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HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice And Law

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Answers Case study 1: Residence and source The provided case study intends to identify Kit’s current residential status tax-related payments in accordance with the “IT ruling 2650 under ITAA 1997”. In compliance with the mentioned law, the income gathered from a resident of Australia must be taxed, if the individual has resided in the nation for more than 183 days. Kit is a permanent Australian occupant, although his birt...

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COMR2007 International Experience

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Answers: Assumption of Others Introduction  There are several assumptions we make every day while meeting other people on a regular basis. When we meet other people, even before talking to someone we make some amount of assumptions after seeing their face or appearance. Even though every one of us is unique on our own, we cannot stop making assumption about others. According to me, all of us have this inherent tendency of being self cen...

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ITECH2250 IT Project Management

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Answers: Introduction Project Management Plan or in short, PMP, is a document that lists different aspects of the project that are decided during the planning phase. It includes project scope, objectives, stakeholder roles, estimated time, budget, risk management plan and others. Any project management plan is incomplete without any of these points and aspects (Kerzner, 2013). However, simply including these aspects without proper clarificati...

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BSBWHS401 Implement & Monitor WHS Policies

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Answer: Introducation: Work Health and Safety (WHS) has its regulations and framework which helps in creating safe and healthy workplace environment. It is essential for the business owners to understand their roles and responsibilities towards their workers. Safe Work Australia has been working towards the development of national policy (Australia, 2015). WHS regulations, laws and guidelines have to be followed. Similarly, codes of practice ...

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IND301A Industry Consulting Project

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Answer Introduction ShopSmart Wholesale Pharmacy is a reputable private company of Western Sydney that mainly operates in the health care industry. It was founded in the year 2000, the company provides a wide range of good quality of products and health care consultation services to the customers. The joint efforts of ShopSmart Medical and Healthcare centre at Westfield Mount Druitt are aimed to fulfill and increses the expectations of the loca...

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BSBHRM512 Develop And Manage Performance Management Processes

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Answers: Part A Introduction  The main objectives for implementing an integrated PMS are to identify improvement areas, assist employees in career growth, provide critical feedback and identify requirements for performance improvement. A PMS is implemented with the aim of developing a high performance organisational culture where individual employees and teams upgrade their skills for improving the business practices on a regular ba...

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FINA2006 Principles Of Finance

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Answer: Case Study 1:- The rate of return, required by Smith, to accumulate AUD 1,600,000 after 15 years, is computed below: Computation of Required Rate of Return: Particulars   Amount Fund Required after 15 years A $1,600,000 Current Value of Investment Asset B $900,000 Less: Withdrawal for Children's trust C $25,000 Balance of Investment As...

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ITC505 ICT Project Management

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Answer: Project Charter Part One Project Name: On-Line Ticketing System Project Description: RALS/Globex corporation every year organizes a show, presenting their agricultural equipment and lifestyle product in November every year for three days, and the capital they earn by selling the tickets is donated to ICV, a charitable trust for indigenous people. The ticket counter gets overcrowded as all the customers are in rush, and due to this s...

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ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought

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Answers: 1. Faithful representation as per conceptual framework of the QC 12, Chapter 3 of AASB, for the financial reports reveals the economic position of any organization in numerical terms. The data to be relevant, the data involved in the financial report shall be included in faithful and relevant manner. The financial report must be free from error, complete and neutral from all aspects. The criteria shall me met with regard to the facto...

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HIST1051 The Australian Experience

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Answer      Introduction  When the very first European mariners had sailed through the Australian waters, they have observed the land as ‘Terra Australis Incognita’ or the unknown land in South. Between the years 1606 and 1770, approximately fifty four European ships had reached the land from various nations in Europe. However, in 1770, when Lieutenant James Cook reach the east coast of Australia with his ship HM...

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HAT301A Revenue Management

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Answer: The city which has been chosen for completing the project work is Sydney which is one of the booming markets for the hotel industry and the entire work will be based on how a new hotel can generate more revenue by taking revenue management strategy. Along with this, there is a description of the hotel Meriton Serviced Apartments World Tower of Sydney. There is some question which has been discussed in this assignment, in orde...

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HAT301A Bachelor Of Business

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Answer: Revenue Grid Particulars January March April Hotel Name Week 2 ( Price in dollars) Week 1 ( Price in dollars) Week 4 ( Price in dollars) Sydney Harbor Marriot Hotel 191 180 195 Nonvoter Sydney Darling Harbor 190 175 191 Shangri-La Hotel 180 175 185 Pier One Sydney Harbor (Books Figure) 185 180 ...

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EPMANC320 Business Organisation And Management

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Answer: Weekly Blog Activity: Ford and Taylorism The activities are based on Ford and Taylorism which are depending upon how the call enters are able to move with the ideas with the explanation about the change in the method of production. Along with this, there are current changing methods to produce cars. The desire is mainly about the efficiency with the elimination of all the other unnecessary movement of the workers. This includes how th...

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ECO100 Economics For Business

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Answer: GDP refers to the Gross Domestic Product of a nation. It calculates the monetary value of all the goods and services produced within the geographical boundary of a country within a specific time period, say in a quarter or in a financial year (Mankiw 2014). GDP is classified into two categories: Real and Nominal GDP. The difference between these two types of GDP is that, real GDP values are adjusted for the changes in price level i.e. ...

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ACC706 Accounting Theory And Issues

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Answer: Introduction Accounting refers to the process that must be followed by the entities to record the business transactions, present them in a fair and transparent manner and thereby enabling the various stakeholders to form informed judgements about the financial and overall performance (Chand, Patel and White, 2015). The regulatory bodies prescribe a framework comprising of the guidelines, policies, and procedures that must be adhered t...

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