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BUSN331 Business Law

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Answers: Introduction In Alberta, the Residential Tenancies Act applies to all the people in this jurisdiction, who rent their space out (Alberta Queen’s Printer, 2016). Through this act, the rights and responsibilities of the landlords and tenants are brought forward (Landlord and Tenant, 2015). Question 1 Before a tenant can move in the rented accommodation, the tenant and the landlord have to reach an agreement, with regards to the...

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MGMT1601 Business Law

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Answer Employer Termination without Cause It is apparent that both the employer and the employee seek an amicable agreement that recognizes their contribution to one another. The lengthy notice periods would most likely benefit both parties. The employer would find ample time to seek a better replacement, while the employee would have reasonable time to seek employment (Thornicroft, 2013). Statutes ought not to override precedent set in previ...

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ECON 100 Introduction To Microeconomics

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Answers: Kathleen Wynne, the Premier announced that Ontario is expected to implement the minimum wage of $15 per hour within 2019. The province whose current minimum wage is at $11.40 would implement it stepwise starting with $14 wage bar at first (www.cba.ca, 2017). The immediate impact of this rise in minimum wage level has been highlighted through the diagram below: Ld and Ls are the labour demand and supply curve respectively intersecting...

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MGMT1601 Business Law

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Answers Introduction: In general, the term contract means an agreement that enforceable by law. By referring employment contract, an employer comes in contract with the employee (Golding & Howe, 2015). The aim of this paragraph is to discuss the provision regarding the employment law and to understand what benefit can be claimed by an employee if the employer violates the provision regarding the law. A case law regarding the employment te...

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L300 Sociology

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Answer Introduction “Social Policy” is a term used for referring the policies used by the governments in welfare and social protection activities, in ways by which the society would experience a development in welfare and also to the theoretical research of the topic. In one sense, social policy is predominantly involved with social services and state of wellbeing. In the other wider sense, it is related to a variety of concerns t...

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MGMT 1290 Business Communications

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Answer: Name……………………….. Creative Marketing for Modern Tourist Address…………………. 25/3/2017  Ms. Claire Hunter Manager of marketing and communication at Calgary 1290 West Trans-Canada Highway, Calgary, AB T3R 0G5.  Dear Madam, I work with Creative Marketing for Modern Tourist, which is one of the most promising marketi...

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DAST1101 Introduction To Disability Studies

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Answers 1. What are the issues and the point of concern in this case? the issues arising from this case is whether the courts should abide by the spirit or the letter of the law. The point of concern in this case is that a favorable decision to Latimer would legalize Euthanasia which is also known as mercy killing and this would put people living with disability in danger (Laney, 2008). This would encourage violation of right to life of peopl...

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MKTG-428 Integrated Marketing Communications

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Answer: An online application will be developed that include various types of features such as restaurants, gaming, salon, parking facility and many more. The name of this online app is “Goanywhere!” A Smartphone user can access this app by downloading it in his or her mobile via Google Play store. If someone wants this facility, he/ she can open this app and can make booking first. Now a promotional plan for this app has been deve...

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MGMT1601 Business Law

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Answer: Memo Step 1 The four elements required to establish negligence are Duty of care Breach of the duty of care Causation Damages Step 2 The test required for establishing the elements are Duty of care – Donoghue V Stevenson 1932 AC 522- Neighbor principle Caparo Industries pIc v Dickman [1990] 2 AC 605 - Caparo test Breach of the duty of care Vaughan v Menlove (1837) 3 Bing. N.C. 467 - Objective test Probab...

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MGMT1201 Business Communications

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Answer: Calgary Insurance Brokerage Imperial Tower 593 – 6th Avenue SW  Suite 800 Calgary Alberta  T2P 2Z1 Phone: 403-300-6980 Date: 3rd March, 2016 James Peterson, 32 Erin Ridge Rd SE Calgary Alberta T2B 2W9 Subject: Change of office location Dear Mr. Peterson: It is a pleasure to announce that you are a highly valuable employee of Calgary Insurance Brokerage. You have made extremely precious contribution for th...

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ECON 5500 Macroeconomics

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Answer: An Article Review on Monopolies Monopoly is one of the major market structures in the world. In this structure, there is only one firm which produces and sells a unique product. Thus, there are no close substitutes for the goods and services offered by the company. In turn, this ensures that the firm faces no direct competition from other businesses in the market. Usually, a monopoly sets its prices at a point that maximizes its profi...

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SK299 Human Biology

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Answers: 1. Heart Rate Control The heart rate is usually regulated and/or controlled by impulses which are produced by both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nerves within the Sino-atrial node. The parasympathetic nerve system mainly functions as a calming system and thus functions when the heart is at rest (Zhang, 2009). The vagus nerve as part of this system makes the heart to beat slower when need be. The sympathetic system on the ot...

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HRMT 160 Training And Development

Download : 1 | Pages : 10

Answer Introduction For centuries now, the values of money in the lives of people’s lives have increased exponentially. People need money to avail the basic amenities of life, which are necessary for survival, such as food, clothing and lodging (Rodriguez & Walters, 2017). However, there are many people on Earth who are unable to pay for their survival in this modern world. The competitive nature of the contemporary world have led t...

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HRMT 151 Employee And Labour Relations

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Answers Administration Member Roles The role of the lead negotiator of the board will be ensuring that the labor laws are complied with as accorded in the regulations of the Province of Alberta. Moreover, the lead negotiator is expected to reach an agreement with the members prior to the stipulated time of the meeting; so as to bring cohesion of the ideas of the members and avoid chaos and confusion since the present condition has been beyon...

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MGMT 312 Entrepreneurship

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Answer: Opportunity description The idea is to start a digital marketing agency that takes complete control of the company’s digital marketing activities. The demand for a digital marketing agency is consistently growing owing to the digitization of the world.   Competitive advantage The cut throat competition in the industry has made it imperative for organizations to consistently improvise their products, prices, servic...

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