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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction Marketing criteria is one of the most important and essential factor which can decide the future of any business whether the business will gain profit or it will run in loss. All the criteria of the marketing must be fulfilled by the managing department of any organization. the following research consists of all the important and relevant information that will help any company to establish their business and to get more c...

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B01BUIS213 Business Information Systems

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Answer: As per El-Telbany & Elragal (2014), the present business environment have many complexities which needs aligned information systems so that the goals and objectives of the organisation can be achieved. Business information systems can be understood as the network of information and communication technologies (ICT) which can be used to improve the process and activities of the business. It plays a major role in today’s economy...

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MBA631 Digital Marketing And Communication

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Answer: Introduction Social media and digitals domains as a platform for marketing, communication and promotion has emerged as a critical tool for communicating, acquiring, servicing customers and also to gain critical insights into customer behaviours in recent times (Kim and Ko 2012; Castronovo and Huang 2012). The same is evidently expected to play significant role in the marketing and business development initiatives of business entities ...

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ACF5955 Management Accounting

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Answers 1. (i) The competitive strategy refers to the long-term plan that a company develops in order to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. The four types of competitive strategy that are most important are cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, low cost focus strategy and differentiation focus strategy. The business by focusing one or more of these strategies tries to achieve be competitive advantage. A business is said ...

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SLE761 Research Planning And Communication

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Answer: Intoduction The patent law is a law that that governs the granting of temporary monopoly on invention use, publication exchanges, use of invention after a certain time for free. This follows the Patent Acts 1990 (Cth) under which the patents are administered by the commonwealth government agency, IP Australia. Being that Australia is a member state of the WIP (World Intellectual Property Organization) and also under compliancy of th...

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BIS104 Communications And Teamwork

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Answer: Topic: Robotics: How Robotics is Changing the World? Introduction  Robotics can be labelled as an intersection of technology, science and engineering to produce machines called robots, which are capable of replicating even the complex human functions. The term “Robotics” generally used for outlining all the processes that are necessary for designing, building and in maintenance of a robot. A literature review has bee...

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ACCM4100-Advantages And Disadvantages Of Activity Based Costing For TaxEzy

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Answer: Advantages and Disadvantages of Activity Based Costing - TaxEzy Following are the advantages of the Activity Based Costing that is relevant to the given case of TaxEzy : In the case of activity based costing, there is an easy demarcation between the fixed and the variable cost. It is because the method includes the long run variable cost rather than bifurcating between fixed and variable cost and thus helps the company in making an...

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Benefits Of Stakeholder In The Company

Download : 0 | Pages : 23

Question: Discuss about the Benefits Of Having A Stakeholder In The Company.     Answer: Introduction The report talks about the stakeholder’s relationship management and its influence on management decision-making. It explains that how stakeholders help an organization to achieve long-term growth and success. The report talks about the importance and function of the stakeholders in the company. The report presents an...

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Combat Radicalization & Home Grown Terrorism

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Question: Critically analyze the Strategies currently in place to Combat Radicalization and Home Grown Terrorism and examine what can be done to reduce the threats.   Answer: Introduction Terrorism has been growing and spreading amongst communities and countries like fire. Radicalisation is a never ending dispute that has no boundaries. The same can be encouraged in various ways such as behind the bars or at the training centres o...

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George Can For Refund And Compensation

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Question: Discuss About The George Can For Refund And Compensation?   Answer: Introducation As per section 3 of the ACL a consumer is the person who deals with goods worth goods less than $ 40,000 or more than $40,000 provided the same are for consumption/household/domestic/personal purposes. Any violation of the consumer guarantees will gave rise to certain right to the consumer. The basic rights are: (Teacher, 2017) As ...

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Project Plan On Internet And Social Media

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Question: Discuss about the Project Plan on Internet and Social Media Platforms User Practices and Publics.     Answer: Introduction Social Media Platform is expanding on the large scale for exploring and developing the networks on the large scale locally and globally. It has raised the interaction among the general public in today’s scenario to build the communication among the general public. Moreover, there are various ...

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Social Media Business Strategy

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Question: Discuss about the Social Media Business Strategy.     Answer: Social media       In today’s rapidly changing and developing the advanced world, it is important for an individual to have his/her own skill set to deal with the everyday scenario. Every sector has competition and one has to be very quick at making decision and actions. People are busy in making money and have several way...

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Researching Social Media Publics: Practices

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Question: Discuss about the Researching Social Media Publics for Practices.   Answer: The Researching of social media platforms, practices and publics is the use of tools and techniques for mining and examining data from social media networks and the internet. This entails the research on how the social media platforms (and the diverse cultures that generated them) come to a point where they propose the aspect of “the socia...

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Competitive Strategy Of Samsung & Tesla

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Question: Discuss about the Competitive Strategy of Samsung and Tesla.     Answer: Samsung Samsung was incorporated in 1938 as a South Korean international company. It operates in various industries including electronics, insurance, manufacturing and war equipment. The organisation had revenue of US$173.36 billion in 2016 financial year. The organisation sold more than 90 million smartphones and 8 million tablets in 2016. The re...

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Communication And Personal Health Information

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Question: Discuss about the Communication and Personal Health Information.     Answer: Introduction It involves revolutions in digital and genomic sectors dealing with health, healthcare, living and the society at large. It helps in keeping track, managing and boosting our health and that of the society (Kontos, et.al 2014). digital health involves some modes and mobile applications which include telecare and telehealth which in...

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