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Financial Reporting

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Read the annual report including the financial statements of the group and write a memorandum to the board of directors clearly explaining some of the technical aspects of consolidation. Make sure that you draw on the group’s specific details to explain the intricacies of consolidation to the board, and as much as possible avoid answering in general terms. Some of the aspects that you need to cover as a team are (but not restricted to): 1.T...

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Business Module

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Intended Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course students should be able to:-1.    Demonstrate a critical and in-depth knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts and literature in relation to practice in an area of negotiated study2.    Critically analyse and rigorously evaluate the processes for planning and assessment protocols for use with children and families3.    Effectively communi...

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Engineering Mathematics

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Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures, in the Appendix 1 ‘A2Z Solutions Pty. Ltd’. Review templates contained in Appendix 2 ‘Templates’ for possible use or adaptation in completing assessment task requirements. 2. Review the information in Scenario 1 below and fill out an incident report in connection with the WHS incident. Complete a risk assessment based on the information provide...

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Drones In Construction Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Drones in Construction Industry.     Answer: Introduction: Linear Project: the activities which have monotonous nature of work over a long extend of land with two parallel sides of work running along the way like water pipeline, railroad, streets and so on are known as Linear Project. While booking for straight tasks, we have to utilize same resources at various chainages from one action to other as i...

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Mapping And Analysing Socio-spatial Patterns

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1. Choose one variable that relates to the class structure/ethnic composition/ or religious diversity of this city and graph or map this data for the Greater Geelong urban area.  
2. Describe the pattern this data makes across this city.   
3. Begin an explanation of why this pattern may exist (and here you can use general principles or more local knowledge and research) 

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IT Ethics

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Your lecturer will place several links in Interact to a number of relevant articles and/or case studies. These will be available to you just after your second assignment has been submitted.1.    Choose one of the media articles or case studies listed by the lecturer in your Interact 2 subject site.2.    Use the title of the article/case study provided in interact 2 as the title of your essay, so that the lecturer kno...

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Supply Chain Management

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Task description & requirements:Read the following case study Case 13-2 Durable Vinyl Siding Corporation. In the case study, the Director of Sourcing and Procurement is preparing a purchasing strategic plan. She considers that computerisation and e-commerce may achieve the required reduction in procurement costs.The Director of Sourcing and Procurement has asked you to prepare a background paper on these two options to assist with the prepara...

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Business Consumer Assumption

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Question 1 Assume the government wishes to reduce alcohol consumption by considering a higher excise tax on alcohol products. Collect information on estimates for the price elasticity of demand for alcohol products. Based on these elasticity estimates illustrate using a demand/supply diagram(s) who bears the burden of the higher excise tax, consumers or producers. As an alternative for reducing alcohol consumption assume the government is a...

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Identify The Stakeholders Involved In This Situation

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Question: Discuss about the Report for Identify the Stakeholders Involved in this Situation.   Answer: The process of identifying the stakeholders is one of the most effective initiatives for any participatory planning. In the given scenario, the involvement of the concerned stakeholders must have been identified to provide sustainability to the project. Meanwhile, stakeholders are primarily an individual person or a group of people th...

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Strategic Development Of Management : Global Changes

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Development of Management for Global Changes.   Answer: Introduction Change and strategic development are closely interrelated. While all successful organisations are designed to handle the current scenario and be successful; they are not the external changes that may affect the organisation periodically. The various external changes include improvements in technology; political situation in the a...

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Management Theory And Practices Of Amazon

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Question: Discuss about Management Theory and Practices of Amazon.     Answer: Introduction to the dilemma faced by the organization The growth of the companies is based on the sustainable attitude they have towards their functioning and the management of their chief resources. However, at times, the companies fail to undertake the humanitarian approach that is being imposed by the corporate responsibilities for their quick growth...

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E-learning Activities

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For your Assignment 1 (Individual) Review of e-Learning materials Word limit: 1,000 words (±10%) Marks: 20 Due Date: 5 pm Friday, Week 6 (Soft copy to be uploaded on Blackboard through 'Assignments and due dates' menu AND hard copy along with a FULL safeassign report need to be submitted) For weeks 3, 4 and 5, e-Learning materials are uploaded on Blackboard (see 'E-learning Activities' menu for these weekly activities) for review and appli...

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High Levels Of Urbanization: Urban Population

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Question: Discuss about the High Levels of Urbanization for Urban Population.   Answer: The spread of the globalization effect and capitalist societies in the modern world have led to the growth of urban population.  In this urban areas, cities serve as the vital economic and administrative centers. Currently, there is a rapid increase in the number of cities across the globe. This increase is driven by the belief that citie...

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Australian Mega Project

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Questions 1.    Define the following: •    Linear Project•    Time Chainage Diagram (4 marks) 2.    Prepare a construction schedule (having a start date of 1 January 2020) in Time-Chainage Diagram (TCD) format using AutoCAD, XL or other graphical software showing all activities to be undertaken for the construction of ¬your viaduct option which shall include site ...

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Engineering Mathematics

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1. (a) Transpose the following formula to make v the subject
(b) Solve the following equation to find the value of x:
(c) In the formula the value of  θ
=  58, V =  255, R =  0.1 and L =  0.5.  Find the corresponding value of t.
Find L if  ω
=  –2.6, L0 =  16  and  h =  1.5.

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