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ITC561 Cloud Computing

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Answer: Two approaches to provide office automation in SoftArc Engineering Company The SoftArc Engineering Company wants to provide access of office automation to the staffs of civil engineering. The facility of office automation can be provided by utilizing either cloud computing or business intelligence (Almorsy, Grundy & Muller, 2016). These technologies will be helpful in accessing the automation system of the organization in context ...

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ITECH5500 Professional Research And Communication

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Answer Part A Introduction Communication is an essential part of human life. Various forms of communication are used to express the thoughts and information. With the advent of technology, the communication media has enhanced, thus enhancing the overall communication. Wired communication has been replaced with wireless communication as technical advancements took place. The introduction of the wireless communication has completely changed the ...

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ABOR6004 Community Development

Download : 0 | Pages : 11

Answer: The paper deals with the community development program to address the mental health issue- anxiety and depression. The chosen community for this purpose is Elizabeth Down in Australia. It is in the City of Playford, in northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia (Alvaro et al., 2013). The paper highlights the ideas that guide the approach. The selected problem is defined and its impact on the specific group of people is...

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K200 Construction Management

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Answer: The proposal includes the construction of a residential; house which will consist four bedroom. The climatic conditions are key for these considerations. The house rents and land factors keep on appreciating each year. This is a key reason why one should be able to own his or her own piece of land and have the residential home one it. This means that one will be able to save a lot of money which is used for rental purposes to cater for...

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COIT 20246 ICT Services Management

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Answer: This particular resource is about the history of computers that has included the different stages that the computer architecture has gone through. Several different phases of development and induction of various technologies have been mentioned in this article. The main reason for the selection of this particular article is that the various stages of development and advancements the computer system and architecture has gone through has...

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322AA Information Technology

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Answer: Task 1 WBS  The WBS of the “Work Breakdown Structure” would consist of each and every task that would be accomplished accordingly. The “Work Breakdown Structure” would be developed in a 3-4 level WBS format and would be developed in “Indented format” as well (Budczies et.al, 2012). The WBS that has been developed below is a clear projection of the array of tasks that would be essential for ac...

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BN106 Networking Fundamentals

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Answers: Introduction The network analyser is the instrument for the measurement of the network parameters of the electrical networks. This is based on the measurement of the s parameters where the reflection and the transmission is for the electrical networks that are mainly found to be easy at the higher set of frequency. There is a check of the other parameters which are used to characterise the two port networks with the amplifiers and th...

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ITECH7407 Real Time Analytic

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answer: Introduction The study of variability in the various factors is very important in understanding the nature and trends involved in the variability. The variability pattern exists in the rainfall is responsible for the proportion of the rainfall in the different regions or areas. We know that the proportion of the rainfall is not same for different regions. There is low proportion of rainfall in some areas, high proportion of rainfall i...

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LAW205 Introduction To Forensics

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Answers 1. a. In order to identify of a controlled substance, two tests must be performed. One test is a screening or presumptive test and the other test is an instrumental or confirmatory test. The tests are conducted to confirm the presence of drug in the sample by comparing it with a known standard of that drug. Exhibit (1) matches A as it contains pharmaceutical preparations, hence, the administrative sample selection shall be used.&nb...

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KIT708 ICT Systems Strategy And Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 12

Answer: Growth and Potential of Quantum Computers The use and application of computers along with the computing technologies has expanded and spread to a large number of population. The world can no longer imagine absence of computers and its related technologies any longer. It is because of this reason that there are ongoing developments that are taking place in the field of computers and computing technologies. Many of the computing technolog...

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MN404 Fundamentals Of Operating Systems And Java Programming

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Answer: Introduction: Online Meal Supplier is an application that helps the customer to book and sellers to sell their gourmet frozen meals over the Internet. First it allows the customer to register themselves with the application by providing their details such as name, shipping address, contact number, email address and credit card details. The site also host information of the meals that they sell. The meal information like their id, name...

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CC6051 Ethical Hacking

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Answer      Introduction Today several cases of computer or mobile hacking are encountered by users. The harmful activities of hackers are increasing continuously and they use different ways to access sensitive information from mobiles, computers and networks. There are various hacking issues faced by IT users. This way of hacking is unethical and illegal because it is about accessing information of someone without permission t...

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CIS2000 Systems Analysis And Design

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Answers: Introduction In this report the attention is on actualizing information system in Crown's Hotel which gives lodging administration in Australia and has a scope of hotels all through the nation. The review is being directed to determine the issues inside the association and suggest another information system plan with the assistance of "TO BE" business prepare show. The time administration plan is likewise being set up to complete thi...

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HC1041 Information Technology For Business

Download : 0 | Pages : 11

Answer: Introduction In recent time Information Technology is playing a vital role for conducting the operation in the sector of transport industries. It gives significant effect on the operational process of business in the sector of transport. IT assists for retaining loyalty of the customers in the sector of transports and thus constructing the transport business operation of an excellent quality.  Information Technology succeeds in d...

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SUP-3043 Supply Chain Operations Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 5

Answer: Introduction  The report is based on the supply chain process of world’s renowned retail brand Costco. Supply chain management is related with movement and storage of raw-material, WIP and finished goods from point of origin to the point of consumption.  Costco is following a high- volume- low margin approach. Their aim is to sell goods in large volume to the consumers at a cutthroat price.  They consider in keepi...

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