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Accounting Information System Conversion Methods

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Question: Describe about the Accounting Information System Conversion Methods?     Answer: Introduction: When there is a work for organization which is small then in a month there are very few transactions happened which are basic —invoices, deposits and withdrawals just for example—the request like Excel of Microsoft will not be sufficient. Fact be told, Excel is hazardous as a tool of accounting, as there will be n...

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Adjacent Numbers By DOS

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Describe about the Adjacent Numbers By DOS?


Problem 1046

Sum of Adjacent Numbers

Title: Sum of Adjacent Numbers

Problem 1048

Sort and Search for Dates

Title: Sort and Search for Dates

Problem 1049

Priority Queue

Title: Priority Queue

Problem 1050

Flight Travel Planner

Title: Flight Travel Planner


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The Financial Cycle And Macroeconomics

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Question: Explain the GDP and Describe about the Macroeconomics for an introduction to the non-Walrasian approach?     Answer: GDP is the total value of goods and services produced in a defined region in a given period of time. It is actually a measurement of the economic activity in the country and a study on potential growth witnessed in the country. There are three approaches to measure GDP and they are known as expenditure ap...

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Online Booking Systems For Takeaway

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Question: Write an Essay about Online Booking Systems for Takeaway?   Answer: Introduction The system of online management of restaurant has been developed for the sole purpose of better administration techniques which has the ultimate goal of satisfying the customer with its better provision of services by enabling online ordering for takeaways as well as reservations in restaurants. Most of the restaurants face the problem of ordering...

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Profiling Database Application To Detect SQL Injection Attacks.

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Question: Describe about the Profiling Database Application to Detect SQL Injection Attacks?   Answer: Solution Bus Booking System The Online Bus Ticket Reservation System is a application which is web-based permits guests to check obtainability of bus tickets, purchase bus ticket and wage the online. The scheme is exact in implementation and project. The scheme needs exact little scheme resources and the scheme will effort in nearl...

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Security, Trust And Protection For E-Commerce Website

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Question: Describe about the Security, Trust and Protection for E-Commerce Website.   Answer: Executive Summary The innovation that is important for the successful business with the help of internet is E-commerce. This type of the strategy for the transaction of business will allow most of the growth opportunities in the services of marketing and business in different features. The mode of intermediary is the online shopping amon...

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The Meaning Of Technology To The Employees Of A Company

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Question: Describe about The Meaning of Technology To The Employees of a Company.   Answer: The meaning of technology to the employees of the company The advancements in the technical, informational and communicational technology has changed the way employees worked in a particular company 10 years ago.  This advancement has increased the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Advancements in the different technologies are...

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Computer Science: Operating System

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Question: Describe about the Computer Science and Operating System?.   Answer: Introduction Widget Wonder seeks to implement a new operating system in the company and a range of applications for fulfilling the operations of the company. These softwares must have user-friendly interface and must be effective, efficient and easy to use. Recommendations 1. For the implementation of operation software, the company should use Microsof...

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Demonstrated Business: Computer Science

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Question: Describe about the Computer Science for Demonstrated Business.   Answer: 1: Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way. This reminds me of an incident back during my schooling days. I had been given responsibility to raise funds for an event of charity organized by “ Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny”. Convincing people to contribute for char...

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Analysis Of Network Architecture

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Questions: You are required to produce the following deliverables as part of your contract:   1. Analyse the network and enlist all vulnerabilities found.   2. The vulnerabilities identified in the network architecture from (1) above should be explained in detail.   3. Provide recommended improvements to the network architecture in order to harden the entire network and to fix the vulnerabilities identified above.   4...

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