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ELEC4740 Internet Of Things

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Answers: Question 1: The current era of globalization and technological advancement has necessitated several creative minds using technology to solve problems rather than just developing user interfaces. The reason why best interface is identified as no interface is because interfaces create major barriers. The elimination of interfaces is identified as a principle for embracing the natural processes (Doody, 2011). This was significantly addr...

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INFS2621 Enterprise Systems

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Answer: Introduction: The Enterprise Internet of Things or IoT is regarded as the upcoming development in the technology enabling the physical things. These things have been embedded with the computing devices for participating in the business process (Bi, Da Xu & Wang, 2014). It has been declining the manual work and improving the business efficiency. There have been various examples that the IoT has been applied to the current enterpris...

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SBM 1201 Project Scope, Time And Cost Management

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Answer: Introduction This project plan deals with the development of a fuel-efficient HHO Generator. The HHO fuel cells may appear to provide high fuel efficiency to the users. Nevertheless, there are a few confinements and focuses to be seen, as given beneath. This is to clear up that there is NO 100% substitution of petroleum derivative by including HHO cell. HHO gas is otherwise called Brown Gas, yet this is to illuminate that HHO gas is n...

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EAPM4000 Professional Communication Practice

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Answer Introduction Based on the case study, it could be understood that Thredbo is one of the best-known ski resorts in Australia. The ski resort possesses all the necessary attributes to attract tourists not only in the peak season but also during the low season as well. But currently, the ski resort had been facing issues like high vacancy and lower levels of profit in the low season, which was not expected because it had great potential to ...

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ITC568 Cloud Privacy And Security

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Answers: Task 1:  Implications for privacy of the Singapore Government’s Smart Sensor Network The use of the sensors and cameras on the public places in the Singapore city can help the government of the organization to collect and use those collected in efficient execution of the different regulatory operations.  The collected data through this sensor networks helps in measuring the traffic flow on the routes, in scanners tha...

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IMT6011 Introduction To Information Security

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Answer: Part A Background of the problem Internet has spread in all the parts of the world and this network has great importance in life of people now-a-days. As every coin has two sides, so it does. There positive as well as negative aspects of it. Many security breaches are coming up. The security breaches are very common. Breach is an activity where the person with ill-intention hacks a computer or network system and steals the sensitive ...

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ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory

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Answer: Introduction  It is seen that in the modern age there are several accounting methods that are exploited by the companies functioning globally in order to improve their performance of the business. The companies that perform in the economy prepare their financial statements and maintain their accounts by sticking to the accounting principles put forward by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial...

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COMMLAW 7012 Business And Corporations Law

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Answer: Issue Whether a contract was formed between Bob and Mike Jones or not? Law A contract is formed upon an exchange of promise for consideration, between two or more than two parties. It can be drawn on two bases, either written or oral. Both these forms create a legally binding contract and just the mode of formation differs (Kirst-Ashman and Hull 2008, p. 205). In order to form a contract, the first essential element is an offer. An...

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COIT20246 ICT Services Management

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Answers: Underwood, R. (2001). The Relationship of Programming Languages to Binary Machine Code and the Computer’s Digital Electronics. [online] Available at: http://www.homesaustin.com/Documents/BinaryNotation.pdf [Accessed 19 May 2017]. This article is about how digital age has enabled PCs to have the gigantic figure power that they do. The technology which is digital gives essentially more critical adaptability than can clear technolog...

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MIS712 EBusiness Strategies

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Answer Introduction Globalization and advent of technology has given rise to the origin of ecommerce market and electronic business (Brown, 2013). Companies around the world are developing technologies, ways and means such that they can cater to their diversified range of customers in a better way. Ecommerce and technology are enabling corporations to extend their core competencies and establishing competitive advantages in the market. T...

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MIS712 Managing Digital Transformation

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Answer Strategic Analysis Pestle analysis Political environment: America has allowed the adoption of insurance cover for the citizens, for instance, the Medicaid is used for all American citizens (Dafny et al., 2015). Economic environment: The economic recession of the United States led to the decreased purchasing power by the American citizens. Social environment: The Americans have varied economic classes such that there are those who ar...

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ITC505 ICT Project Management

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Answer: Project Description: Globex does an exhibition every year named as Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show (RALS), in which many volunteers participate to make the show successful and the profit from it directly handed to charitable trust ICV. Being a charitable show, many NGOs provide support by providing their manpower as volunteers. Globex need to maintain the list of volunteers, their needs, their rosters and many more manually. Th...

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FIN 320 Managerial Finance

Download : 1 | Pages : 11

Answer: Wal mart Apple Inc. Microsoft S&P 500 Date Close ($) Returns Date Close ($) Returns Date Close ($) Returns Date Close ($) Returns 03-01-1995 22.875   03-01-1995 40.375   03-01-1995 59.375   03-01-1995 470.420013   01-02-1995 23.75 3.83% 01-02-1995 39.5 -2.17% 01-02-1995 63 6.11% 01-02-1995 487.390015 3.61% 01-03-1995 25.625 7.89% 01-03-1995 35.2...

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ITC516 Data Mining And Visualisation For Business Intelligence

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Answer: utility_name utility x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 Arizona 1 1.06 9.2 151 54.4 1.6 9077 0 Boston 2 0.89 10.3 202 57.9 2.2 5088 25.3 Central 3 1.43 15.4 113 53 3.4 9212 0 Common 4 1.02 11.2 168 56 0.3 6423 34.3 Consolid 5 1.49 8.8 192 51.2 1 3300 15.6 Florida 6 1.32 13.5 111 60 -2.2 11127 22.5 Hawaiian 7 1.22 12.2 175 67.6 2.2 7642 0 I...

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IRHR3510 Human Resource Development

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Answer: Introduction: In the competitive world of today, each company has to perform to their optimum level. The competition helps the company to perform better and achieve their best according to their capacity. In order to perform and function well, the employees of the company needs to perform to their optimum level. The framework of the company depends on a well-functioning and adequate human resource department. The development of the hu...

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