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Principles Of Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

Question: Describe about the terms and Principles of Negotiation?   Answer: For a scientist three virtues are very important for a successful scientific ca...

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Different Forms Of Insulin For Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

Question: What are the side effects of using insulin, Recent advance of the formulation, Man made vs porcine and bovine insulin, inhaled insulin is an important subj...

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Pathophysiology: 2 Types Of Diabetes

Question: Describe about pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes?     Answer: Dysfunction insulin secretion: Dysfunctional insulin secretion is due to de...

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Psychogenics: Conditioned Avoidance Response

Questions: Briefly describe the interpretation of the following: Q1. a. Head twitch test b. Condition Avoidance test c. Novel object recognition test d. Cataleps...

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The Epidemiology

Question: Discuss about the epidemiology of type 2 diabetes?     Answer: The prevalence of type 2 diabetes in united States is at a higher rate. Acco...

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Question: Discuss the thyroidal problems due to perchlorate?     Answer: Percholate is an inorganic compound that is known for its thyrotoxicant natu...

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BPA And Low Testosterone

Questions: 1. What question would you ask Hercules to guide/help you build a potential diagnosis?2. Based on the answers of Hercules to your questions, you decided t...

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Hyperlipidemia And Specifically Hypercholesterolemia

Question: Describe about the Hyperlipidemia and Specifically Hypercholesterolemia?     Answer: AhR In the case of hyperlipidemia and specifically hy...

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Pharmacology: Biology

Question: Describe about the Pharmacology for Biology?     Answer: Adrenergic receptors- it is a type of adrenoceptors and comes under the class of G-p...

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Angiotensin II- And Salt-Induced Kidney Injury

Questions: 1. What are the novel findings the manuscript “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury”? 2. What is the effect of low and high salt on...

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