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FACI4024 Financial Accounting

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Answers: Introduction Unilever Unilever is a multinational company that manages more than 400 brands of FMCG and more than 12 leads to a humongous sale of more than €1 billion in a single year. The formation of Unilever can be traced to the year 1929 and the headquarters is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Unilever has various brands under its name such as Persil, Magnum, Sure, Axe, Lipton, etc. With innumerable brand, it got a strong r...

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LAWS6013 Public International Law

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Answers: 1.War is a term which has many definitions, and a term which is marked with chaos and has preposterous consequences. The question regarding the possibility of eliminating war or war being an inevitable feature of the international system is a constant source of debate, particularly between the different scholars supporting contrasting international theories. The two key contrasting theories in this regard are that of liberalism and re...

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ACT204 Financial Accounting

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Answer: In the annual report the case will be disclosed under "Director's Report" column as below: During the year, a case was lodged against the bank by Gloucester Council and an investment company, Clurname alleging that the bank was engaged in selling the toxic investments. The case is still pending with the Federal court to decide. Further, a class action was conducted against the bank, in which 35 investors had participated. Considering ...

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CMG6403 Safety Project Risk And Quality Management

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Answer  Safety Management Plan Safety Goal The organization’s safety goal is to reduce the amount of injuries described by OSHA regulations by 20% over the next three years. This goal is measurable and has a long term aspect to it. To ensure that the goal is met, the organization will undertake monthly training exercises for all employees. Employees will be trained on how to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of their coll...

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PREP1122 English Essay Writing

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Answers: June 21, 2018 Kirsten Carty Ref No: KSC1362 Email: [email protected] Phone: (03) 8602 7400 Dear Kristen, This is in response for the recently advertised position for an IT savvy expert to step up in the law firm as a team member.Through my hands on experience as IT Help Desk Technician at Crazy PC Pty Ltd and Cleaning Team leader at Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd at Melbourne followed by an academic project of conf...

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ACCTING2501 Financial Accounting

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Answers: Answer 1:  Part (i): Debentures 10000000     Coupon rate 5%     Market rate of return 8%     Equivalent rate of interest on debentures (%) 5.0625 2.5 2.5625 Thus debenture with face value of $100 issued at 63.28     Hence, debentures issued at discount as the iss...

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Civil And Political Rights

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Questions: 1.A long-standing distinction exists between civil and political rights and social and economic rights. Is it plausible that one set is more important and should receive priority over the other, or are types of rights interdependent in the sense that they reinforce one another? 2.What is sustainable development and has the term found its way into any environmental agreement? What are the implications of population growth for susta...

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Marketing Strategies Of Woolworths Limited

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategies Of Woolworths Limited.     Answer: Introduction of the selected organisation: For this report, Woolworths Limited has been selected as the organisation, as it is one of the leading retailers in Australia and it is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. This is a retail super chain and it is mainly owned on the part of Woolworths Group. The organisation is involved in expanding t...

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Astronauts And Personnel Of A Spacecraft

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Question: Discuss about the Astronauts And Personnel Of A Spacecraft.     Answer: The international law relating to the outer space denotes space travel by ‘astronauts’ and ‘personnel of a spacecraft’. According to the Outer Space Treaty, no precise definition for the astronauts has been provided but the astronauts are known as ‘envoys of mankind’. In the Moon Agreement, the provisions stipu...

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Financial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs System

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Question: Discuss about the Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs System.     Answer: Introduction The main purpose of this statement is to study in detail about the financial accounting theory. Financial accounting theory or financial accounting can be defined as the specialized part of accounting that records, summarize, analyze even the little financial transactions of an organization (A 2017). In simpler words t...

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ACCT3563 Issues In Financial Reporting And Analysis

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Question: Discuss About The Analysis Annual Report Medibank Australia?   Answer: Introduction This report provides an analysis of the accounting items, accounting policies, and importance of the accounting items for the company and the society. For this purpose, an annual report of Medibank Australia for the financial year 2016 has been selected. From the annual report, two accounting items have been selected and then an analysis ...

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Changes In Accounting Standard

Download : 0 | Pages : 7

Questions: 1.Identifying the Changes Made During May 2017 to August 2017, In the Accounting Standard. 2.Prepare the statement of financial position of Winter Ltd for the year ended 30 June 2017 in accordance with AASB 101, using the line items that a listed company is likely to use.   Answers: Australian era End (29-07-17) AASB has mainly suspended the AAS 25, where companies were able to use superannuation plans in the financia...

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Quashed Conceptual Framework: Accounting Standards

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Question: Discuss about the Quashed Conceptual Framework for Accounting Standards.   Answer: Introduction This report focusses on the writing a letter to  the chairpersons of the Financial Reporting Council and the Australian Accounting Standards Board by commenting on the failure of the conceptual framework to achieve the intended objective.  It is apparent that efforts of bringing about radical changes via the co...

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Financial Accounting And Reporting Overvaluation

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Question: Discuss about the Financial Accounting and Reporting Overvaluation.     Answer: Introduction: The overall issue mainly deals with overvaluation of an assets conducted by the company. In addition, the overall purchase value of Karen’s Coffee was around $950,000, which mainly contradicts its book value of $620,000. The additional amount paid is mainly valued as goodwill of the business. However, the suggestions tha...

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Amendments In Australian Accounting Standards

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Question: Describe about the Amendments in Australian Accounting Standards.   Answer: Formulation of financial statements is done by considering guidelines of IFRS (international financial reporting standards) and AASB (Australian Accounting Standards) is not an easy job. Each year amendments are done in these standards for the purpose of enhancement of relevance and better presentation (Phan, Joshi & Mascitelli, 2016). The changes...

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