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Corporations Law: Satin Co.Ltd And Cotton Ltd

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Questions: Question 1:   Cotton Limited holds 89.5% of the shares in Satin Co Limited. The remaining shares are held by Silk and several other small investors. The Board of Satin wants the company to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cotton Limited as they expect this will result in both taxation benefits and a saving on accounting fees and administration charges of about $230,000. Cotton Limited offers to buy the shares held by Silk an...

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Enterprise Planning And Implementation: Indian Rail

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Question: Describe about featues of Indian railway?     Answer: Introduction is the formal web page to look for all the Indian railways train. First, it has a lot of pop-ups and marketing which create the customer unpleasant. This website does not display the traveller and display practice which do not have a booking trainer. Here a customer must know the practice name or variety and also place rule...

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Occupational Health Management Program Proposal

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Question: Describe about the Occupational Health Management Program Proposal.   Answer: Introduction: In the present era if rapid industrial progress workplace safety has been identified as one of the major concerned of the employers as presence of occupational health hazard within a particular organization are considered as a legal offence (, 2016). Hence in Australian scenario a number of policies and occupational safe...

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Utilitarian Ethical Thinkers

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Question: Discuss about the Utilitarian Ethical Thinkers.     Answer: The Scenario: The self-driving cars or autonomous cars of Google are a unique technology established by Google in which the cars do not need anyone to drive them. Rather, they have sensors that are specially designed to detect objects in all directions and the software attached thereon processes all the relevant information so that the car can navigate safely on...

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Risk Management Evaluation

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Question: Discuss about the Risk Management Evaluation.   Answer: Introduction Cloud Computing is a simple path for little entrepreneurs and business visionaries to spare time and cash on payroll systems. Cloud Computing permits the conveyance of on-interest payroll services on the Website on the composition of using the premises. Essentially, organizations sign into payroll systems utilizing a web program without hosting or secu...

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Child Protection: Resource Management

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Question: Discuss about the Child Protection for Resource Management.   Answer: Introduction Remote Administration, Resource Management and SLA Management Because the company has to move to cloud technology, so there is need to configure and administer the application on the cloud with the help of cloud tools and the user interfaces. This can be done by a remote administration system by providing a portal that can manage the res...

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Sustainable Opportunities And Challenges

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Question: Discuss about the Sustainable Opportunities and Challenges.     Answer: Introduction: As the demand of energy in the modern world rises with the growing population of the world, it is essential to use the alternative source of energy. The use of the alternative energy also helps to avoid the adverse effects that are associated with the use of the conventional form of energy. The use of nuclear energy is one of the best...

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Significant Historical Egyptian Pharaohs

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Question: Describe about the Significant Historical Egyptian Pharaohs.   Answer: Introduction Tutankhamun (originally Tutankhaten, meaning “the living image of Aten”) was arguably the most famous of the Egyptian pharaohs. Discovery of his intact tomb revealed significant historical information and at the same time left several mysteries untold. Tutankhamun (a.k.a. King Tut) son of Akhenaten (a.k.a. Amenhotep IV) was the 12...

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Selection Methods CERA

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Question: Discuss about the Selection Methods CERA.     Answer: Introduction The study will describe the advantages of two selection methods CERA will implement in their recruitment process that will focus on the representation of the aboriginal people in the workforce. The two selection methods chosen for the designation of the financial controller position in CERA are Psychometric test and structured and skilful interviews. T...

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Research Proposal On Sports Psychology - Well Being

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Question: Discuss about the Research Proposal on Sports Psychology.   Answer: Introduction The identity of talented young athletes revolves around sports and psychological well-being. Physical and psychological well-being is very important to achieve the desired result in sports and enhance their performance. The field of Sports and exercise psychology has come up to identify the key issues in an athlete’s life that preven...

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