middle portion are complementary to t...

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Affective Commitment To Change And Innovation Implementation Behavior

Downloads : 209 | Pages : 11

Question: Describe about the Affective Commitment to Change and Innovation Implementation Behavior?     Answer: Introduction There was a time when Information Technology was considered as a secondary function in the organization. With spread of technology, Information System has emerged as important business function. There was a time when Information Systems were used primarily by large organizations only. With time, the cost o...

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Chromatographic Purification

Downloads : 68 | Pages : 2

Question: Describe about the Chromatographic Purification?     Answer: Purification of Soluble His-Tagged Proteins The ClpA is the protein of our interest is an ATP dependend chaperon and regulatory component of ClpAP protein basically expressed in E.coli cells. This expression of recombinant protein could be analysed by presence of small size of amino acids i.e. 6 histidine tag which will be conjugated to its C or N terminus of...

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Relationship Between Chromium & Chromium Compounds

Downloads : 134 | Pages : 12

Question: Describe about relationship between Chromium and Its Compounds and the Potential Harms?     Answer: Introduction Workplace related accidents are major cause of chronic illness and deaths in Singapore. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 5702 work related injuries have been reported and the annual rate of death is around 4 deaths per 100000 workers (as calculated in 2005). The ma...

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