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BLO2205 Corporate Law

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Answers: Introduction On October 25th, 2016, a fatal accident took place at the Dreamworld leisure park located on the Queensland Gold Coast, which resulted in the death of a number of patrons while riding at the Dreamworld. This leisure park was being operated by Ardent Leisure Ltd, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. As a result of this, the company was liable to follow the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations g...

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BUS110 Workplace Learning

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Answers Part 1 Step 1: Five predicted career trends While people are trying hard to get their place in a Government firm, career minded Australians can completely rely on private sector jobs for better growth and remuneration. In spite of decline in traditional career option trends, alternative areas of career growth are showing salary hikes and beneficial returns. According to Businessinsider.com (2017) Top five career trends has been chose...

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BUS110 Workplace Learning 1

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Answers: Introduction  Understanding of job market will help to develop the best decision to change the organizational strategy to overcome the competition among the different organization. This is generally depend on the update information towards the job as well as about the employees connected with the job. Nevertheless, these understanding are another powerful tool that reflects on the performances of the employees within a workplace...

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LEGL201 Company Law

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Answer: The directors are the main backbones of any company and they are provided with numerous duties and liabilities the breach of which can make them liable as per the said Act. One of such duties is the continuous disclosure of information that has the effect on market value. Continuous disclosure exists on the principle such that all the investors must have equal access to the company information regularly. In the present assignment, this...

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Analysis Of Job Market In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Analysis Of Job Market in Australia.     Answer: Job Market This section provides an overview of the job market in Australia. AS per the statistics, it is reported that people with job has increased in Australia by 38% over 17 years (Salt, 2017). This suggests that approximately every one person in two people have a job in Australia. The statistics also suggest that part time jobs have also grown in r...

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Corporate Law: Insolvency Of Corporations

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Law for Insolvency of Corporations.   Answer: A person who is capable of repaying his debts or loans on their due dates is considered as solvent under the Corporations Act 2001. Therefore, the person who is not able to repay his debts or loans on the due date is known as insolvent. According to the Australian law, corporations are considered as insolvent and individuals are considered a bankru...

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The Role Of The Directors And ASIC

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Question: Disucss about the Compnay's Insovency and also the role of the Directors and ASIC.     Answer: Introduction: Legal definition of insolvency states that company is considered insolvent, when total of the liabilities of the company exceeds the total of the assets of the company. According to section 95A of the Corporation Act 2001, person or organization is solvent if it is possible for that person to pay all the debts a...

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Intentional Negligence Contradiction Terms

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Question: Discuss about the Intentional Negligence Contradiction Terms.     Answer: Introduction: The Court arrived at the conclusion that the directors of Storm Financial have breached their duties as   directors. It was determined that the duty of care and diligence that has been mentioned in section 180, Corporations Act, 2001 has been breached by these directors when they allowed or failed to prevent the applicatio...

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Risk Management : Australian Security And Investment

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Question: Discuss about the Risk Management  for Security and Investment.   Answer: Principle 7 of the Australian Security and Investment Commission states that the board of directors with respect to a public company have the duty to detect risk and implement appropriate structure towards addressing them. If the board of directors in relation to a public listed company is not able to identify and implement proper measures fo...

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Corporate Law : Section 6 Of Partnership Act

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Law for Section 6 of Partnership Act.   Answer: Introduction In accordance with the information provided in the case, a successful business is being operated by Jack, Jill and Max from the last one year and it deals with truck sale. But for future growth and sustained progress, the formal definition of business structure is mandatory as the underlying liabilities associated with each are different...

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Corporate Law : For Minority Shareholders

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Law For Minority Shareholders.   Answer: Introduction A minority shareholder, as the name suggests, is a person who has shares in a company but which are very less in number. Any decision of the company is made by passing resolutions in majority. This holds the minority shareholders in a losing position. Even if they want to protect their interests, they cannot do so as they do not hold the majori...

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Best Business Structure : Companies Partnership

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Question: Describe about the Best Business Structure for Companies Partnership.   Answer: 1. After analyzing the fact the question to be determined is what will be the best business structure for the business of Jack, Jill and Max? It is submitted that in Australia, there is no single business structure that can be formed. Generally, there are three basic business structures that are available, that is, sole trade ship, a partnership an...

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