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MN404 Fundamentals Of Operating Systems And Java Programming

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Answers: Introduction: The study includes the information regarding the system design features of the country kitchen system. The system is designed for taking orders from the consumers and processing the orders until the order is sent for delivery. The Use Case diagram, Class identification and simple Class has been covered within the study. 1: Use Case Diagram and Scenario  Name Login ID User-UC1 ...

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TABL5551 Taxation Law

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Answers 1: The Division 100 of the Income tax Assessment Act 1997 provides a guide to the capital or losses. The section 100-35 of the Income tax Assessment Act 1997 provides that a capital gain is made if the amount received from the CGT event is more than the cost associated with that CGT event and if it is vice versa then it is capital loss. That means on selling a capital asset, real estate, shares or other such assets, a person, w...

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EDPA5011 Effective Leadership And Change

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Answer: 1. The first consequence of withholding information would be result of lack of communication among team members. The second consequence would be lack of intention to share knowledge among the team member where knowledge should be considered as power in an organization and the third consequence would be the result of lack of trust among the team members, as they cannot tell each other what they know.   2. As a manager, I would li...

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ACCT3708 Auditing And Assurance Services

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Answers:  a) The auditing firms have to maintain the confidentiality of their clients' firm where the auditing firm perform auditing task.  As per Section 140 of APES 110 the auditing firm must keep the information of the client confidential. As per Section 140.1 (a) revealing outside the company or employing firm confidential information obtained consequent of professional as well as business links without appropriate as well as the...

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BLO5606 Australian Immigration And Visa System Law

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Answer: Introduction: It is clear from the present perspective of the case that Aysel was a Turkish resident who came to Australia to see her daughter by holding subclass 590 visas. It has also been mentioned in the case that the visa has carried certain conditions that mentioned under the Para of 8101, 8201, 8501, 8516, 8534, 8537 and 8538. Under the Australian Migration Act, a guardian can apply for a parent visa if his or her child is stud...

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COMMGMT 3502 Human Resource Management

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Answer: Introduction: The topic promises to provide a detailed analysis of the different types of limitations based on the individual performance measurement that have been found within the organization CERA in Australia. Performance measurement is important for determining the areas of strengths and weaknesses of the individuals working within the organization and therefore ensures that the workers’ performances are improved, where the...

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FNS40815 Certificate Iv In Finance And Mortgage Broking

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Answer: Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations Mortgage requires by an entity to fulfil their credit need whether an entity in an individual who utilises various loan options according to its calibre. Customer needs and expectations of financial services utilizes differs from one option to another. The customer aims to get large amount of loan on a lower interest rate. Mutual negotiation of loan term period, interest rate and ap...

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FINA6000 Managing Finance Performance Of Business System

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Answer: Introduction This report is being created with a purpose of comparing and analysing the financial data given of the two reputed companies listed in Australian Stock Exchange regarding their performance in share market in the last 3 years. This report will give a brief explanation about the operation and the activities of these companies and the impact of those operations upon shareholders by comparing the data with the average market ...

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident

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Question: Discuss about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident.     Answer: Introduction The importance of the Business Risk Management is to identify and analyse the risk that has occurred or likely to take place within the business organization in order to minimize it. Risks in business can lurk out at any point of time, sometimes the risks are predictable and can be controlled, but most of the cases risks are unpredictabl...

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Migration Advice Letter

Downloads : 16 | Pages : 7

Question: Prepare a letter of advice for Dan.     Answer: To Mr. Dan Hong Subject: Migration Advice Letter Dear Mr. Dan, According to the approaches this is notify you that for the migration for your niece you want to the sponsor for getting the migration visa of the Australia we are sending several requirements through the application. Ai is now working as a hospital pharmacist therefore she need to follow a particular term...

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COMMGMT 3502 Human Resource Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Question: Discuss About The Journal Of Technology Management And Innovation?   Answer: Introduction Human resource management has been evolving for the last few years forcing human resource managers to adopt new strategies for dealing with the workforce. The rise of globalization and the push for equality at work has led to the rise of diversity within the organization (Kramar, et al., 2014). This has forced many organization...

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Letter Of Advice For Jeffrey

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Questions: 1.Prepare a letter of advice, in plain English, for Jeffrey in relation to the Procedural, Accounting and Ethical requirements he would have to meet to Comply with the requirements under the Migration Act 1958   2.What are your Obligations as a registered Migration agent under the Code of Conduct?     Answers: 1.To Jeffery Wood Engineering is hiring the migration agent; Jaffery Jacob who has completed the Grad...

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Indoor Air Pollution In Developing Countries

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Question: Discuss about the Indoor Air Pollution In Developing Countries.     Answer: The principle characteristics of Environmental health promotion: The ‘generic’ strategy  Health promotion is giving individuals power to have control over their own health. The Ottawa Charter for health promotion states that there are five ways of promoting health. It includes devising healthy public policy, building appropriat...

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Law: Migration Agent And Lawyer

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Question: Discuss about the Law for Migration Agent and Lawyer.   Answer: Court provide historical judgment in case law Singh v Minister for Immigration & Anor (2017) FCCA 1901 (14 August 2017). In this case Court stated the need of evaluation and review of the decision of tribunal in relation to student visa. The important question in this case for all three applicant, migration agent, and migration lawyer was that whether a...

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PHCM9784 Tropical Disease Control

Download : 0 | Pages : 6

Question: Choose a particular tropical disease or Condition which is associated with significant morbidity and mortality in a least one tropical and developing country, and apply principles for prevention and control to this disease.     Answer: Ecology and Epidemiology of Chagas Disease Chagas disease is the tropical disease that has been selected for this assignment. Chagas disease is caused by species of triatomine vectors. I...

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