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Ebola Pandemic In West Africa: Opportunities And Challenges

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Question: What are the economic and sociopolitical conditions that are responsible for the occurrence of Ebola pandemic in West Africa that resulted in reformations in the areas of policy priorities due to their opportunities and challenges?   Answer: Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: The West African Ebola virus of 2014 – 2015 was an international health pandemic and was one of the most widespread outbreaks in the history of Ebol...

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Language Use On Social Media

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Question: Write about the Language Use on Social Media.   Answer: Introduction: The word “slay” is a well-known English word that has remained in vogue in the English diction since a long time. The word is used to imply the act of killing a person, in an extremely violent way, often with the use of a sharp weapon. Although the literal meaning of the word slay means killing someone in the true sense, the word “slay&r...

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HRES2101 Change Management

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Answer: Workplaces are always evolving from time to time and gradually changing to create rooms for new establishments, ideas and even new expectations from the institutions. The type of change I experienced is that of change in working conditions and the requirements. This was clearly shown as I could work from home sometimes because the company had come up with flexible schedules which are now very common in many organizations. This practice...

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MGMT1201: Business Communication

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Answer: Introduction I am addressing this mail to you as I think the time has come for me to learn newer skills that will help me to develop further in my work effectiveness in the organization. I am looking forward to contributing more towards the growth of organization.   The skills that I want to learn are handling the new multitasking technologies that can be utilized by the organization. Multitasking technology integrates many fun...

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MGMT1601 Business Law For Property Standards Department Or Rental Housing

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Answer: Situation 1  A landlord can enter the tenant’s premises with his consent or by serving a notice on him in this regard. The landlord can take the consent of the tenant anytime before entering the tenant’s premises as per his convenience. The landlord can also serve a notice on the tenant at least 24 hours before the time of entry (Kirton & Madunic, 2009). The notice has to be in writing stating the reason for the e...

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MGMT1201-Communication Style Reflective Essay

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Answer: Introduction This essay is based on communication style where I will use the communication style assessment finished in my class. With the help of this essay, I will identify as well as assess my preferred communication style so that it will become easier to reflect upon importance of communication styles (Summers & Smith, 2010).  Furthermore, my attempts will contain taking feedback on my communication style by two friends, ...

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MGMT1601-Business Law 1

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Answers: 1.Contractor claiming three days for inclement weather Delay in the construction work can be costly as well as frustrating. The longer it takes to complete the project, the more it costs along with the wastage of essential resources. Delays can sometime may result in purchase of additional materials which may be subjected to the constructional work. Generally contractors want to complete their work on time but sometimes they are inev...

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MGMT1601-Rights Of Employers And Disabled Employees In The Workplace

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Answer: As per the Equality Act 2010, it is against the law for employers to differentiate against an individual due to his disability. Every individual or employee is equal in an industry and therefore, no one should be discriminated based on their disability. An employer who is recruiting might question the employee’s health and check whether he is disable or not. An employee cannot be chosen for redundancy only because he or she is di...

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MGMT1101-Self Awareness Of Leadership | Report

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Answer: Introduction An ability of an individual or a group of individuals which can be used for stimulating and guiding the followers and workforce within a business corporation can be termed as the process of leadership (Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). Making sound and complex decisions, developing and articulating clear visions and also establishing attainable goals are some of the prime objectives of a leader. And this can be done by ...

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HR4005-Role Of HRM In Managing The Operations Of The Company

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Answer Human resource in the organization plays a great role in managing the operations of the company. Without human resource team it is not possible for the company to manage the operations in a right direction. Human resource team of the company manages the routine activities so that goals and objectives can be accomplished in a proper manner. In this paper, the discussion will be made on the functions of an HR, the key principles of HRM a...

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MGMT1101-Reflective Essay On Management And Leadership

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Answer: Contrast and compare management and leadership Leadership and management are the method that organizes the activities of the individuals so that business relations can be maintained.  In the recent scenario, it is not possible to conduct the activities of an organization without effective leader and also without an effective manager. Leadership in today’s world has captured the attention through media. We live in the techni...

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MGMT1601-Rights Of Employers And Disabled Employees

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Answer: Introduction Statistics indicate that disabled people account for nearly a fifth of the working-age population in Great Britain, but for only about one-eighth (or 12%) of all people in employment. There are over 6.5 million people in Great Britain with a work-limiting, long-term disability or health problem, but disabled people are only half as likely as non-disabled people to be in employment”. The Equality Act 2010 has be...

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MGMT1201-Business Communication Via Email

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Answer: Date Three-step writing process To the Manager, Subject: Extension of Time for Content Addition to Websites Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings are in order. Recently, we have been faced with an issue pertaining to our website. This mail is written with the aim of requesting for an extension of time required to add content to the new customized webpage. It has come to our attention, that the internal team has lagged a bit behind when it com...

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MGMT1201-Importance Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

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Answers: 1.Workplace communication is very significant in ensuring that there is smooth operation in an organization. The notion of workplace communication exists in various contexts such as verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. Workplace communication includes exchange of information such as emails, notes, voicemails and text messages between different individuals in an organization. Communication can be effe...

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MGMT1401-The Concept Of Price Discrimination

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Answers: 1.Monopoly is known as the market situation, where a single firm is the producer of a product leading to complete control over the market and that firm serves large number of buyers. A monopoly firm is considered as the price maker due to its complete control over the supply of goods and services (Zeuthen 2018). Products produced by a monopoly producer do not have any substitute and due to their ability to control market, they produce...

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