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Economics Of Contract Law

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Question 1: If a contract is silent as to the sum to be paid by the employer to the contractor for the works, the law implies into the contract an obligation on the employer to pay a ‘reasonable price’ for the works carried out. Drawing on examples from standard form contracts, highlight how express terms have been used to give effect to and/or modify the assessment of the ‘reasonable price’ the law would, in the absence...

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The Design And Construction Contracts Samples For Students .

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Question: Requires Evidence of the Understanding of the Court Crocess, Risk Involved and Preparation use of Witnesses and The Role of Expert Witnesses in the Court Process ?     Answer: Introduction Most of the contracts that people form are partly oral and partly written primarily in construction and building industry. Parties may agree in writing at first, but due to the demands of the structure or other circumstances, the...

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Major Elements Recognized In Law

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Question: What Are The Major Elements Recognized In Law?   Answer: Introducation To determine whether there was a contract, there are major elements recognized in law for there to be a legally binding contract. These elements are offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity and intention to enter into a binding agreement. Other issues to consider in the determination of whether there is in existence a contract are concepts such as e...

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Relationship Contracting: Stakeholder Relationship Management

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Question: Discuss about the Relationship Contracting for Stakeholder Relationship Management.   Answer: Relationship Contracting  Introduction Relationship contracting is that form of contract system wherein management of relationship is to be given pattern over and the dictate of a standard form of contract. It emphasizes on trust, teamwork and sharing of profit or loss. It is no new form of contract; it has been there in exis...

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