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Strategic Planning And Framework Of TJ Maxx

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Question: Describe about strategic planning and framework of TJ Maxx?   Answer: Executive Summary: Overview of target Organization: TJ Maxx is an American department store chain which is located with more than 1000 stores. This is one of the biggest retailers in the United States.  The store offers wide array of products from men and women’s apparel, accessories, toys and home products as well. The biggest advantage of this...

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Professional Development And Ethics On Socio-cultural

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Question: Describe about professional development and ethics on socio-cultural?     Answer: A. Introduction In the context of socio-cultural competence the language and the culture both are closely related to one another and also have reflective influence on the both of verbal and the non-verbal communication. As for example, the consequence of the length of the pause or the changes which are dependent on and can vary by the cul...

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Accounting Theory And Governance: Management

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Questions: 1. What is triple bottom line reporting, and what has it to do with sustainable development? Do you think that triple bottom line reporting can actually lead to separate bottom lines for the social, environmental and economic performance of an entity? Discuss fully2. Explain in detail the key elements and criticisms of Positive Accounting Theory. Do you agree with the criticisms? Why or why not?3. Compare historical cost accounting wi...

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Measurement Tools For Research

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Question: Describe about the Measurement Tools for Research ?   Answer: The instruments used by the practitioners and researchers to help in the evaluation of the patients, clients or subjects and also in the assessment. The tools are used to do the measurements or to collect data on the varieties of the variables which are ranging from the physical functioning. Some of the measurements tools include surveys, interviews, indexes and th...

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Detection Of Intrusions And Malware

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Question: • An analysis of the costs that systems intrusions, adware, and malware have caused organizations.   • In your analysis, include current data that detail the costs from these attacks in relationship to organizational bottom lines.   • An explanation of the costs that are involved. Costs involved may include money, time, resources, lost productivity, etc.   • A formulation of techniques for detec...

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Survey Questionnaire Analysis

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Question: Describe about the Survey Questionnaire Analysis?   Answer: 1. Advantages and disadvantages of using mail questionnaires Dillman et al. (2014) opined that using online mail questionnaires enables the researcher to collect data from a large volume of respondents and it saves the conveyance cost, printing cost and other survey costs. However, Mooi and Sarstedt (2011) argued that the use of online questionnaire suggests that th...

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Finance Security Analysis And Portfolio: Ginnie Mae And Freddie Mac

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Questions: 1. Financial Innovations leads to financial crisis?2. Adverse selection and moral hazards contribution in crisis?3. Unprecedent level of Government interventions?4. Long term impact  of the Government interventions?     Answers: 1. Financial Innovations leads to financial crisis Financial innovation has brought very complex structure and obfuscation within the mortgages selling that leads to housing bubble burst ...

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Responsibilities Of An HR Director

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Question: 1: Describe the types of information typically found in a job specification? 2: Explain how you would conduct a job analysis? 3: Do you think companies can really do without detailed job description? Why or why not?   Answer: 1. Different types of information available in Job Specification:     Work Experience needed for human resource director job by XYZ Company is 5-6 years minimum in any recognized f...

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Telecommunications And Networking Strategy

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Question: Describe about the Telecommunications And Networking Strategy?   Answer: Introduction: This assignment deals with the strategy of information technology and networking of ABCD University. An information resource security policy has been set in this assignment by considering the objective of risk reduction, law and regulation, information integrity and confidentiality of the information. This university provides world class i...

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Economy Business And Wicked Problems

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Question: Discuss the economy business and wicked problems?     Answer: Introduction The share economy is also referred to as the collaborative economy or consumption is a concept that revolves around a socio economic system that deals with the sharing of human and physical resources. The sharing can be of different forms from sharing of creations, production, trading and consumption and even distribution of goods and services d...

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