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ACC515 Accounting And Finance

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Answers Part A: a) Identifying annual percentage rate on loan: Particulars Value Time 3 months Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate 3% Annual interest rate 1% Total interest rate annually 4% Annual rate (1+(rate / time)^3/12) -1 Annual rate (1+( 4% / 0.25)^3/12) -1 Annual rate 0.33% for 3 months b) Stating the difference...

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ACC201 Financial Accounting

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Answer: a) Depicting the financial information about investment company holdings: The overall performance of the investment company can be identified by detecting fair values of the investments which are held by the company. The following measures can be used by the company for understanding the financial performance of the investment company. The relevant valuation of the fair value of securities held by the investment company needs to be...

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Investments Analysis And Portfolio Management

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Question: Discuss about the Investment analysis and portfolio management.   Answer: Introduction This report contains a whole analysis of CSL Limited which operates in biotechnology industry. The report includes a brief overview of the company along with the information related to its board of directors and external auditors. Investing and financing decisions taken by the company during the fiscal year 2016-2017 is also discussed in t...

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Integrate Social & Environmental Performance

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Question: Discuss about the Integrate Social And Environmental Performance Of The Organizations.     Answer: Introduction In today’s business world, it is needed for the businesses to disclose all the required information about their different kinds of initiative towards the betterment of the people of society and the environment. Due to the presence of large number of issues related to corporate social and environmental ...

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Internal Control System On Fraud Detection

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Questions: 1. Suitable internal control measures in relation to cash handling are explained. 2. The need for internal controls are explained.   Answers: Answer 1 Internal control process for cash receipt assists the small business to prevent the loss owing to accounting errors and employee frauds. The controls are expected to limit the cash access to particular employees and verify that all the receipts, transfers and refunds are cor...

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Valuation Of Investment Property And The Urban Built

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Question: Discuss about the Valuation Of Investment Property And The Urban Built.     Answer: Calculating Net present value method and a required rate of return of 8% to determine, which project should the Company accepted: Year Project A Discounting rate PV 0   (11,000.00)                   &n...

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Financial Accounting Education Australia

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Question: Discuss About The Financial Accounting Education Australia?   Answer: Introducation The costs, incurred during acquisition of assets, can be classified into two categories – capital expenditure and revenue expenditure. In general, the capital expenditures are included in the book value of the acquired assets, whereas, the revenue expenditures are treated as annual expenses and considered for determining the annual ...

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Accounting & Financial Management: Ratio Analysis

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Question: Discuss about the Accounting & Financial Management for Ratio.   Answer: Ratio Analysis Profitability Ratios The profitability ratios are calculated for analyzing the revenue generated by a business entity in comparison to the expenses incurred. The ratios examined for measuring the profitability of ANZ and Commonwealth bank are as follows: Net Profit ratio: The net profit ratio depicts the percentage of profit r...

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Accounting And Financial Management: HIH Group

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Question: Discuss about the Accounting and Financial Management for HIH Group.   Answer: Introduction HIH group was the second largest general insurer in Australia with 217 subsidiaries. The company was established in the year 1968 as MW Payne Liability Agencies Pty Ltd as an underwriting insurance business in Australia. The mission of the company is to capture a large market share in the general insurance industry of Australia ...

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Financial Evaluation Of Woolworths Supermarkets

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Question: Discusses how the firm's Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement could be used to support the decisions of a range of specific Stakeholders of the Firm.     Answer: The present study is based on a financial evaluation of Woolworths Supermarkets by considering financial and nonfinancial factors of the company. Cited business is primarily engaged in retailing of groceries along with other household items. ...

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Accounting And Financial Management: Fiscal Crisis

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Question: Discuss about the Accounting and Financial Management for Fiscal Crisis.   Answer: The recent fiscal crisis has resulted in huge debate concerning the fair value accounting. Several critics have put forward their argument by stating that fair value accounting which is often known as market-to-market accounting that has considerably contributed to the fiscal crisis or have at least aggravated it brutality (Rey, 2015...

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Project Analysis Through Capital Budgeting

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Question: Discuss about the Report for Project Analysis Through Capital Budgeting.   Answer: Introduction The given company Alata Plc wishes to introduce a new product in the market and wants to ascertain the financial feasibility of the project by taking into consideration the underlying implementation and feasibility issues. On the basis of the given information, the given report aims to carry out the analysis of the given project a...

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Accounting & Financial Management : Asset Pricing

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Question: Discuss about the Accounting & Financial Management for Asset Pricing.   Answer: Part A – A Critique of the Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM: Capital asset pricing model starts where Markowitz left off. The CAPM developed by William F Sharpe, Jan Mossin, and John Linter is one of the significant developments in the financial industry. The capital asset pricing model talks about the expected return from an asset an...

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Supply Chain Management Systems

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Question: Discuss about the Supply Chain Management Systems.     Answer: Introduction Blackmore is one of the trusted natural health brands, for supplying vitamin and supplements. It deals with inspiring people for taking control and investing in the health and well – being. The company was founded by 80 years ago through the pioneering of naturopath under Maurice Blackmore. He believed in giving health properties of herbs...

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Accounting & Financial Management : Blackmores Company

Download : 1 | Pages : 25

Question: Discuss about the Accounting & Financial Management for Blackmores Company.   Answer: Introduction: The overall study mainly helps in depicting the strategies that is been used by Blackmores company in conducting their operations. Moreover, the study also helps in depicting the usefulness of GRI guidelines, which could benefit the stakeholders of the company. In addition, the novice effectively depicts the overall gap an...

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