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BFA312 Management Accounting

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Answer: Balance Score Card A balance score card reflects the performance of the firm in various aspects highlighting lead and lag indicators. The balance score card of the organization can be analyzed with the help of the following table:-    Objective   Measures   Targets   Indicator     FY 1   Financial   ROCE Growth in Re...

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BSRE301 Business Strategy

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Question: Introduction   Business environment includes the internal and external factors that can affect the working of the business.  Business environment covers factors such as customers, competitors, suppliers, government and social, cultural, political, technological and legal conditions. It is dynamic in nature, and it is difficult to predict or foresee the exact nature of future happenings.  Business environment diff...

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TACC203 Financial Accounting And Reporting

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Answer: 1. The international investors and the Australian stakeholders plan to envision comparable and flexible reporting of tax regarding the tax position of the firms. Such advice would help the firms to communicate their tax-related information that is flexible with the changing international disclosure procedures and the requirements of ASIC in relation to non-GAAP. Thus, ETR needs to be disclosed based on corporate tax to enable comparison ...

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B01BUIS213 Business Information Systems

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Answer Introduction Information technology is basically the use of electronic devices to process, store and disseminate data; i.e. electronic data. Some of these include equipment like computers and computer software packages, telecommunication machines among others. Information technology is currently one of the most fundamental aspects of any successful business (Smith et al, 2007). However, its success is mostly determined by a business&rs...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Introduction The report will discuss in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of social networks in context with Woolworths Australia. Woolworths is a well-known retailer that is able t get attention of many shopper and has always known for its high quality. The management of the company in last few years have experienced a lot of negativity on social media (Zhang and Moe, 2017). There is rage among the consumers because of th...

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ACC321 Auditing And Professional Practice

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Answer: A database administrator drafts and maintains procedures and entries for databases. The key roles of a database administrator are configuring default and installing software and maintain the relevant data. The administrator defines the standards, security and integrity of the database systems and maintains the implementation of these standards. Administrator surveillances the resource usage. Administrator is responsible for optimizatio...

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MUSC3162 Twentieth Century Music

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Answers: Introduction: The purpose of the following paper is to make a concise discourse regarding the alleged dispute between Schoenberg and Stravinsky regarding the aspects of musical aesthetics. The objective of the paper will be therefore to concentrate on the individual perceptions of Schoenberg and Stravinsky regarding musical aesthetics. Arnold Schoenberg is considered as one of the most influential figures in the musical era of 20th&n...

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MIS732 Enterprise Architecture And Governance

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Answer: Part 1: Reviewing the literature on enterprise architecture:   Enterprise architecture (EA) is regarded as a strategy for aligning the information technology and business within an enterprise. The maintenance, development and management of enterprise architecture is done through the implementation technology of enterprise architect. EA has developed into a core competitive advantage as business is becoming holistically occ...

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MNG72005 International Business

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Answer: Overseas Market Research It is basically an element of market research where retail business market is determined and its features are measured. It is implemented outside the home country of a business where Wesfarmers want to enhance its business functioning. It emphasizes on making new cultures and networks for the organization. Before making any contract with the company from Indian government, it becomes essential to have an appro...

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HC1041 IT For Business

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Answer: Introduction: The aim of this report is to understand the need to use information technology and in the business organization so that they can grow and develop into the markets. The company was initiated in June 1914 as a farmer cooperative company with one of the major functioning in the agricultural and services provider in the western Australian rural community. The company was started with two segments that is retail and other is...

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HRMT20026 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Answer Introduction Performance appraisal is the tool that is used by the management to measure the performance of its employees, to evaluate which employees are efficient and which employees are not. Evaluation of performance is very important, it lets the organization measure the overall performance of the organization. It also helps the organization and the HR management in promotions and increment of the pay of the employees. During the tim...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Title: To analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks: In context of Woolworth supermarket, Australia" Introduction The social media includes the different web-based communication technology that could be used by an organization to share the information and interact with others. In the recent business situation, there is a wide range of social networks are used by companies to share the information. These social...

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COIT20275 Systems Science And Engineering

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Answer:  Introduction: This assessment paper requires an analysis of the design process of a smart trolley to be used in supermarkets by basically focusing on its conceptual design phase of the smart trolley. The conceptual design of the smart trolley to be used is supermarkets primarily consider the needs definition of the smart trolley, support concept and its maintenance, feasibility study, performance measurement, system operation re...

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COU102A Theories Of Counselling

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Answer: Counselling is one of the best careers that an individual could undertake. It is good in the sense that a counsellor establishes a helping relationship with their clients which lead to great improvements in the health and well being of those clients. In addition to this, counselling theory helps an individual understand themselves and appreciate why people are so different. This is both in terms of their thought processes and behaviour...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context And E Commerce

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Answer: LEGO GROUP LEGO is a privately owned farm that owned by Kirk Kristiansen and was founded in the year 1932. The company is located in Billund, Denmark. The company’s one of the flagship product are the interlocking plastic blocks. These blocks are interconnected to make different types of toy figures (Lego.com, 2018). KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND E-COMMERCE The term knowledge management came into existence in the late 1980. The ter...

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