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PACC6009 Business Law

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Answer: Introduction The matter of David Jones Limited v Willis [1934] HCA 47; 52 CLR 110 is considered amongst the landmark cases with regards to the merchantable quality. In this particular case, the plaintiff was Willis and the defendant was David Jones and in this matter, an appeal was made was made from the New South Wales Supreme Court. This particular matter was related to the Sales of Goods Act, 1923 (Cth) (High Court, 2017). In ...

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SCMIC2001 General Microbiology

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Answer: Results and Calculations Direct cell count via hemocytometer Average cell count per square- 304/15= 20.26 Each square has a volume of 6.25 × 10-3µl =0.00625 µl Therefore, the total number of bacterial cells per ml of liquid is = = average cells/square X 1000            = 20.26      X 1000 = 3241600 = 3.2 × 106 cel...

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LML6002 Australian Migration Law

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Answer: Introduction The suit was filed by Tatenda Muradzi against the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship because the application submitted by Tatenda for skilled migration visa, was rejected by the Department of Immigration. Due to technical issues, Tatenda was not able to file her application through the internet. She sends her application using facsimile to the visa department, instead of using other prescribed methods. The officers ...

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SIT775 IT Services In Organisations

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Answer: Introduction Development of information technology allows using the applications of IT in order to minimize costs of the application implementation as well as bring solutions to the respective faster. In addition, the organizations turn to the third party outsourcing for various causes such as to minimize costs, maintenance as well as operations of help desk. One of the most important ingredients for successful relationship between ap...

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BIOL2010 Biochemistry

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Answer      Introduction The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is most common in the elderly people above the age of 65 years old. This neurodegenerative disease has been a major burden on the healthcare system universally and its occurrence is also expected to rise in the coming years. The disease impairs cognitive functions and loss in memory of the patients as it progresses clinically (Dubois, et al., 2016). The disord...

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SCMED 3034 Histopathology And Haematology Scenario

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Answer: This is the first step that is done on a specimen after the piece of the tissue has been removed. It can be from the liver, heart or spleen. Tissue fixation is achieved by putting the tissue removed in 10% neutral buffered formalin. This will help prevent tissue autolysis which is degeneration of chains of protein molecules immediately after the tissue is removed. Formalin does this by crosslinking the chains of protein molecule ends w...

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SLE761 Research Planning And Communication

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Answer: Introduction An ethical norm as a way of not causing harm is learnt at school or church or in other social setting (Gillan & Pickerill, 2012). While the moral conduct of deciding upon the right or the wrong is learnt during the human life, individuals interpret and apply them according to their understanding, values and through experiences. Ethics can be defined as a code of conduct that governs behaviours. Almost every profession...

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Essence Of Iron During Pregnancy: Pregnant Women

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Question: Discuss about the Essence of Iron During Pregnancy for Pregnant Women.   Answer: Introduction Recent research has shown that 80% of pregnant women are suffering from iron deficiency. Iron is a critical nutritional requirement that assists pregnant women in so many ways. The formation of the red pigment of blood solely depends on the existence of ferritin in the bloodstream. Furthermore, Iron is necessary for the develo...

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Migration Laws: Immigration And Border Protection

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Question: Discuss about the Migration Laws for Immigration and Border Protection.   Answer: The case was related to an appeal against the decision of the administrative appeals Tribunal with respect to taking into account appropriate consideration for deciding a visa application. In this case the delegate of minister of immigration and border protection refuse to issue the applicant a student subclass 572 visa. An appeal was made...

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Auto-Boats: Ethics And Social Issues

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Question: Discuss about the Auto-Boats for Ethics and Social Issues.   Answer: Auto-boats technology overview The start-up involves the development of automatic boats which use robotics. Sensors are fitted onto boats and are controlled by use of computer software that is capable of autonomous navigation. The start-up has been spurred with the presence of driverless vehicles. The company is currently in full autonomy and is expect...

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Introduction To Engineering Leadership

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Question: Give examples of two Engineering Leaders for each of the Leadership traits and explained the strategy adopted by them to achieve these trait.   Answer: Engineering leaders The most impactful engineering leadership is very simple. It offers great support for every team member, manages the coordination and execution of takes across teams and gives teams the opportunity to grow with at the same time working to innovate proc...

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Analytical Procedure Clients Business Risks

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Question: Discuss About The Analytical Procedure Clients Business Risks?   Answer: Introduction GPSA Limited is a medical technology company that was incorporated in 1992 as the pioneer in medical technological research and distribution of medical equipment. In previous years from its inception, the company has relied on its internal control systems based on its results satisfaction of extensive control tests (Shim, 2011). After d...

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Conceptual Framework For Mediatization

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Question: Discuss about the Conceptual Framework for Mediatization.     Answer: Introduction: It can be seen that there are some building blocks in the accounting conceptual framework. There are total 19 blocks in the conceptual framework. Block 1 contains the definition of financial reporting of various entities like statement of income, statement of balance sheet, statement of cash flows and others. Block 2 provides the defini...

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Immunity And Disease: Campylobacter Jejuni Infections

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Question: Discuss about the Immunity and Disease for Campylobacter Jejuni Infections.   Answer: Campylobacter jejuni is a zoonotic pathogenic bacterium that is a causative organism for gastroenteritis in humans which is called campylobacteriosis. Infections caused by Campylobacter are more common than those caused by other pathogens, such as Salmonella, Shigella or Escherichia coli O157:H7. Consumption of undercooked poultry...

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Ethical And The Legal Complexities

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Questions: 1.Using the American Accounting Association (AAA) Ethical decision model explain the Ethical Issues involved here and recommend a course of action for Jacqui.   2.With reference to relevant case law, prepare a report for the Managing Partners of MYH on the strength of any negligence case that Oasis might bring against MYH.     Answers: Introduction “American Accounting Association (AAA)” is seen...

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