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ITC595 Information Security

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Answer: Introduction Organisations face new threat scenarios every day. This report provides a threat profile for one of the most recent security threat and vulnerability facing organisations currently. The report also provides a detailed description of the vulnerability attacks and prevention. A threat is whatever thing that has the capability or intention to interrupt the operation, functioning or reliability of an information system or ap...

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HMSV3503 Research Methodologies

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Answer: “Cyber security is a most widely used in today’s world. It assures that data remains integrated, confidential and available. It safeguards the data from hackers and unauthorized users. Comparative analysis It was also found that power consumed by other algorithms very completely high then the blowfish algorithm. It makes use of low memory space as compared to other DES. It was observed that the confidentiality of 3DES and...

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IMT4124 Cryptology

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Answer: 1. Comparison of Steganography and Cryptography Based on the comparison of steganography and cryptography, there are some kinds of factors that could be considered. They include: Basis of Comparison Steganography Cryptography Concealment In this method, the secret communication as well as the message that would be passed would be hidden In this method, only the message that would be considered as ...

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BUSINESS 0002 : Cryptosystem In Modern Industry

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Answer: Introduction Current problem:Privacy and security of data has been major concern of any organization all over the world. Cryptography is a technology that helps in binding up the data and information that have been to be sent from receiver to sender (Kraft & Washington, 2018). This report discusses about various cryptography evidences in the travelling industry. Areas of Focus: A solid key administration process is basic to for...

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IY5502 Cryptography For The Generation Of Pseudorandom Key Stream

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Answer: (a) (i). False. Cryptography is a process that provides the technical means to replicate some of the key security requirements of the physical world in an electronic environment. (ii). True. Encrypted data can be accessed by authorized users, thus it provides data integrity. (iii). True. The key sizes used in asymmetric key are of generally 1024, 2048 and 4096 bits. (iv). True. Error cannot propagate through stream cipher due to ...

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Cryptography: Technology And Internet-Based Services

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Question: Discuss about the Cryptography for Technology and Internet Based Services.   Answer: Introduction With the modernisation of technology and Internet-based services, the risk of cybercrimes has grown significantly. People, companies, and government are under constant threat of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals attack over the personal and sensitive data such as personal information, banking details, and national security sec...

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Name Security Vulnerability Eternal Rocks

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Question: Discuss About The Name Of The Security Vulnerability Eternal Rocks?   Answer: Introducation A serious and very dangerous ransomware that has been generally identified as the next evolution of the previously used WannaCry group of ransomware. Similar to WannaCry, EternalRocks may encrypt the host files of the systems it infects however, it's said to be stronger than its predecessor which had many operational loopholes thu...

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Secure Socket Layer

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Question: What is Secure Socket Layer?    Answer: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an old protocol deprecated in favor of Transport Layer Security (TLS). This protocol is used for secure transmission of data. It offers confidentiality Integrity and authentication. It is the primary way to secure web traffic. For Confidentiality, we use Diffie-Hellman or RSA for the key exchange. The actual encryption is done using AES. Authentication ...

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