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MOD003486 Managing Human Resource

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answers Introduction Human resource management plays a significant role in the organization, because it helps the management to execute the organizational policies and get expected results. But the issues related to the human resources affect the business policies of the organization (Paauwe 2004). In this context, this paper will discuss about human resource management of Huntsman Hotels, PLC with the help of Task 1 that has two sections. Firs...

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MOD003379 Legal Aspects Of Business

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Answers: 1. Features of Sole Trader Form of Business Organization  A sole trader is a type of business organization which is owned, managed and controlled by a single person. He is the only person who has to do all the arrangements with regards capital required to run the business as well as manage the business single-handed. Thus since the business of a sole trader is a one man show, therefore the profits earned are also only his and he...

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MOD003336 Tourism Marketing

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Answer Introduction The term tourism is often used to refer to the temporary movement of people to new destinations for pleasure, business, among other reasons. Tourists visit different places in the world seeking to enjoy unique phenomenon which might be political, historical, social-cultural and natural creations. Tourism started in the early precolonial days, but in the 19th and 20th centuries it advanced into new levels due to man...

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MOD003327 Economics For Business

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Answer: i) The concept of supply curve and demand curve of any product shows the equilibrium level of quantity and price of that product in a market economy. In an upward rising supply curve, the producer will produce more output if the price of that product will increase (Kimbrough and Murphy 2013). The reason behind this positive relationship between price and quantity supplied is that, producer can earn more revenue by producing more quantity...

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MOD0033 Business Environment

Download : 0 | Pages : 19

Answer: Types of organizations They are various types of organizations in the business environment. When going into business, one ought to consider if they want a for profit or not for profit business. Entrepreneurs need to realize the difference between for-profit and non-profit business. The difference between these two is the reason for their existence. For-profit businesses are founded to generate income for the business owner and his emplo...

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MOD003336 Tourism Marketing

Download : 1 | Pages : 16

Answer: Audley Travel Company is a tourism company that offers variety of tourism services i.e. signature holiday, heritage tourism, honeymoon tourism, historic tourism, dark tourism and many more. The report argues on promoting of dark tourism in order to ensure growth. Report quotes the overview of dark tourism and highlights motivating factor to adopt the newly developing sector. Before selecting and inaugurating dark tourism specific resea...

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MOD006065 Global Hospitality And Tourism Issues

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Answer Airbnb and its impact on the hotel industry The economy based on sharing has come out as an alternate supplier of services as well as goods traditionally provided by long-term establishment industries. In this essay, the economic impact of the sharing economy will be studied with reference to Airbnb, which is a prominent platform for short-term accommodations. It enables consumers to lease or to rent short term lodging which consists o...

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MOD003327 Economics For Managers

Download : 0 | Pages : 12

Answer: The situation where total output of an economy increases over time captured by its gross domestic product. In other way, when the economy can produce more of all goods using its scarce resources then the economy is to be growing. A set of policies can be adapted to foster .The policies are broadly categorized as demand side policies and supply side policies. The demand side policies aim to achieve a high growth rate by increasing aggre...

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MOD003379 Legal Aspects Of Business

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Answer: 1) Sole Proprietorship- When referring to a sole proprietorship it refers to a business which does not have an independent existence from the owner of the business. There is a single owner. Thus the losses and incomes are taxed on the basis of the personal income tax return of the individual (Pickernell et al., 2011). A sole proprietorship is perhaps the simplest form of business under which a person can carry on his or her business. W...

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IRHR2270 Human Resource Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 15

Answer: Introduction  The report focuses on the significance of human resource management in Aldi Corporation. Aldi is the supermarket company which supplies its products in all over the world. It explains the methods and strategies which are used by the company in order to identify the capabilities gaps of existing staff for future store management positions in the market. The firm uses effective and unique methods to attain the mission...

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MOD003331 Introduction To Tourism

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Answer: Development of Budget Airlines within UK: History of Low Budget Airlines: There is this general acceptance that the low cost airlines, otherwise known as the discount airline have been in the business of offering low fares eliminating most of the conventional passenger services. The business of low-cost carrier is mainly designed by the three main elements that are simple product, positioning and low cost of operating. In case of sim...

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MOD003459 Financial Reporting For Business

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Answer: Mitchells and Butlers Plc is the operator of managed pubs and restaurants. The portfolio of the company and the formats involves Toby Carvey, Harvester, Miller & Carter, All Bar One, Sizzling Pubs, Crown Carveries, Browns, Stone house and Ember Inns. Their vision is that the guest must love to drink and eat with them. They operate in UK drinking and eating out and the market is fragmented and large. Food is the primary ling te...

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BUS 229 Organization Conflict Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 14

Answer: Introduction: Organizations are made up of employers, employees, and trade unions that are always in constant interaction. The interaction among the stakeholders always differs in every organization depending on the number of employees, the management structure rules and regulations among other factors. In this organization, there is an unfortunate relationship between employees and the companies as most of the employees tend to suffe...

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MOD003462 Financial Management For Organisations

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Answer: Business valuation is an assessment method which is used by an organization to arrive at the actual worth of the company. Usually, business valuation is done to arrive at the merger and acquisition decision. A company which is acquiring other company will be interested to know the actual worth of the company. This valuation is also used to calculate purchase consideration for the purchase of the company by acquiring the company. Theref...

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MOD003353-Technology And Innovation Strategies Of Sainsbury

Download : 0 | Pages : 14

Answer Introduction The report discusses about the different technology and innovation used by the Sainsbury company. Report highlights the facts that how improvement in technology leads to economic growth in the country. The innovation in the company will increase the country chances to grow more. The company policies are also discussed in the report. The company is following which ethics and policies, corporate governance in the organisatio...

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