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Accounting For Lease

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Questions:  Owing to low liquidity, Lisa Ltd decides on 1 July 2015 to sell its land and buildings to Anderson Ltd. The carrying values of the land and buildings in the books of Lisa Ltd, at 1 July 2015, are: Buildings, at cost Accumulated depreciation  The land and buildings are sold for $4334 700 (their fair value), with the amount being allocated equally as follows: Land $2167350 Buildings $2167350 ...

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Revisiting The Conceptual Framework

Downloads : 5 | Pages : 14

Question: Describe about the conceptual framework.    Answer: Reasons why Principle-based standards require a conceptual framework The main goal of the principal-based standards is basing their standards on principles that are appropriate and consistent globally. This means they look for principles that are applicable all over the world. This can be done basing on a conceptual framework. The conceptual framework will elimina...

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Natural Area Tourism Impacts Management

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Question: Discuss About The Natural Area Tourism Impacts Management?   Answer: Introduction Hobart is one of the most populous cities of the Tasmania’s island state. Travel industry is one of the major contributors to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and employment of the Tasmania’s economy. Fluctuations in total number of visitors have huge flow-on impact in this economy. Recent evidences reflect that near about 6.1% ...

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Tourism Distribution System

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Question: Choose a Segment or function within a Tourism Distribution System. This assessment examines segments or functions within a global context rather than from an Australian Perspective.     Answer: The tourism distribution system determines the linking between the customers and tourism suppliers. The study would focus on the tourism distribution process with special reference to the airline segments. The airline in industry...

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Development And Implementation Of Account Software

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Question: Discuss about the Development and Implementation of Account Software.     Answer: Introduction ERS or Enterprise Resource planning is basically a business process management software that offers a number of integrated applications for an organization so that it can effectively manage its day to day business activities and can even automate numerous back office functions. As an organization thinks of expansion, then the...

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The Impact Of Brand Awareness On Customer Loyalty

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Question: Research Proposal Topic: The impact of brand awareness on customer loyalty.    Answer: Introduction Brand awareness is considered as an essential indicator of the knowledge of the consumers regarding the brand, its strength in its presence in the mind of the consumers and the process of retrieving that knowledge easily from memory (Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy 2013). Brand awareness is the most useful factor for promo...

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Generation Y Employment Trends In The Hotel

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Question: Discuss about the Generation Y Employment Trends In The Hotel Industry.     Answer: Introduction: The generation Y is the people born during the decades of 1980’s and derived the name after the name of the generation X as they precede the generation X (Solnet, Kralj & Kandampully, 2012). The people of this new generation possess different values and lifestyles which are applied to their professional field too...

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Key Concepts In Event Studies: Clinical Neurophysiology

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Question: Discuss about the Key Concepts in Event Studies for Clinical Neurophysiology.   Answer: This paper intends to discuss on the music festivals as a form of attraction for the tourists as the music relaxes most people. It also expounds on some of the factors that encourage more attendance to the musical events. Research into this field of music festivals had been previously neglected, but authors have recently acknowl...

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Falls Festivals Stampede: Psychometric Paradigm

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Question: Discuss about the Falls Festivals Stampede for Psychometric Paradigm.   Answer: The essay discusses the unfortunate incident of crowd stampede that took place in 2016 at the Grand Theatre Stage of the Lorne Falls Festival. The fans were rushing towards the exit after the musical band DMA’s completed their performance and lost footage eventually stampede each other. This incident left almost 60 people fatally injure...

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Destinations And Attractions: Development Of Services

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Question: Discuss about the Destinations and Attractions for Development of Services.   Answer: Introduction: The idea of destination development can be identified as a process of coordination and development of services, facilities and amenities that assist the host community to provide an excellent experience to the visitors and improve well-being of the residents. However, attractions are the potentiality of a certain de...

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Lead Virtual Teams Hierarchical Leadership

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Question: Discuss About The Leading Virtual Teams Hierarchical Leadership.   Answer: Introduction The Sydney Headquarter of the XYZ Company has developed a new marketing team. The team members of the marketing team are located in New York, Beijing, Mumbai and Sydney. Thus it can be clearly understood that in order to proceed with project, it is required to organize a virtual team. A virtual team can be defined as the a team that c...

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Journal Of Business Technical Communication

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Question: Discuss About The Journal Of Business Technical Communication.   Answer: Introduction In the previous years, the field of corporate communication was relatively low within the educational institutions and in the organizations. According to Argenti (2006), the corporate communication has benefited the business organizations by managing a more effective and integrated organizational function that has been possible through ...

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Event Management Comedy Festival

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Question: Discuss about the Event Management Melbourne International Comedy Festival.     Answer: Background information of the event: The chosen comedy festival is a historical event not only in the history of Melbourne but also in the entire world. The event is celebrated every year in Melbourne with enormous joys from irrespective of the age groups. The annual comedy festival accommodates different types of exemplary such as ...

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Economics & Global Impacts Sri Lanka

Download : 0 | Pages : 6

Question: Discuss about the Economics & Global Impacts Sri Lanka.     Answer: Introduction Tourism industry plays a major role to improve the economy of a nation. Tourism industry contributes in the economic growth and development of a nation. Along with this, it is assumed that, the tourism and hospitality sector may improve the economy of a nation. Sri Lanka that is located in South Asia has been declared a lower mid...

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Commercial Law Among The Principal And Agent

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Question: Discuss about the Commercial Law Among the Principal and Agent.     Answer: The relationship[1] between the two parties that are the principal and the agent are called as an Agent. The agent has to create an agreement among the “principal” and the “third parties”. “Agency” is thus the relation that exists among the principle and the agent that is a person who has been appointed or aut...

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