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HA3042 Taxation Law

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Answers: Question 1 Under Section 8-1 of Income Tax Assessment Act 1997: The cost of moving machinery to a new site will be allowed as deduction because it has been incurred while producing or gaining the assessable income. The cost of revaluing assets to effect insurance cover will not be allowed as a deduction because it has been incurred while producing or gaining the exempt income or non-assessable income (Tran-Nam & Evans, 2012)....

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MRKT20052 Marketing For Managers

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Answers: Introduction Globalization and increased job opportunities in Australia has led students to apply for universities in the country (Sheil, 2010). While searching for universities there are certain ranking and other criteria’s against which they are evaluated. The scope of this report analyses competitively Central Queensland University as against Queensland University in Australia. For the purpose of analysis SWOT, segmentati...

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MKT02 Marketing Management

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Answer: Introduction Marketing refers to the actions or activities which are taken by the companies to sell their offerings in the market for the motive of profit maximisation and customer satisfaction. It is the coordination of many elements like purchasing, production, development, packaging and selling of product. Marketing helps in positioning a product or service in a product in a way which helps the company in earning maximum profits. M...

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ESP318 Introduction To Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction: Bluetooth is the wireless technology which is used for connecting the peripheral units for managing the short range wireless communication. “The basic problems which are seen in the Bluetooth technology are maintaining the version control of the different participating devices and the use of newer devices to manage connection with the older devices” (Mulliner, 2015). The control of information flow through th...

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ECON11026 Principles Of Economics

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Answers: Answer 1. (a) The features of Australian wine industry are similar to that of the monopolistic competition. Those are as follows: Many producers and many consumers: The wine industry comprises of almost 2000 producers, but few major ones dominate the entire market. The consumer market is also very large and consists of domestic and international consumers. Product differentiation: There are many varieties of wines in the market. ...

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ITC506 Topics In Information Technology Ethics

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Answers: 1. What's going on? The situation shown in the video has portrayed the issue of improvement of a software application developed by an IT organization. The project director of the company was trying to convince the project manager to deliver the software to the client before it was completely developed. The main issue was that the encryption of the software was not fully completed. A general time desire had been set for guaranteeing t...

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PUBH6150 Quality And Safety In Health Care

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Answer: In the year 2010 alone it was reported that 290 million people are suffering from diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes which is 90 % of all cases of diabetes. These numbers show that about 6% of the world’s population suffers from it (Imperatore et al., 2012). Diabetes Mellitus type 2 or also called type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by relative lack of insulin, high blood sugar and insulin resistance. ...

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INFT3100 Project Management

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Answer: Project Background Airline companies needs to maintain and manage the information regarding the passenger tickets, passenger information, reservation time, cargo, passenger numbers, aircraft number and route information. Implementing a web reservation system in flight center would help the passengers to book their choice of flight, seats and timing of the flight. Moreover, a web reservation system minimizes the workload and makes it e...

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2103AFE Company Accounting

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Answers: Q 1. a). The Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB) has prescribed several implementations for the consolidated financial statement at the time of applying to the consolidation process. The main objectives of the changes are to align with the IFRS standard. For this particular purpose, Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB) formed Accounting Standard AASB 10 Consolidated Financial Statements and the AASB 10 standard has be...

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BMO5572 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Answer:  Introduction  The report presents a brief overview of the performance management and its approaches and processes in an organization. Telstra Company has been selected for the report. It explains that how the association manages and evaluates the performance of the workers. It tells that how the company is using the best practices in the organization in order to meet the goals and objectives. Telstra Corporation Limited is...

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HA3042 Taxation Law

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Answer: Question 1 Issue This case study demonstrates that famous mountaineer Hillary was an offer by a daily to publish her real life story, her life style and all of her achievements and the barriers on that and how she overcome that situation. They offered her an enormous amount of payment that is $10,000. She accepted that, and without anyone's helped, she wrote her life history by maintaining all the terms and conditions of the news pap...

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BUS106 Accounting For Business

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Answer: From the current situation it the nature of business is short term and if mark and paul will get a good return from this investment than they can continue their business in the future. And the scope of this business is good and the cost of  the investment depends on the area where they want to start their business like near to a beach, in the centre of city or little far to the city. Calculation of Different budgets (a) Sal...

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BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design And Development

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Answer: Task 1: a. Document review process: Document review is a process, in which each party sorts through and evaluates the data and documents that they possess to determine the most sensitive ones. The collection and analysis of data is made automatically with the help of technological means and manually through attorneys for ascertaining the documents to be withheld from production to opposing counsel (Becker, Kugeler and Rosemann 2013)....

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COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods

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Answer: The income statement represents that projected sales revenue for the month stood 105,000. The expenditure for the month stood the app development cost, enterprise server cost, business internet plans, wages of the administrator for maintenance and marketing cost (Schuster 2015). The projected income that the company intends to generated stood 34, 864 with net income before tax standing 49,800 with income tax expenditure standing 14,936...

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FINC19011 Business Finance

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Answers: 1.a) A portfolio of strong diversification can be attained when the investment is done in less than positively correlated investments. This is due to the fact that when the asset is added to the portfolio it will create opportunities where the change in one variable will bring change in another variable. Thereby, the total risk will be reduced and an opportunity of enhanced return will occur. Both the assets and the portfoli...

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