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TLAW 202 Corporations Law

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Answers 1. Issue According the case study, weather Bob can able to catch scallop fishes more than fifty tones through incorporating a company or not. Rule According the case study, this case’s probations are applied as per the Fisheries Management Act 1994, Fisheries Management (Supporting plan) Regulation 2006 and Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2010. The Fisheries Act stated the facts the protections and developments of th...

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TLAW202 Corporations Law

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Answers 1: In this case, Bob Beech has been told by her daughter that if he decides to incorporated company, we will be able to evade the applicability of Scalop Fishing and Marketing Act, which provides that each individual is allowed to catch 50 ton scallops per annum. However, Bob had the competence to catch more scallops. Therefore he wanted to earn more and his daughter had told him that after the incorporation of a company, it will be ta...

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ACC204 Corporation Law

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Answers 1: Issue The actions which might be taken by Galli for the non-payment of dividends Rule The court has the power to provide relief under Section 233 of the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) (The Act) as provided by section 232 of the Act. Under these section a member of the company can claim an order if it is found that the directors are doing an act which is not good for the company or its members because of personal interest. The order m...

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TLAW202 Corporations Law

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Answer: 1. Issue Whether Bob can catch  more than fifty tones of scallop fishes by incorporating a company or not. Rules This case is based on the provision of Fisheries Management Act 1994, Fisheries Management (Supporting plan) Regulation 2006 and Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2010. Fisheries Management Act 1994 was coded with the objective to protect and develop the fishery resources (Dutra et al. 2015). This Act is appl...

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TLAW202 Corporations Law

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Answer: 1: Scallop Fishing   The Fisheries Management Act of 1991 is one of the laws that regulate the manner which fishing is carried out in Australia. According to the provisions of this law, for anybody, including a corporation to engage in fishing activities in the protected waters of Australia, they must have a permit that allows them to fish in these protected areas. Furthermore, the Fisheries Management Act of 1991 provides author...

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Australia Security And Investment Commission

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Question: Discuss about the Australia Security and Investment Commission.     Answer: Introduction The companies in Australia are required to follow the different provisions which are provided in the Corporations Act, 2001, which is an act of the commonwealth of Australia (Cassidy, 2006). Under this act, the officers and the directors of the company are provided certain responsibilities which have to be fulfilled properly in ord...

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Decorator Agencies V Jeffries Industries

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Question: Discuss about the Case of Decorator Agencies Pty Ltd v Jeffries Industries Ltd.     Answer: Case Introduction The case involves a dispute between a couple of parties, namely, ‘Fame’ and The Australian Securities Commission, better known simple as the ASC, though it has played the lawful role of a third respondent (Lowry, 2012). The following case made the section 995 and section 998 of ‘Corporations L...

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Corporations Law : Governing Companies

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Question: Describe about the Corporations Law for Governing Companies.   Answer: Introduction The directors are the people responsible for governing the company, on behalf of the shareholders. Corporations Act, 2001, in section 198A (1) provides that the business of any company has to be managed by, or has to be managed under the directions given by the director. This embarks some duties, as well as, responsibilities on all the direct...

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Corporations Law: Satin Co.Ltd And Cotton Ltd

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Questions: Question 1:   Cotton Limited holds 89.5% of the shares in Satin Co Limited. The remaining shares are held by Silk and several other small investors. The Board of Satin wants the company to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cotton Limited as they expect this will result in both taxation benefits and a saving on accounting fees and administration charges of about $230,000. Cotton Limited offers to buy the shares held by Silk an...

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