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Decision-making Models: Nursing Ethics

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Questions: A 6-year-old develops a high fever accompanied by violent vomiting and convulsions while at school. The child is rushed to a nearby hospital. The attending physician makes a diagnosis of meningitis and requests permission to initiate treatment from the parents. The child’s parents are divorced. The mother, who is not the biological parent of the child, has primary custody. She is a Christian Scientist who insists that no medical...

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Ethical Dilemma : Nursing Ethics

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical Dilemma for Nursing Ethics.     Answer: Introduction: Every nurse has to go through ethical dilemma which is a leading problem in nursing field. Often in various situations a nurse might get into confusion between two conditions which might seem morally correct for treatment of a patient in distress. Especially in case of a patient demanding for resuscitated taking the correct decision to proc...

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Ethical And Legal Issues In Withdrawal Of Life Sustaining Treatment In Infants

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical and Legal Issues in Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Treatment in Infants.   Answer: Introduction Ethical dilemma is the situation, where the healthcare professionals have two choose between, what has to be done and what is correct to do. The ethical dilemma can be very stress for the healthcare professional providing acute care to the small infants. This paper is based on the case study of the ba...

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Nursing Ethics : Medical Health Care Profession

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Question: Discuss about the Nursing Ethics for Medical Health Care Profession.   Answer: Introduction The medical healthcare profession is filled with complexity because in this working zone people have to deal with people (healthcare professional with the patients) within the scenario of laws, regulations and practice standards generating huge complexity. This complexity gives birth to legal and ethical issues at the end of time or a...

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Case Study Four Ethical Dilemma

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study Four Ethical Dilemma.   Answer: Introduction The different stakeholders involved in Elsie’s case included the Residential Aged Care Facility (RAC), nurse manager, the paramedics, the R.N. and Elsie’s family. Both the RAC and nurse manager had details of Elsie’s medical history and should have ensured that an advanced care directive (ACD) was signed on the same day that Els...

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Ethical And Legal Conflict In Aged Care Setting: Healthcare Professionals

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical and Legal Conflict in Aged Care Setting for Healthcare Professionals.   Answer: Introduction Ethical dilemma in aged care setting can be very challenging for the healthcare professionals. There are many situations where healthcare professionals find themselves stuck in ethical and moral complication. This essay is going to discuss the ethical dilemma in the given case scenario of Elsie Le...

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An Ethical Dilemma: Code Of Professional Conduct

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical Dilemma for Code of Professional Conduct.   Answer:  Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify an ethical dilemma in the case of end of life patient. The essay will focus on the case scenario of Harry Nelson, who is suffering from the end stage cancer. He has exhausted all the treatment options and currently he is receiving palliative care at his home. Harry has not prepared h...

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Medical Law And Nursing Ethics

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Question: Discuss about the Medical Law and Nursing Ethics.     Answer: Categorical Imperative Categorical imperative has been taken from the ethics of the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who was the founder of critical philosophy. Categorical imperative is a moral law, which is absolute for every human being. Its validity does not depend upon any motive. According to Kant, human beings hold a special position i...

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Nursing Ethics: Utilitarian Approach And Deontology

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Question: Discuss about the Nursing Ethics for Utilitarian Approach and Deontology.   Answer: Introduction The case study is concerned about Sam. Sam is a 21 years old boy, who had been admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain. According to the reports he had a past medical history of drug associated psychosis. Self harming and agitated behavior of Sam have compelled the clinical staffs to put him under restraints. Acc...

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