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BUS305 Small Business Management

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Answers: Answer 1: The case study shows presents six members namely, Alice, Bill, Chris, Doug, Erica and Lisa. Alice shows high responsibly and high skill while performing her duties. Since she is involved in bringing about innovation and training employees, it can be construed that she is a good motivator, hence, high on the motivation scale as well. Bill shoulders extra responsibility but lacks some skills. Therefore, he...

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ENGLISH 20 Literature And Composition

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Answers: Vocabulary carries significant importance in a student’s life since a rich vocabulary and the much-needed skill to apply them in appropriate places lead them to success. Apart from education, the greatest tool that the teachers can offer students is the power of words, which will definitely help them to function in the world of multifaceted social and economic aspects (Jose, 2015). It is almost unfeasible to overstate the import...

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CMNS 112 Professional Writing

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Answer Report on Just Eat Plc Introduction The objective of the paper is to carry out analysis of the Just Eat Plc in order to realise whether the company has a promising future and whether investment within the company can be recommended. The report will also analyse industry in which the company operates its business along with gathering suitable financial data for supporting the necessary recommendations. Strategic and financial position an...

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ELEC ENG 4100 Business Management Systems

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Answer: Introduction The research report is based on “Impact of outsourcing web development projects on business performance”. The business functions are growing increasingly complex by means of globalization, competition as well as technology at rapid pace. Husted and de Sousa-Filho (2017) noted that handling of aspects of the business operations is difficult for organization to view the suppliers as the cooperative partners. Bha...

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N100 Business And Management

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Answer: Introduction: The Coca-Cola Company has the expectation from all its employees that they must follow the law and act in an ethical manner regarding various kinds of matters within the organization (Smith & Betts, 2015). The lists of aspects and parts of Supplier Code of Conduct related to Coca-Cola include the following: Collision related to awareness:All the workers of Coca-Cola organization are required to work in a positive ...

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BSBRSK501 Manage Risk

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Answer: Answer 1 According to the “Australia/New Zealand Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009)” risk can be defined as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives”(Finance.gov.au 2018). In other words, it can be said that risk can be seen as the factor which deters the organizations or individuals to achieve their set objectives or goals. This is drastically different from the earlier definition of risk whe...

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FBLU046 Business Management

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Answer: Introduction Behaviour analysis is one of the major requirements that helps in seeking to understand the significant behaviour of several individuals. The recognition of the behaviour is quite important and noteworthy for every individual, since it emphasizes on the reliability of behavioural influences (Okajima et al., 2013). There are certain techniques that help in this type of analysis of behaviour. The two most basic forms of beh...

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FNSACC503 Manage Budgets And Forecasts

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Answer: Budgets are helpful for the business in tracking and managing their resources. Business generally uses numerous types of budgets to measure their spending and creating efficient strategies for increasing the assets and revenues. The below listed are the types of budgets that are commonly used by the business are as follows; Master Budget Operating Budget Cash Flow Budget Sales Budget Production Budget Financial Budget The bu...

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N221 Business Management

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Answer: Introduction The different people as present in an organization are considered to be a crucial part of the organization and it thereby becomes very important for the organization to understand that it is required to look after these people without which it will become very difficult for the firm to function at large (Jenkins 2008). The organizational studies are generally centered around the concept of the management of the people and...

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HRM302 Managing Change

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Answer: 1. A resistance to change is a natural process that occurs when employees are asked to make a transition or to accept a workplace change. It is a natural tendency of human beings to resist workplace changes that might bring them out of their comfort zones. Resistance to change can lead to the failure of a change program, which makes it imperative for managers to deal with resistance to change and make change more acceptable. Certain st...

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FNS50215 Diploma Of Accounting

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Answer: Cash basis accounting It is a method of accounting in which the revenue and expenses are recorded only when the cash is received or paid. In other words, company record the revenue in their statements when the cash is received from the customers in exchange of a particular product or service.  Similarly, an expense is accounted only when it is paid by the company. The method of cash accounting is allowed for tax purposes in t...

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CED 361 Business Management Internship I

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Answer:  Applying business model analysis framework Business model analysis helps in determining the factors that affect the existence of a business. In the case of CloudFare, the application of the business model can help it to understand the revenue that the company receives from the customers and the manner in which it is received. The analysis of the business model canvas of CloudFare indicates that the company that has major connect...

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HRMG200 Human Resource Management

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Answer:  Introduction:  The report is prepared to discuss about the issues or problems associated with the management of human resources. The topic will shed light on the cause of organizational failure as well as identify the individuals responsible for it, it’s probable impact, level of severity and how can it be responded to for the facilitation of organizational factors contributing to the failure experienced at the organi...

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MITS5003 Wireless Networks And Communication

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Answer: The stages in purchasing where the authorisation is necessary are as follows. Generally the procurement manager purchases the product so the authorisation from the Procurement manager is necessary. The next stage is to select the supplier and the relevant person of the each department shall be authorised for particular department. Procurement management sends the invoice to the department of accounts and so authorisation is important...

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MGT10001 Introduction To Management

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Answer: Introduction One of the effective learning activities that were undertaken after the completion of the assignment is the manner in which teamwork can be established. I had been involved in a four-member group in which each of the people had been skilled in their own way to go about and help in the development of the team. Members of my team rose to the challenge that was presented to them and thereby a balance was made while undertaki...

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